June 24, 2015

27 Things in my 27th Year...

Today marks exactly ONE MONTH until my 28th birthday y'all! That means you still have plenty of time to work on finding the perfect gift for me (kidding!). I started dreading my birthday a couple years back - I would think of all the things I hadn't accomplished yet and would hate the fact that my birthday just meant turning another year older and still not having accomplished any of those things. I've gotten over it though - I don't know when my mind set changed but I realized that age is just a number and I should just enjoy life and not worry about age anymore. Here's to embracing turning 28 in a month!

Last year, on this exact day, I posted about 26 things that I wanted to remember from my 26th year so I decided to turn it into an annual tradition. Today I leave you with 27 things I want to remember from my 27th year:

1| Flying to Vegas with one of my best friends from high school on my 27th birthday and spending three great days in Vegas with her
2| Stepping outside of my comfort zone and filming an accent challenge vlog to post on KUWK

3| Baby Aylah finally making her appearance - the first girl for the Mathison side since Graycie Bear was born 4 years before!

4| Spending a night in the Queen City with friends from high school to celebrate Angie's wedding

5| Running a Glow Run 5k in the pouring rain in Minot, ND with the Twin - my 4th official 5K

6| Spending time with family at their cabin at Lake Metigoshe 

7| Taking the girls to the Zoo in Minot before they headed back to school

8| Celebrating Rae's 8th and Graycie's 4th birthdays

9| Posting about the little things that make me happy

10| Throwing the girls a Nightmare Before Christmas themed birthday party

11| Reuniting with some of my closest friends for a girls night out
12| Going with my future sister in law to try on wedding dresses in the Queen City

13| Taking my Mama on her first trip to Vegas (and first ever plane ride!) and spending time in Vegas with some of my favourite women
14| Becoming a brace face. My new smile will make it SO worth it

15| Cookie Swappin' with the Beaver Cove ladies

16| Having an amazing Christmas with my family and receiving Christopher the Christmas Tree on VHS from my favourite brother

17| One of my closest friends asking me to be the MOH in her October 2016 wedding

18| Posting my Reverse Bucket List and realizing I've done some pretty amazing things in my (almost) 28 years of life

19| Crossing items off of my 28 Before 28 list

20| FINALLY posting my #10DaysinTexas recap so I can look back and relive that amazing vacation

21| Attending a sewing class and making my first ever creation - a pillowcase - and finally learning how to sew!

22| Taking a road trip to Yorkton with Toni to visit Scooby and finally see her 'new' place

23| Going to the Scotties Tournament of Hearts in MJ over the Family Day long weekend with Mama Bear, Kenton & Kels

24Twin Cities trip #4 with Toni and the girls 

25Creating my Travel Bucket List

26| Krickit's FIRST birthday!
27| Attending my first ever MLB game, falling in love with baseball, AND the epic weekend that was had in the Twin Cities

Lots of great things happened in my 27th year AND I still have one full month left to make even more amazing memories for my 27th year! 


  1. This is so fun! I've never seen this done before. I may have to steal this! Looks like 27 was great, Cheers to 28!!! :)

  2. This is such a cool post idea. I also love the idea of a reverse bucket list.

  3. I love this idea!!! I was dreading turning 27 but now that it's here it's not that big of a deal (I guess), but since there's always so much pressure to think about what you HAVEN'T done it's so nice to see the reverse happening! FOUR FOR YOU.


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