June 11, 2015

13 Types of Best Friends...

Apparently Monday was National Best Friend Day. I'm all about the made up days to celebrate silly things (hello National Donut Day!) but I didn't realize until late on Monday that it was being 'celebrated' that day and I couldn't fit all of the people I consider best friends into just one Instagram post so I just didn't do anything at all for it (sorry friends - I'm  making up for it with todays post). Then yesterday, as I was alone with my thoughts for 3 hours as I drove to my orthodontist appointment, I remembered a post I've had in my drafts folder for over a year now. Last year, before she quit blogging (come baacccck!), Holly from the Stanfield Clan linked a post to a Buzzfeed article about The 13 Types of Best Friends You'll Have In Your Life and created her own post about who she considers her best friend for each category listed. I loved the idea of the post and marked it down on my list of blog post ideas. Eventually I went back to that list and started the post but its sat half finished for at least 6 months now. (I'm the best at blogging, arent I?...). BUT today is finally the day that the poor forgotten post finally gets her (his?) moment. 

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The second part of that statement is pretty much true for every wedding I attend...

# 1. Your Childhood BFF

Jayden and I became best friends in Kindergarten (maybe even before - I have a terrible memory in regards to my childhood). Her dad worked for my dad so our parents were close friends, and thus it just fit for us to be best friends. I don't have very many memories from my childhood that don't involve Jayden. There were countless family camping trips, sleepovers, inside jokes, and, of course, fights. She'd stay for supper at my house and my Mom would force her to eat liver. I'd eat supper at her house and her mom would force me to eat meatloaf. Our parents were like 2nd parents to each other growing up. We've grown apart since graduating - life took us on different paths and we're at different places in our lives right now, but I can't imagine not having her in my life at all. She'll always be a 'sister' to me 

 # 2. Your High School BFF

I had a small but tight group of friends in High School - some of them are mentioned in other categories so this honour goes to my friend Millz (obviously not her real name, but I refuse to call her anything else). I knew Millz for years but didn't actually become friends with her until Grade 11. When I was in Grade 11 myself, my sister, and Jayden all worked at a restaurant in town. When we found out that our managers younger sister would be working with us Jayden and I were both dreading it, thinking we would have to deal with our manager favouring her sister (in all reality Millz got the shit end of the stick by working under her sister - she was always harder on her than anyone else). Millz and I quickly became close friends. She lived a town over and one summer, after my basement had flooded, her and I lived in my parents camper in our driveway for the entire summer. She was my unofficial roommate that summer (she was actually supposed to be staying at her sisters) and we eventually became roommates for real when we moved to Alberta to College together, along with our friend Taigan

 # 3. The Kid Next Door

This 'honour' goes to Taigz/Smaigan (again, not her real name). We actually lived down the street from another growing up (I lived next door to eldery couples growing up) and were friends from a really young age. She's a year younger than I am so we lost touch a bit after we got a bit older, and then there was a time where we absolutely despised each other (hashtag small town problems...). We ended up reconnecting after I graduated and quickly became best friends again. We moved away to Medicine Hat together for College and were roommates for that first year. Her and Millz both abandoned me after our first year to head back to SK (I'm over it now, I swear! haha) and after my last year of school there came another period of not talking to each other. Her and another friend of ours were not getting along, I got stuck in the middle of it, and things escalated from there. Over a year went by of us not talking before Smaig was the bigger person (I'm way to stubborn) and reached out to me and we resolved our differences. I'm so thankful that she reached out to me - we may not see each other often but when we do its like no time has passed. I was able to go to Ixtapa, Mexico to watch her get married at the most beautiful location ever and she just became a first time Mama to baby Ripley and I can't wait for baby snuggles!
 # 4. Your College BFF

Marissa and I clicked from the very start of our classes together. She's bubbly and cheerful and almost always smiling - you can't help but like her because of how happy she is all the time. We bonded over our love of country music and spent many (many) nights at our favourite country bar, Ralph's (man do I miss that place) finding random strangers to two step with and pretending to be pool sharks (not very well I might add...). Our College offered a program where we could finish off our degrees at a campus in Australia - we talked endlessly about how we were going to move to Australia together, attended all the meetings on campus... and then realized we weren't millionaires and that was never going to happen. Marissa grew up 2 hours away from the Hat, whereas I'm from almost 7 hours away, but after we graduated we made sure to keep in touch, meeting up at the Craven Country Jamboree for three straight years and calling ourselves 'Craven Buddies. Two summers ago I roadtripped to her hometown to watch her marry the boy I heard all about throughout College and she just became a first time mama to baby Jamie. I'm really hoping I'll be able to visit them before Jamie heads off to College herself !

# 5. Your Work BFF(S)

Never in a million years did I think I would be the mayor of Beaver Cove Town Council and have this awesome group of ladies serving on the council with me. Confused? Okay, a little backstory. In April 2013 my friend Amanda got married in Winnipeg, MB. Shawna S., Shawna J., Jessica B., and Jessica M., (how confusing is that?!) all worked with me at my old position as Director of my last Centre and Amanda was another coworker of ours. We knew absolutely no one else at the wedding, as Amanda and her husband are both from Nunavut and that's where the majority of the guests came from. I've always loved to say the word 'y'all' and decided that I was going to say it that entire weekend since nobody knew that I'm not actually from the south. I decided to make up a back story about where I'm from (okay, a lie) and started searching the web to come up with the name of the town where I (fictitiously) came from. When I found that there was a town called Beaver Cove (in Maine) I found it completely hilarious (most likely the alcohol talking) and all the other girls went along with the ruse that we were from Beaver Cove, Maine. Eventually our story turned into that we served on the town council and I appointed myself mayor (I'm a little bossy...) and the rest is history. Nikki hadn't been able to make the trip to the wedding but we invited her onto council upon our return to real life. It's been our little inside joke ever since and one day we WILL make it to Beaver Cove, Maine for our town council retreat! 

# 6. Your Parents

I could go on and on and on all day long about how amazing these two are. They supported me throughout College, didn't blink an eye through my hart partying days after college, opened their home back up to me after I moved out of my apartment, let me bring Krickit into their home (ok, so I may have surprised Papa Bear with that one...) and only joke around a few times a month about me living with them forever (please, for the love of god, no. I mean, I love them but...). They are the best parents I could ever ask for and I'm so thankful to be able to call them MY Mama and Papa Bear. The only thing I would change about them is to make them like getting their picture taken  - I don't have a single photo of myself with my Dad since I was around three years old! 

# 7. Your Siblings

I may joke around from time to time that being an only child would have meant more money to spoil me growing up but I honestly can't imagine my life without my big sister and baby brother. I may have hated having to share my birthday party every single year (Toni and I have birthday's three days apart) and joked that I wished Kenton had been born a girl, but I actually can't imagine not having these two by my side growing up. I'm lucky to be 27 years old and able to call my sister and brother my best friends. There are so many people that hardly have anything to do with their siblings now that they are grown up but I honestly can't imagine ever going more than a few days without talking to either of them. My sister and I are polar opposites and have differing opinions on almost everything (we also look nothing alike) but it works for us. My brother and I share a love of sports, beer pong, and Harry Potter. I'm also lucky that my brother was the smartest 15 year old ever and found himself a great partner - she's become one of my best friends and I view her as a sister just as much as I do my actual brother and sister. She's been a part of our family for over 7 years now and it seems like she's been with us since day 1. She loves wine as much as I do, lets me tag along on trips with her and my brother, AND will one day make me an auntie to 8 kiddos

  # 8. Your Twenty-Something BFF

We've been told for years and years and years how much we look alike, been mistaken for each other countless times, and thus, she is known as 'the twin'. She may be known as 'the twin' but in all reality she's my cousin, younger by three years.  We took our first trip to Vegas together and got our first (almost identical) tattoos together there, fight like the sisters that we pretty much are, have worked together, and have also traveled to Mexico and Minneapolis together. I have so many memories with this girl

 # 9. Your Powerhouse BFF

Mallory and I only worked together for a short period of time and I am so thankful for the opportunity to get to know her. We made sure to keep our friendship going even after she left the daycare, getting together with our friend Nikki usually once a month to catch up. We share a love of blogging, social media, snail mail, VEGAS, the Riders, and online shopping. Mallory is my go to person when it comes to all things blogging, crafting and Las Vegas - she always knows what I'm talking about when I bring something up for all three of those categories. The funny thing is that we have almost no pictures of us together - sooo crazy considering both of us are all about scrapbooking/project life and how often we actually see each other. We need to work on that Mallory! (Mallory is one of my few IRL friends who reads the blog - she's been telling me for years that she's starting her own - Get on that girl!)

(I couldn't even manage to dig up the group photo of us daycare girls from Mallory's wedding so you'll just have to imagine a petite blonde woman)

# 10. Your Long Distance BFF

Scooby transfered halfway through the school year waaay back in Grade Two and was called  'the new girl' for the longest time, considering most of us had gone to school together since Kindergarten and were born and raised O-townians. The fact that there were usually only about five girls in our class meant that we were going to be friends no matter what and lo and behold we've been friends ever since. She's also my travel buddy - we've been to Europe, NYC/Pennsylvania, and Vegas together and hopefully will make it to many, many more places together. Whenever I get a bright idea in my head about where I want to travel to next she's the first person that I text

 # 11. Your Furry BFF

Krickit's my baby and she'll always be the one to make me a puppy 'mama but Misty was my childhood dog and will always hold a special place in my heart. She truly was one of my best friends growing up. She was a part of our family for 15 years and I still think about her all the time and wish every day that I could spend just one more day with her

 # 12. Your Significant Other

Thanks for reminding me that I'm single Buzzfeed . In my mind I'm married to Taylor Kitsch so we'll just go with it for todays post, mmmkay? He is Canadian so it could totally be true...

# 13. Your Number One Best Friend For Ever and Ever

As already mentioned, I have the best siblings in the world and Toni, Kenton, and Kels are my number one best friends for life (even if they don't like it - they can't get rid of me). Those three are the Tina Fey to my Amy Poehler

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  1. Love this post! I definitely have some friends that fit many of the categories. My childhood dog died a couple of years ago and he was 16, I still miss him so much!


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