June 26, 2015

Five Favourite Purchases...

I went on a little spending frenzy at the beginning of the month. I had been so good at sticking to a budget for the first five months of the year. Then came my first Twin Cities trip and there was no time for shopping. Then my second Twin Cities trip rolled around and, again, no time for shopping. The day I got home from the second Twin Cities trip I went a little crazy with the online purchases. In my defense I have lost quite a bit of weight and almost none of my summer clothes were fitting so it was necessary (that's what I keep telling myself anyways...). Being at the MOA twice and not being able to give my credit card a workout was mind boggling so I just gave it one afterwards...

Five of my favourite purchases this month

 1| 12 mm Rose Gold sparkle ball stud earrings from Hillberg and Berk

I was emailed a survey from H&B a couple months back and once completed I received a 25% off coupon code. Months went by and I finally realized that the end of June was nearing and the coupon code was expiring so I went to the website and went straight to the sparkle ball earrings. I've wanted the rose gold for a long time now and I'm so glad they are finally in my possession. Right now I have black 10mm studs and the 12mm rose gold and I hope to add even more to my collection!

2| Incredible by Victoria's Secret front-close sports bra

Y'all. I can't even find the words to tell you how ah-mazing this sports bra is. Finding a good sports bra is sooo hard for me - I'm a 36DD so I need LOTS of support. I had been told that Under Armour had really good sports bra so I purchased the one recommended to me and its been my go to sports bra until I received this one and now I realize how terrible the Under Armour one actually was for support. If you need extra support then run, don't walk, to the nearest VS and get yourself one of these! I love the print of this one too - though I'm not entirely sure what I would be doing with it that would require me to want to glow in the dark...

3| Mavi shorts and VS Pink baseball tee

I'm obsessed with this VS Pink baseball tee y'all. It is sooo soft, the perfect length and pretty much the most comfortable shirt I have ever worn. The message on the front definitely helps with its appeal too. And those Mavi shorts? Bought in a size 29 (and still a little big) - I haven't worn that size in many, many years! My favourite go to weekend outfit at the moment

4| VS Toronto Blue Jays game day jersey

I went from not caring a thing about MLB and the Toronto Blue Jays just over a month ago to now not missing a game and waiting for the opportunity to go see the Jays play live again. I had bought myself a jersey before going to the Twin Cities for the Jays vs Twins series because I felt like I would stick out like a sore thumb if I wasn't decked out in any baseball gear and now I just want to add more and more Jays gear to my wardrobe. Who am I?!

5| Gap stripe flared skirt and Old Navy firework print linen blend sundress

The only problem? Neither of these fit me - both were too big. I know, I know, not the worst problem to have but they were both sold out in size mediums so I wasn't even able to repurchase them in the correct size. I did, however, actually make money off of these. I purchased them during a sale and instead of sending them back, which is such a hassle, I posted them on a FB garage sale site and ended up making an extra $5 off of them. Score!
Tomorrow I'm heading to Brandon, MB to try on my bridesmaid dress for Kenton and Kels' wedding. We had been told they would be in at the end of May and when the middle of June rolled around and they still weren't in a little bit of panic was setting in. Kels finally got the call last Thursday that they were in so we are finally going to Brandon (a 2 1/2 hr drive from O-town) to try them on so they can get altered. I'm also hoping to add a few more items to my summer wardrobe while in Brandon - other than the few things I just posted I hardly have any summer clothes so a little bit of shopping is on order! I'm also more than a little excited for a trip to Starbucks. Oh the little things that make me happy!
Happy Friday!

June 25, 2015

10 Reasons I Fail At Being A Blogger...

1| I am terrible at replying to comments in a timely manner. I suck so hard at it. For those of you who comment on a regular basis you would have realized this on Monday when I was finally replying to comments from back in May

2| I can't get on the Nutella bandwagon. I tried Nutella once, over 12 years ago before it was a thing in North America, and hated it. It was the worst part of my European vacation. I can still taste how terrible it was. Is there a support group for tourists forced to eat terrible breakfast spreads?
3| I don't like pumpkin spice anything. And Fall is not my favourite season. I did try a PSL once, because of all the hype from other bloggers, and I had to wash the terrible taste down with my Grande Caramel Macchiato. Now there's a drink I support! 

4| I have no interest in dropping ridiculous amounts of money on pastries. I'm talking about you, macarons. Sure they're pretty. But what do they taste like?! And why are they so expensive?! AND WHY DOESN'T ANYWHERE AROUND HERE SELL THEM BECAUSE I'D REALLY LIKE TO SEE WHAT ALL THE FUSS IS ABOUT SO I CAN ACTUALLY RELAY HOW RIDICULOUS THEY ARE

5| I refuse (at this point) to pay money to a social media management company to schedule tweets so most often I forget to link any posts I've actually published to Twitter. My bad...

6| Most of my posts end up in list form. I have so many jumbled thoughts in my head that if I were to write out paragraphs every post would end up the length of a novel. You're welcome, readers

7|  I've never seen a full episode of Orange is the New Black or listened to a podcast (ie: Serial). Not really interested either #sorryimnotsorry

8| I don't have a fancy DSLR camera (though I do want one...) to take fancy photos for my blog. Instead, all photos on KUWK are taken on my trusty iPhone 4S. And I'd rather pull out all my eyelashes than spend hours editing photos for the blog so most of the time they are unedited

9| You couldn't pay me a million dollars to advertise femine products on my blog. Or to use the words panties in a post (oops, I guess I just did). I mean, if someone wanted to pay me to drink wine and then blog about it I'm all for it. But I draw the line at posting about my period 

10| I don't schedule any posts in advance or own a fancy schedule, like an Erin Condren planner or a Whitney English Day Designer. I usually come up with a post idea as I sit in front of a blank screen the night before I plan on posting or on my lunch break the day of. And when an idea for a post comes to me I just write it in the notes app on my iPhone and then usually forget all about it

Also, I've had this post half finished in my drafts folder for at least a year now....

June 24, 2015

27 Things in my 27th Year...

Today marks exactly ONE MONTH until my 28th birthday y'all! That means you still have plenty of time to work on finding the perfect gift for me (kidding!). I started dreading my birthday a couple years back - I would think of all the things I hadn't accomplished yet and would hate the fact that my birthday just meant turning another year older and still not having accomplished any of those things. I've gotten over it though - I don't know when my mind set changed but I realized that age is just a number and I should just enjoy life and not worry about age anymore. Here's to embracing turning 28 in a month!

Last year, on this exact day, I posted about 26 things that I wanted to remember from my 26th year so I decided to turn it into an annual tradition. Today I leave you with 27 things I want to remember from my 27th year:

1| Flying to Vegas with one of my best friends from high school on my 27th birthday and spending three great days in Vegas with her
2| Stepping outside of my comfort zone and filming an accent challenge vlog to post on KUWK

3| Baby Aylah finally making her appearance - the first girl for the Mathison side since Graycie Bear was born 4 years before!

4| Spending a night in the Queen City with friends from high school to celebrate Angie's wedding

5| Running a Glow Run 5k in the pouring rain in Minot, ND with the Twin - my 4th official 5K

6| Spending time with family at their cabin at Lake Metigoshe 

7| Taking the girls to the Zoo in Minot before they headed back to school

8| Celebrating Rae's 8th and Graycie's 4th birthdays

9| Posting about the little things that make me happy

10| Throwing the girls a Nightmare Before Christmas themed birthday party

11| Reuniting with some of my closest friends for a girls night out
12| Going with my future sister in law to try on wedding dresses in the Queen City

13| Taking my Mama on her first trip to Vegas (and first ever plane ride!) and spending time in Vegas with some of my favourite women
14| Becoming a brace face. My new smile will make it SO worth it

15| Cookie Swappin' with the Beaver Cove ladies

16| Having an amazing Christmas with my family and receiving Christopher the Christmas Tree on VHS from my favourite brother

17| One of my closest friends asking me to be the MOH in her October 2016 wedding

18| Posting my Reverse Bucket List and realizing I've done some pretty amazing things in my (almost) 28 years of life

19| Crossing items off of my 28 Before 28 list

20| FINALLY posting my #10DaysinTexas recap so I can look back and relive that amazing vacation

21| Attending a sewing class and making my first ever creation - a pillowcase - and finally learning how to sew!

22| Taking a road trip to Yorkton with Toni to visit Scooby and finally see her 'new' place

23| Going to the Scotties Tournament of Hearts in MJ over the Family Day long weekend with Mama Bear, Kenton & Kels

24Twin Cities trip #4 with Toni and the girls 

25Creating my Travel Bucket List

26| Krickit's FIRST birthday!
27| Attending my first ever MLB game, falling in love with baseball, AND the epic weekend that was had in the Twin Cities

Lots of great things happened in my 27th year AND I still have one full month left to make even more amazing memories for my 27th year! 

June 22, 2015

First Full Day of Summer...

Happy first full day of Summer y'all! I spent yesterday out in the sun at the Family Fun Day hosted by my work and I may have finally gotten rid of my farmers tan from Minneapolis - only time will tell (please cross your fingers for me!) I realized two things yesterday while working at the event: 

1) I could never work at a carnival or fair. Making cotton candy is so not my thing. It's way harder than it looks and requires major upper arm strength - who knew?!

2) Even though a sunburn turns into a tan really fast for me, the first day of a sunburn is so not fun


The event was supposed to run from 11- 4 but around 2:30 we noticed some pretty dark clouds rolling in so we ended up packing everything up around 3:30 - just in the nick of time before it started to downpour. The forecast had been for rain throughout the day so at least we got some sunshine in for the majority of the event! We actually didn't plan for it to be on the day of the Summe Solstice but it just worked out that way for a weekend that worked for everyone on our board and was a great way to kick off the start of Summer

I posted my Summer Bucket List on Friday and now that its officially Summer (wasn't it just Christmas?!) I can't wait to get started crossing things off the list. I had a little 'oh shit' moment this morning when I realized that its only three weeks until Kels' stagette and there is still a lot of planning left to do - I know what I'll be doing for the rest of my day off! 

June 19, 2015

Sweet Summertime...

Only TWO more sleeps until its officially Summer y'all! I know for a lot of people the weather has already been feeling like Summer for weeks (if not months) and school has been out for awhile but in this little corner of SE Sask we have only had a handful of nice weather days that made it feel like Summer had arrived early, and school doesn't let out for the Summer until June 26th for most of the tiny humans. The one week countdown for that is on! I LOVE Summer. It's my favourite season. If it weren't for Christmas and Halloween (my two favourite holidays) occuring during other seasons I would want it to be Summer all year round.
In 2013 & 2014 I made Summer Bucket Lists, filled with things I wanted to see/do throughout the Summer months. This year is no exception but the difference is that this year I want to cross every single item off my list. In 2013 I had a tonsillectomy and adedoidectomy at the beginning of August, which had a 4 week recovery period afterwards, meaning not much got crossed off my list. Last year I didn't do as bad as the year before but there will still a lot of things not crossed off at the end of September. This is the busiest Summer I've had since 2012, when I traveled to NYC/Pennsylvania and was a bridesmaid in a wedding, but I'm embracing the busy and can't wait to get crossing things off the list!

1 | Visit the Roosevelt Zoo with my nieces

2 | Stay up until the sun comes up

3 | Practice yoga outside

4 | Play a round of mini golf

5 | Complete my annual Harry Potter summer re-read

6 | Visit the Red Barn in Kenosee

7 | Complete 28 Acts of Kindness for my 28th birthday

8 | Enjoy drinks on a patio

9 | Host a Family Game Night

10 | Watch a movie at the drive-in

11 | Make pizza sandwiches over a campfire

12 | Visit a Farmers Market

13 | Blog every weekday in July

14 | Make the Pioneer Woman's Perfect Iced Coffee

15 | Complete a 30 day photo challenge
30 Photos in Between completed

16 | Host a bridal shower for Kelsey
Completed July 25th

17 | Enjoy a staycation

18 | Dance the night away at Kenton & Kels' wedding
Completed August 15th. I can't believe the wedding is already over!

19 | Spend a day at the beach working on my tan

20 | Learn 5 new hairstyle techniques

21 | Take a spa day

22 | Throw Kelsey a stagette
#Kelsfinalfiesta was held on July 11th

23 | Read 10 new books

24 | Try 5 new recipes

25 | Celebrate Toni's Dirty Thirty in Vegas
Celebrated her Dirty Thirty on Saturday July 18th and I swear I'm still recovering from it

26 | Host Drinking Olympics for my brother's stag 

27 | Make this Moscato Wine Punch

28 | Take a weekend to get away (destination TBD)

If I think of more things I'd like to accomplish or see/do this Summer I'll be adding them to the list. This is going to be the best Summer yet!

What's on YOUR Summer Bucket List?

June 18, 2015

You Probably Don't Know...

One of the best parts about blogging (in my opinion) is getting to know other bloggers and creating friendships with someone you've never even met in person (most people think its crazy - I think its really cool). I know things about blogger friends of mine that I don't even know about my friends IRL. Mostly thanks to posts like today's You Probably Don't Know link up by Helene. I actually had an entirely different post planned for today but those plans flew out the window when I saw Helene's tweet about the linkup. I'm not one to miss out on a fun link up like this!

You Probably Don't Know That...

|  I am turning 28 in a little over a month. I may look like a college freshman due to my braces but in reality I'm attending my 10 year high school reunion this Summer. A concession worker at Target Field actually said 'WOW' when she realized how hold I actually am after I'D'ing me while buying a beer a few weekends ago. Umm, thanks?

I'm very impatient. So much so that I usually read the end of most books first.  I just really hate waiting!

My celebrity crush is Taylor Kitsch. My celebrity girl crush is Kate Beckinsale

Pretty much the first thing I do when I get home from work (after greeting my dog of course) is to change out of my work clothes and into lounge clothes or pajamas. Comfort trumps everything

I was a lifelong nail biter (thanks a lot anxiety) until I went to my friends wedding in Mexico and my nails tasted like salt water. Now as long as I keep my nails painted I don't bite them. You will now never find me without some shade of Essie polish on my nails 

I'm obsessed with Christmas. My christmas tree is still set up in the downstairs guest bedroom at home and I watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music all year long. Next Wednesday marks only 6 months until Christmas! 

I hate to dance unless I've been drinking. Being drunk doesn't make me a good dancer, mind you,  it just makes me not care what anyone else thinks about my dancing skills (or lack thereof)

The first movie I ever saw in the theatre is Lion King. I don't watch it that often because it makes me ugly cry so I reserve it for when I need a good cry 

I could eat Tex-Mex all day, every day. Take me back to Texas!

10 My dream job is to be an event planner. Or to get paid to travel the world. Both sound great

11 | I'm not a fan of chocolate. There, I said it. (I'll wait for you to get over your shock. Good now? Ok). I only like chocolate in very small quantities, and only if there is some caramel or nuts in with it

12 I'm allergic to the outdoors. Not even kidding

13  Thirteen is my favourite number

Helene in Between

June 17, 2015

Hashtaggin' Life Lately...

Is anyone else having a minor panic attack that we are now already halfway through June? Anybody? Bueller? Ok, just me then?... It is officially less than two months until my brothers wedding and HOLY HANNA is there still a lot to get done by then (like lose another 20 lbs for instance...). My to do list for this summer is a mile long and everytime I look at it I have a case of the vapours 

I've been feeling sooo tired lately and not even three cups of coffee a day can fix it. I have to get it figured out asap so I can keep up the energy to start crossing things off all my lists! I have a week off of work at the end of this month where I can recharge/get shit done and I'm counting down the days until June 29th! Life hasn't been too interesting lately but its kept me busy enough to keep me from going stir crazy but not too busy where my anxiety gets out of control

On the weekend I took my cat, Luna, to get shaved. She's a Tortoiseshell cat and sheds like crazy and keeping up with the pet hair around the house is pretty much a full time job. A few weekends ago I took my parents Yorkie to the Twin (who's also a groomer) for a hair cut and the Twin had just finished shaving a cat. I never would have thought that people actually take their cats to a groomer to get shaved but the cat that was there that day didn't look as creepy as I thought (like those weird hairless cats) so I mentioned it to my Mama afterwards and she made me book an appointment for Luna right away. If you have me on Snapchat you will know how much she cried on the way over the to Twin's house - its like she knew what was coming #shelooksridiculous #andnaked #goodthingshesanindoorcat #shehatesmesomuch #worthitfornomoreshedding 

My sister and I took her girls to the fair in 'the city' on its opening night on Monday. I didn't get to take as many pictures as I normally would because I was constantly checking my phone to see the score of the Blue Jays game and then my phone died halfway through the night - just before the game (which had went to 11 innings) ended. Which the Blue Jays ending up losing and ending their 11 game win streak... I did, however, get fresh mini donuts and some other delicious fair food so it made up for the loss. #caloriesdontcountatthefair #liesitellmyself

I ordered some clothes online from Old Navy and the Gap since I didn't get to do any shopping while in Minneapolis and have absolutely no summer clothes right now. Apparently I underestimated how much weight I've lost because none of the dresses or skirts that I ordered fit - they were falling off or hanging off of me. I haven't worn a size medium in a loooong time but apparently that's my new size. Who knew?! I'm super bummed in a way because the clothes I orderered were soooo cute but I'll take the smaller sizes! #idontthinkilookanydifferent #theclothestelladifferentstory #ineedashoppingspree #takemetotarget

Yesterday was Graycie's last day of Pre-Kindergarten. She's off to Kindergarten in the fall and I'm left wondering where my McBaby went (It took my sister three days to name her so she was known as McBaby for those days and then it stuck afterwards). I feel like it was just yesterday I was taking pictures of Rae on her first day of Kindergarten and now its going to be my baby's turn in two short months #wherehasthetimegone #idontlikechange #timeforanotheronetoni

Yesterday also marked exactly one month until I fly off to Vegas for a weekend of fun with my sister and one of my best friends from high school to celebrate my sister turning the Dirty Thirty  #hurryupjuly16th #myliversgoingtohateme #eatanddrinkallthethings 

amy poehler Tina Fey i was happy i could record it tbh so lq but the best i could do with an nbc video gif: amy gif: tina

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

Happy Humpday Y'all! 

June 15, 2015

Currently (June 2015)...

I did a 'Currently' post at pretty much this exact time last year (just one days difference) and thought it would be fun to do another one at the same time to see what's changed in a years time!


Reading: My bedside reading pile currently consists of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (annual HP series summer re-read has commenced!), Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen (LOVE her books and grabbed this while at Chapters last week. I might save it for reading poolside in Vegas if I can have some self control not to start it and finish it in one day), Long, Hot Texas Summer by Carolyn Brown (was in a Staff Pick pile at Chapters and is a light read for Summer), and I just finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (probably would have been better for me if I hadn't read spoilers about what happens...)

Listening: I am LOVING the song 'Life Ain't Fair' by Dean Alexander. It played on The Highway on Sirius/XM so many times during the drive to and from Minneapolis - I downloaded it as soon as I got home and I'm still not sick of it!

Celebrating: The Blue Jays 11th straight win! They've had a heck of a run since I was in Minneapolis and tonight they are going for their 12th straight win. If they do win it will be the most wins in a row that the team has ever had. I can't believe I just realized how much I love baseball - I knew I liked playing it when I was young but never thought I would find myself watching the games on TV at home and reading news article after news article about the team!

Planning: Kels' Stagette and Bridal Shower. We've changed plans so many times now but its finally time to buckle down with the plans since the stagette is less than a month away and the bridal shower not long after! I love party planning but it can get pretty stressful

Sending: Baby gifts, monthly snail mail, and Pocket Pal letters. I finally got everything procured to get Marissa's baby gift sent away and I'm almost ready to get Pocket Pal letters sent out (sooo late but better late than pregnant  never) - then its just my monthly snail mail letters that need to go and I'm crossing my fingers that I won't forget about them until the last day of the month like I may have done in June...

Enjoying: The gorgeous weather that this corner of SK has been blessed with lately. Mother Nature has been fairly good to us (other than a severe thunderstorm watch on Friday night that had me calling my Mama for a ride home after walking Krickit down to the valley for a visit with Jayden - I do not like storms!). Now if only I could get rid of my awesome farmers tan from wearing my jersey to the Blue Jays games...

Feeling: all kinds of emotions at the moment. A family member has been dealing with some health problems lately and finally gets tests results back this week. If you're the praying kind please keep them in your thoughts and prayers 

Waiting: For Sunday to hurry up and arrive. Yes, you read that right. Sunday. Not only is it officially the first day of Summer on Sunday (whoop whoop!) but its also my 1st anniversary of becoming Krickit's Mama and its also my work's big fundraiser for the year and we're hoping for a good turnout so we can get working on some projects around the Centre

Loving: That the Estevan Fair is this week and I get to indulge in some delicious fair food - bring on the frozen lemonade and mini donuts! PLUS this year the weather is supposed to be nice for the night we are going so I won't have to wear rubber boots and a rain jacket like last year!

Working: On my Minneapolis vacation recap. Much like my Texas recap it is so hard to write because whenever I go to recap it I start thinking about all the fun we had and then I get really sad that I'm no longer there and that I don't have any immediate plans to go back. Why can't life be a permanent vacation?!

Wearing: At this moment I'm wearing my favourite maxi skirt (from Target, of course), a blank tank top, a jean vest, and my Kate Spade gold earrings. I for once managed to get out of bed early enough to get a blog post done (hoping to make this a habit!) before heading to work! I feel so accomplished. Now if I can keep up the momentum...

leslie knope dancing.gif
Anticipating: LAS VEGAS first off! Tomorrow is exactly one month until we fly to Vegas to celebrate Toni's Dirty Thirty. Almost everyone that was supposed to come has backed out of the trip but the three of us that are going are going to have so much fun and the one's that backed out are going to be so jealous of all the fun they missed out on. Secondly, Kenton and Kels' wedding which is exactly two months away today! Our bridesmaids dresses still aren't in (they were supposed to be in at the end of May) and I had nightmares two nights last week about the dresses not fitting or not arriving at all! Yesterday I went to Kenton and Kels' and watched the Blue Jays game with them while Kels and I stamped and stuffed envelopes for the wedding invitations. It seems like just yesterday that Kenton was first introducing Kelsey to the family and in two months she is going to be his wife (what?!). My baby brother is all grown up y'all