April 15, 2015

Dogs in Scarves...

Happy humpday y'all! I accidentally took a mini hiatus from the blog this month -  I blinked and suddenly it was the middle of April and I realized I'd only posted twice this month so far. Faillll. That will all be changing as of right now though because I told myself at the beginning of the year that I would be much better at blogging in 2015 and I want to stick to something for once gosh darnit! I also have a lot of catching up to do on all of y'alls blogs so be prepared for an influx of comments to your inbox. Sorry folks

For today I'm going to leave y'all with a photo dump of some of the happenings from the beginning of the month. Spoiler alert: there's a picture of Krickit wearing a scarf at the bottom of the post that you simply must see! I die at the cuteness. Also, make sure to check back tomorrow for Third Thursday Travel and on Friday for a recap on the whirlwhind Twin Cities trip I just returned from. When I say whirlwind I mean it 100% -  I'm about 40 hours behind on sleep and 5 cups of coffee a day isn't cutting it anymore - I think I'm immune.  Is it the weekend yet?! I have big plans to read the new book I bought at Target in Fargo and not leave my bed for the entire weekend. Unless its nice out then all those plans fly out the window because of two words: beer pong. But, much like Linda Evangelista not getting out of bed for less than $10,000 a day,  I refuse to get out of bed this weekend unless the temperature is in the 20's. Is it bad that I kind of hope the weather this weekend is super cold and crummy?....


Sorry, I'm all over the place - back to recapping April. Easter flew by in the blink of an eye as per usual. All of my family is in the area so we never have any big Easter plans. My Mama just always makes a turkey supper with all the fixings on Easter Sunday and we all over eat and them complain for at least two days straight how bloated and disgusting we are. But nothing will ever change that - my Mama's to good of a cook. 

Apparently I'm too old for the Easter Bunny to make stops at my house anymore (rude...).  I made up baskets for my nieces because apparently I like spending money wastefully on a bunch of candy that they will eat all in one sitting. The last time the Easter Bunny payed me a visit was in my junior year of College. I came home for Easter break and for some reason my family was gone somewhere (for the life of my I can't remember where they all were, I just remember being abandoned. Cut me some slack it was 8 years ago *yikes*). I was super bummed out that I was alone at Easter, but my spirits were lifted when I went to leave the house and there was an Easter basket and a big stuffed duck sitting on the deck of my parents house. Though I have my suspicions on who was playing the Easter Bunny the person has never fessed up. If you're reading this and YOU were that person please let me know - its driving me nuts that I *think* I know but its never been confirmed. Thankyouverymuch

Anywhoodle - I had Good Friday off of work since its a Stat holiday and the weekend flew by. All the plans I had in my head of what I would get accomplished just never happened. Long weekends are never long enough! It was also Krickit's first Easter and though you would expect me to have gone crazy and done up a huge Easter basket for her, the only thing I got her was a football toy that my parents German Shepherd has now claimed as her own...

Easter for the Mathison family revolves all around the food. Yes, food. We obviously know what Easter is actually about but my brother is an atheist  and though my parents and sister and I all believe in God we have never gone to church on Sunday and I'm pretty sure lightning would strike if my Dad went to church for anything but a wedding or a funeral, so food it is. 

I made carrot cake on Saturday afternoon for Easter supper dessert. My late Grandma Hilda made the best carrot cake - it was so yummy - and though I don't think anything will ever compare to hers, I have to admit that the one I made was pretty darn good. On Saturday night myself,  my sister, brother, and sister-in-law got together to play some board games - it had been waaay to long since we had done so. I'm totally crossing off 'Have Family Game Night' from my Spring Bucket List, even though our parents were silly and wouldn't play with us (again, rude!). I had made some Easter-y cookie dough that evening as well that had to chill in the fridge for a few hours and then had to bake them that night as we played our games. Another thing crossed off that bucket list! Then on Sunday I made burnt grapes and Snicker Caramel Apple Pie, and of course it wouldn't be Easter without devilled eggs. Those disappeared real fast with two tiny humans who LOVE them just as much as the adults. My mama outdid herself with all the fixings that go along with the turkey. I actually think I've confessed this before but in case your new around here I'll say it again: I absolutely cannot have cold foods touching hot foods on my plate. Like, a cold salad should NEVER have gravy touching it. Blechhh. So, I ate my Easter supper off a large serving platter and I am not ashamed to admit it. Then by 10:00 that night I was writhing in pain at how full I was. But again, that is never going to change unless my Mama all of a sudden forgets how to cook and becomes terrible at it. Because lord knows I will never be able to prepare a turkey to be eaten - the thought of it just grosses me out

Surprising tidbit: I didn't gain back any of the weight I lost from doing #4weeksfit even though I ate everything in sight all of Easter weekend. I think the fact that I made sure I was getting in a good workout each day helped with that fact. Having a bridesmaid dress to look forward to fitting into is the best motivation there is. The best! (Ok, so maybe having a wedding dress to fit into would be the best motivation but since that is the furthest thing on my radar lets just go with it, okay?)

Last week was a busy one - I had a meeting for work two hours away on the Tuesday in which during the morning I drove through a legit blizzard and then in the afternoon I had to turn my air conditioning on. Seriously. Saskatchewan weather is so silly. It's a busy time of work for me with getting ready for relicensing so with inspections getting done, paperwork to get ready, etc. the rest of the week flew by and before I knew it it was time to head to Minneapolis.

So to recap: I ate my way through the first half of April and it took a long ass time for me to get to the point of this post. I'm sorry. It's been awhile since I've blogged and apparently I've forgotten how to. Please forgive me. I promise I'll end this now. But first, what you've all been waiting for: a dog wearing a scarf:

I die. If I didn't love that scarf so much I would totally let her wear it all the time. Now that I'm a sewing expert (ha!) I need to get some fabric so I can make her and the other two dogs their very own scarves!

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  1. awwww cutest picture ever. i wonder if my cats would let me put scarves on them... hahaha no. all the food looks delish, the easter bunny did not come to my house either. rude.


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