May 2, 2015

5 Photos That Tell My Story...

5 photos that tell MY story? I've been going over and over this in my head all day long. How do you tell your story in just 5 photos? And what really is my story?

I asked my Mama for some insight into what photos she would use to tell my story (my brain was exhausted for over thinking it) - her response: "One would be of you drinking wine, one would be of you traveling, one would be of you at the daycare, and one would be of you with your family". She was spot on with her 4 picks. When I asked her for the 5th she told me she had given me 4 and that I could figure out the last one for myself. My first thought immediately went to my baby, Krickit. So lets have at it - the story of my life in 5 photos (if you now have One Direction stuck in your head I'm sorry...)

I remember the first time I drank 'real' wine - I was 15 and out for supper in Italy. Wine was offered to our table and we were each allowed to have one glass. I choked that glass down and swore up and down that I would never drink 'real' wine again. It was so dry and was absolutely terrible. At 15 I was already quite the drinker (I'm from a small town - it's totally normal) and after that I went back to my trusty beer/vodka, with the occasional bottle of Boone's Snow Creek Berry 'wine' enjoyed. In December of 2012 I traveled to Ixtapa, Mexico for my friends wedding. I returned from the wedding on December 23rd (cutting it waaay to close to Christmas!) and my cousin Starley and her husband were at my parents house visiting. Starley had a bottle of Barefoot Sweet Red wine that she was drinking and she insisted that I try it. I very reluctantly did so, still remembering my horrible experience in Italy. Star poured me a glass and I hesitantly took a sip. It was like getting a little taste of heaven - I was immediately hooked. After that I started drinking Sweet Red wine regularly, and then branched out into trying different kinds, finding a love for my beloved Moscato and most recently, Roscato. I love relaxing in the tub with a good book and a glass of wine, or having a glass at the end of a long and stressful day. Wine makes me happy. I see it like this: I could have other vices - drug use in this area of SK is crazy or I could be someone who can't make it through the day without a stiff drink. Instead, I have a couple glasses of wine per week. If that's wrong then I definitely don't want to be right! (PS - talking this much about wine when I'm currently on Day 13 of the Whole 30 and haven't had a sip of alcohol in over two weeks has me a little on edge! HA)

I developed a love for traveling at a fairly early age. My family traveled around Canada a lot throughout the Summer months when I was growing up, hauling our 5th wheel camper and spending weeks at a time away from home. In 2001 my family took our biggest vacation - a trip to Texas to visit my aunt and uncle. We went again the following year during Easter break and it was then that I knew I wanted to continue to travel and see the world. Then, when I was 15, I had the opportunity (thanks Mom and Dad!) to go on an EF tour to Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. It was my first ever plane ride and my first time using a passport. The trip was amazing, but I feel like (almost) 28 year old Kayla would appreciate the sights and the history much more than 15 year old Kayla did. I will make it back to Europe one day and revisit the places I saw at 15, as well as experience new places. After my Europe trip I didn't travel for quite a few years (outside of Canada) - I ddn't take another plane ride until August of 2008 when I went on my first trip to Vegas. That was the trip that spurred my love of Las Vegas and I've now been there 9 times since 2008. Since then I have also been to Pennsylvania/NYC, Mexico, Minneapolis, and back to Texas. It may not seem like a lot of traveling to some people but for a small town girl like myself I still have to pinch myself sometimes to think that I've been to somewhere like NYC - I never would have imagined that for myself when I was younger. I have big traveling goals for myself and I'm excited to see them come to fruition

I don't actually have a photo of myself at the Centre because of privacy reasons so this photo of me with my adorable niece will have to fill in

I started baby-sitting at a young age - I have a very large extended family so there was no shortage of younger cousins to babysit. I took my babysitters training course when I was 12 and the rest was history.I spent many, many hours after school and on weekends babysitting various children (some who now have kids of their own - what?!). I spent the Summer after I graduated from high school nannying for my 3 cousins - it was my first experience of spending all day, every (week) day working with children and I loved it. After the summer ended and the boys all went back to school I was lost for awhile - I moved to 'the city' with my best friend at the time, getting a job as a hotel housekeeper and then waitress at the hotel restaurant. My friend lost her job that December and since I couldn't afford the rent on my own it was back to O-town, where I started working at my aunt's clothing store/cell phone business. My best friend found out shortly after we moved back to O-town that she was pregnant and my other best friend from high school was away at University 6 hours from home. I started spending a lot of time with my friends Millz and Taigan, who were still in Grade Twelve, and we all became really close. They both decided to apply to Medicine Hat College in Medicine Hat, Alberta for the fall semester and when I saw that the College offered an Early Childhood Development program I immediately just knew that I needed to go with them and get my ECD certification. I convocated in 2008 from MHC with an honours diploma in Early Learning and Child Care and I have worked in the early childhood education field ever since - working my way up to eventually being the Director of two different Centre's. It all has seemed to come full circle for me. My career is very important to me and the Centre that I helped develop from the very beginning stages is very much my baby - I don't know how I'm ever going to be able to leave it!

My family means the world to me - I honestly don't know where I'd be without them. My parents have supported me 100% in everything I've done and for that I am eternally grateful. I have the best brother and sister that I could ask for and my amazing SIL and two adorable nieces completely round out our family. We have so much fun together - not many people can say that they play beer pong with their parents or get along so great with their siblings spouses - I'm very, very lucky. I could go on and on and on about them but I'll save that for another day and another post

I became a puppy Mama to this little nugget on the first day of Summer 2014. She celebrates her FIRST birthday next weekend and I still can't believe she's been mine for almost a whole year.  She's my first big responsibility (besides running a business but that doesn't count). Our family dog Misty passed away in 2007 at the age of 15 and she truly was my best friend. My parents have had other dogs (that I love, don't get me wrong) but Misty had always felt like mine -  I honestly wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to love another animal the way that I did Misty but I've realized that I can, its just a different kind of love. I had a sisterly type love for my Misty - she was my best friend but I never had to be responsible for her. My parents paid her vet bills, figured out who would take care of her if we'd be away, bought her food, etc, etc. With Krickit, I'm her owner, her Mama, the one completely responsible for her. When she's had medical scares I'm the one driving her to the vet with tears in my eyes, and the one paying over $2000 in medical bills in the last 9 months. She's my baby and I love her just as much as I would a tiny human. She's my first born (my nieces tell me I'm crazy when I say this! HA)

So there you have it, a glimpse into my (to be continued) story

Found Love. Now What?

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