May 14, 2015


  1. characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits.
    "her sense of humor was decidedly quirky"

Say quirky a few times and it feels like its not even a word, like you've made it up in your mind. Do it. I'll wait right here..... SEE WHAT I MEAN?! I honestly had to stop for a minute to make sure it actually is a word. Anywhoodle, now that the word is making sense to me again, its time to list off my quirks for you. I know I can't be the only one that does some of these things, right?

* I can't stand for my hot foods to be touching cold foods. Hence the reason I ate my Easter supper off a serving platter... I also own numberous children's sectioned plates for this reason

I am terrified of riding an elevator alone. All the 'what if's?' run through my mind. What if it breaks down? What if I'm stuck in there alone with a creeper? What if I start hearing voices?

I think inanimate objects have feelings. I always used to rotate my stuffed animals out so that none would feel left out. Same for my makeup and hair products - I don't want to upset any'one'!

I have a terrible fear of not being able to swallow while getting work done at the Dentist or my Orthodontist. I've been very close to having a panic attack while in the Dentists chair

I cannot just watch television or a movie - I have to be doing something else too or I feel like I'm wasting my time. Whether the 'something else' just be talking to someone or checking social media, I still have to feel like I'm doing something

I keep a Mint EOS lip balm in my car, my nightstand, my purse, my desk at work, my desk at home, and in the upstairs bathroom at home just in case. I also have three backups stashed just in case I run out. I'm a little obssessed

I'm completely terrified of heights. Even going up a small ladder gives me goosebumps. Yet I get peer pressured into doing height related activities all the time

I have no sense of direction whatsoever. My family makes fun of me for it all the time. Thank goodness my SUV has a compass in the dash or else I would have gotten lost sooo many times

I am terrible at geography. Ask my sister in law who was my partner during game night at Easter and asked me the question 'What's the biggest continent' and I couldn't even remember that Asia is a contintent. She won't be picking me as a partner anytime soon...

I refuse to write with blue pens. Give me a black pen or I will not be a happy camper

Speaking of camping - I'm allergic to tents. Found that out the hard way when my eyes swelled up five times their size at Girl Guide sleepaway camp. Allergic to tents and the outdoors - not a great combination for camping but I still love it (just give me a 5th wheel camper pleaseandthankyou)

I listen to Christmas music all year round (and this year am keeping my Christmas tree up all year round...)

I cry when I'm mad. Like I could be in a physical confrontation with you and be SO angry and throwing punches but there would also be tears streaming down my face. It's super annoying

I skip ahead to the end of books, then go back and read the whole thing through

I can tell when weather is changing because my knees get inflamed and start popping out of joint. It aint pretty

Found Love. Now What?

What's your biggest quirk?


  1. For me it's not hot and cold foods's just I don't like most of my food to be touching other stuff. If it's chips and a sandwich, fine, but like...potato salad and a sandwich? I don't want that sauce stuff on my bread!

    I'm just scared of elevators in general. I'm calm riding them, but in the very back of my mind is this lingering thought of, "What if it gets stuck?"

    Went to the dentist last all panicky about not being able to swallow...tried swallowing while she was cleaning my teeth...and then she said, "We'll break more often so you can swallow." And then she did it way more often than necessary haha. I felt like a child.

    I just included in my post today that I have chapstick on my desk, chapstick in my purse, and chapstick on my dresser. I have three favorite kinds but the one on my desk is eos mint. :)

    Also scared of heights, also HORRIBLE with directions (like, worse than anyone I've met), and I'm the same way about pens. I'll write in blue ink at work, but when we were sending save the dates I INSISTED on black ink. Blue ink is not classy! I panicked every time I could only find blue pens in our apartment!

  2. I love how unique these are! I'm actually with you about the whole riding the elevator thing alone. If someone else in there with me, then I know I won't be only one who suffers the endless possibilities of what if's!

    And for the pens, I didn't realize I'm the same way! I don't like, and won't write with blue pens. Even in class when I ask to borrow a pen from someone, I'd usually ask for a black one if they offered me a blue! Weird !!!

  3. Things we have in common - the can't JUST watch tv or a movie, I have to be doing something at the same time + having chapstick EVERYWHERE and the blue vs. black pens. I need black!

  4. I am the exact same with the dentist! Also, my fiance gets SO mad at me when I'm on my phone texting, instagramming, playing candy crush, or just reading articles while we watch a tv show or a movie. I totally feel like I'm wasting my time if I'm not doing something else while I watch tv... I feel you, girl.

    1. oh, and I'm the same with pens. Blue is my favourite colour, but I HATE blue pens. Give me black... hell, I'll even take red at times, but not blue.

  5. My hips get this certain ache when the weather changes and I always joke I am like an old person/barometer!

  6. Allergic to tents?! Like what in them makes you allergic? That is so crazy/awful! I'm weird and can definitely JUST watch movies, but if it's a TV show, I need to be doing something else.


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