May 6, 2015

5 Books That I Love...

I LOVE to read. When I have to list out my hobbies and interests reading is always on the list. I would spend all day, every day, in bed reading if I could. I love getting lost in a good book. My siblings both love reading too (yes, even my brother!) thanks to our Mama reading to us since we were babies (she's also an avid reader). When we were young we used to play 'library' all the time and I always wanted to be a librarian growing up. We won awards for reading through our local library - I still have my medals at home. I actually found them on the weekend while I was Spring cleaning and my nieces were so impressed at how many medals I had just for reading. I'm a book nerd, what can I say! 
My mama saved this newspaper clipping of my sister and I with our awards one year. You know you're from a small town when... (insert crying laughing emoji here)

Narrowing down my list to 5 books that I love was really, really hard (I also cheated a little bit...) and I would hate for some of my favourite books to feel left out so I also included a runners up list at the bottom. I just love reading so much I can't leave any out!

5. The Girl Death Left Behind - Lurlene McDaniel
I'm pretty sure I've ready every single Lurlene McDaniel book ever published and up until about a month ago I still owned a bunch of them. When my friend Scooby was down at Easter I gave her all my Lurlene McDaniel books for her Grade 8 classroom but kept my beloved copy of The Girl Death Left Behind. I don't know why I was so into those books when I was young considering how sad they are but they were always in my pile of reading and I was constantly checking the same ones out of the library to re-read. This is one of the saddest she ever published but I just love it. I got rid of most of my young adult novels to clear up space but I just couldn't bare to part with this one

4. Before I Go To SleepS.J. Watson
I just did a re-read of this book a couple weeks ago. I originally read it a couple years ago for a Book Club facilitated by my sister and I absolutely loved it. It keeps you guessing the entire time, which I LOVE! If you haven't read this its a must. It was made into a moving starring Nicole Kidman but the only reason I know this is because I saw a copy of the book in Target with the movie cover - I haven't heard much else about it 

3. My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult
This book ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped it into a million little pieces, but it was okay because the book was sooo good. This was actually the first Jodi Picoult book I ever read and as soon as I was done I starting reading all her others. Don't even get me started on how badly they ruined the book when they made the movie. I'm still angry about it
2. The entire Harry Potter series - J.K. Rowling
I'm cheating a little bit with this but I can't pick what one is my favourite - they all are! I'm gearing up for my annual Summer re-read and itching to start! My brother starting reading these books when he was really young - at the time I didn't think I would like them (what was wrong with me?) but eventually I starting reading my brother's copy of the first book and then I was hooked. When someone tells me they've never read Harry Potter I just stare at them blankly - how is that possible?!
And my number one favourite book of all time (Drumroll please...)

1. To Kill A Mockingbird - Harper Lee
As if there was any doubt. It was mandatory reading for Grade 8 curriculum. While everyone else grumbled about having to read it (or just didn't) I fell in love (and even stole a copy from the school library - I'm such a rebel...). I'm taking inspiration from Kristen's love for Pride and Prejudice and starting a collection of TKAM books with different covers. I also have tattoo plans for my favourite book...
Runners up include The Notebook (it was SO hard to keep that one out of the top 5!), The Girl on the Train (new favourite), Nineteen Minutes, Beezus and Ramona, The Tenth Circle, The Truth About Forever, Bossypants, & Yes Please 

Found Love. Now What?

What is your number one favourite book of all time?


  1. i've never read harry potter..........................?
    and i remember loving TKAM, and i would claim i love it, but my husband said "what was it even about anyway?" and i couldn't really explain it. so i need to re-read ASAP. i plan to do that after finishing The Art of Racing in the Rain, which i'm reading now and LOVE so far. plus just finished Big Little Lies and The Husband's Secret - both great!

  2. I love Jodi Picoult's books too. I read To Kill A Mockingbird in middle school or maybe freshman year of high school but I don't remember it enough and have been wanting to read it again for a while now. I need to get on it! And everyone's been talking about The Girl on the Train so that's on my list too. :)


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