May 19, 2015

Ten Accomplishments...

When I saw the prompt for today for 'Blog Every Day in May' (which I'm obviously not doing every day, but making an effort. I think I get a B- for effort...) I was stumped. I literally stared at a blank page for waaay longer that I actually should admit. The prompt for today is 'List 10 things you have accomplished in the past decade'. There's a lot of things I haven't accomplished yet and the list of things I haven't accomplished came very easy to me. The list of things I have accomplished, however, was a lot harder to think of . Let's break it down: I'm single, don't have any children yet (besides Krickit...), I'm still not a home owner (and living in my parents basement while I save for a home...). I haven't ran anything over a 5K, I've never sky dived or swam with the sharks, and I still haven't read Pride and Prejudice. So what are my accomplishments? 

Sometimes, my greatest accomplishment is just keeping my mouth shut.
But for real
1. Graduated from High School
Ok, so not quite 10 years yet but in a little over a month it will have been 10 years since I graduated. My high school reunion is this Summer and I feel like it was just yesterday that I was drunk at my graduation
2. Moved 7 hours away from home 
I packed up Tonto (my old Ford Taurus) and moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta for College with two of my best friends. I may be back in my hometown (for now) but I did get out of here for awhile at least

3. Convocated from College with honours
In May of 2008 I walked across the stage at MHC and received my diploma, with honours, in Early Learning and Child Care. And I've put it to good use, working in the field for 7 years now!

4. Purchased Gretchen
When I started my first job in the ECE field out of College I decided I needed a new vehicle so I sold Tonto and purchased Gretchen - a brand new Pontiac G5. My first brand new vehicle that I purchased all on my own. It was actually a really silly thing for me to do considering my car ran just fine and was FREE (my parents bought it for me when I was 15) but I was proud of myself for doing it on my own (ok, my dad co-signed for it but I made ALL the payments). Oh the silly things young twenty somethings do...

5. Became Director at my previous job
I was first promoted to Floor Supervisor, then took over a maternity leave position as Administrative Director, then eventually applied for and was hired for the Director position, the highest position in the company

6. Purchased Eleanor
I was working in ' the city' but had left my apartment there and moved back to O-town so was commuting to work 45 minutes each way every day and needed a better vehicle for driving back and forth on the highway during the crazy SK Winter months. Enter Eleanor, my Chevrolet Equinox. She's fully loaded and was once again a brand new vehicle that I didn't need but definitely wanted. I still have her to this day and she runs great (knock on wood) at almost 4 years old. I will have her for many, many more years to come

7. Helped open the childcare centre in my hometown and became Director of the Centre
I helped start the childcare centre that I now work from the very beginning stages. It was over 2 years of hard work to get the Centre up and running but it was well worth it. It was actually a really hard decision to leave my job in 'the city', where I had been for over 4 years, and start something new but the idea of being 2 minutes away from work instead of 45 won over in the end. And now I've been there for 2 years!

8. Became a puppy Mama
I took on a HUGE responsibility when I brought baby Krickit home last June. She's a handful (I compare her to Marley from 'Marley and Me') and I definitely wasn't expecting the ginormous vet bills due to her medical issues but she's my 'first born' and I love her to pieces and if I could turn back time there's no way I wouldn't bring her home
9. Learned how to sew
I FINALLY got a sewing machine for Christmas 2014 (after asking for one for my 25th birthday and getting a beer pong table instead...) and I attended a beginners sewing class that taught me the basics of sewing. I can now make pajama pants and pillows and pillow cases but will be learning much more as soon as I carve out some time to sit down with my machine - its been too long since I created anything! 

10. Traveled to Las Vegas (9 times), NYC & Pennsylvania, Mexico, Texas, and the Twin Cities (4 times) 
Traveling is one of my greatest accomplisments. It may mean that my 'Operation Down Payment' has been pretty slow moving but I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything
Found Love. Now What?

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?


  1. I love this post idea! :) I think it's awesome that you're putting your degree to use (so many of us -ME- aren't!) and all that you've accomplished in the career world. Promotions and awesomeness girl!!!

  2. I feel like I could maybe come up with 4? Hahaha. You've accomplished a lot! And I totally wish I could live at home with my parents to save money for a house. Too bad they are not close enough to any metro areas for me to have a good job and live there!

  3. Wow, it's been a busy 10 years! I really need to add sewing to my list someday. Also, I always am super impressed by your director position and how you have opened a new location, serious rock star status it sounds like!

  4. I was on the fence but eventually settled for the sedan. I know the hatchback gives you the ability to get more stuff in as you travel, but I was more focused on a comfortable ride for all the passengers in the car. Glad we got this model, we have had zero complaints this year and have driven it at least 15,000 miles this year.

    Jacob @ Bestway Autos


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