June 22, 2015

First Full Day of Summer...

Happy first full day of Summer y'all! I spent yesterday out in the sun at the Family Fun Day hosted by my work and I may have finally gotten rid of my farmers tan from Minneapolis - only time will tell (please cross your fingers for me!) I realized two things yesterday while working at the event: 

1) I could never work at a carnival or fair. Making cotton candy is so not my thing. It's way harder than it looks and requires major upper arm strength - who knew?!

2) Even though a sunburn turns into a tan really fast for me, the first day of a sunburn is so not fun


The event was supposed to run from 11- 4 but around 2:30 we noticed some pretty dark clouds rolling in so we ended up packing everything up around 3:30 - just in the nick of time before it started to downpour. The forecast had been for rain throughout the day so at least we got some sunshine in for the majority of the event! We actually didn't plan for it to be on the day of the Summe Solstice but it just worked out that way for a weekend that worked for everyone on our board and was a great way to kick off the start of Summer

I posted my Summer Bucket List on Friday and now that its officially Summer (wasn't it just Christmas?!) I can't wait to get started crossing things off the list. I had a little 'oh shit' moment this morning when I realized that its only three weeks until Kels' stagette and there is still a lot of planning left to do - I know what I'll be doing for the rest of my day off! 


  1. HAHA- cotton candy making is definitely harder than it looks! :) I worked at a concession stand for 3 summers as my first job and I got REALLY good at it, but it took lots of practice.

  2. I bet cotton candy making is rough...cotton candy eating, though, I can get on board with. :)


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