May 13, 2015

This Time Last Year...

So... I certainly haven't blogged every day in May (I'm sure your thinking to yourself 'Obviously' and rolling your eyes). My Mama brought it up to me when she went to catch up on reading the other night. My bad guys. I knew May was going to be a busy month, I just didn't anticipate how busy and I never should have committed to something so challenging. I'm still going to try and keep up as much as possible but the every day in May thing obviously is not happening

Today's prompt for Blogger May I? is 'This time last year'. I love posts like these - I used to be big into scrapbooking but now that I don't have the time for it I'm all about Project Life for memory keeping (have a blog is great for that too!). I love being able to look back and see how much things have changed or stayed the same over a course of time so today's post is right up my alley

1. I had just finished 20 days of the Whole30 (this year I'm currently on Day 24!), losing 11 lbs in the process. I knew going into the Whole30 last year that it would actually only be the Whole20 because of my vacation plans so I'm excited to see the entire 30 days through this time - only 7 more sleeps until wine. I think I can, I think I can...

2. I was preparing for #10daysinTexas. I am completely, utterly, ridiculously sad that this year May Long will be spent in O-town and not floating the Guadalupe. I may hole up in my bed all weekend in protest of the fact that I'm not in Texas 

3. Krickit was a newborn little pup but I didn't know that she existed yet. I'm so glad that I have her in my life this year!

Before finding Krickit I saw a Chiweenie on a FB garage sale group and messaged the lady about it. The puppy had (thankfully) already sold and I ended up with my Krickit a little over a month later after finding a different ad at the beginning of June. I'm the crazy person who has names picked out long before there is anything to name. You should see my list of baby names...

4. My brother and sister in law were newly engaged. Now we're only a few days shy of 3 months until the big day! My bridesmaid dress should be in within the next couple of weeks and then things will seem even more real

6. I published one of my favourite posts, my Things That Make Me Stabby list, inspired by a newly developing kinda/sorta relationship at the time (update on this year: not a current kinda/sorta relationship peeps) 

7. I had just booked a July Vegas trip with one of my high school best friends (still have never recapped that trip...), which happened to fall right on my birthday. Coincidentally she was down on Sunday visiting and we are going to be booking another Vegas trip for this July any day now for my sisters Dirty Thirty celebration


What were you doing at this time last year?


  1. Oh man, don't get me started on baby names! We've got ours all lined up. :) I'm gonna go read your "things that make me stabby" post because that title cracks me up, so I'm intrigued. So if you get a comment on your year-old post, you'll know why!

  2. At least you are still trying for Blogger May I. My attempts have officially been put to rest. Today would have actually been a good prompt too - ugh I'm so disorganized.

  3. Ummm, I LOVE that quote in your signature!!! Love love love!!

  4. Girl if I had the time, I'd scrapbook everything. I can't even keep up with PL (my big problem is printing do I even do that anymore?!) It sounds like you've had such a fantastic year (despite no Texas). Thanks for linking up with us!


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