June 12, 2015

Five On Friday...

I didn't do any shopping while in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago, aside from buying my nieces beach towels at the Disney store and myself liquor to take home, but I have more than made up for it all within the last week. (I know, I know I still need to recap my Minneapolis trip. Next week, I swear!). I had been doing so good the past few months with following a budget and not making ridiculous purchases but that completely went out the window within the last week. VS was having a sale with free shipping to Canada if I spent over $100 so I had to buy myself a few things (I'll be posting photos next week). Then I remembered that I had a 25% off coupon code to Hillberg and Berk that was going to expire soon so I couldn't let that go to waste and I ordered myself a new pair of Sparkle Ball earrings in Rose Gold (they are GORGEOUS). THEN I headed to the Queen City for an appointment on Wednesday and my budget was completley blown between buying a few new books at Chapters, baby gifts for my friends Marissa and Taigan who both just had baby girls, groceries, and then a few new clothes (necessary, I swear!)

While in the Queen City on Wednesday for my orthondotist appointment I bought myself a pair of shorts THREE sizes smaller than I last wore! I actually took all of the wrong sizes into the dressing room with me and had to get the sales clerk to get me all smaller sizes - I haven't noticed that much of a change in myself but the shorts don't lie! Sadly I'm going to have to say goodbye to my favourite pair of Silver shorts. I wore them last week around the house without a belt and they were falling down to my nieces. I'm not actually all that sad if it means I'm fitting into smaller clothing!
The main reason behind the trip to Minneapolis a couple weeks ago was to catch the Twins vs Blue Jays series while they were in the Twin Cities. It's way closer for anyone from this area to go to the Twin Cities instead of Toronto to watch the games so there was lots of Blue Jays support. I had actually only ever watched one Blue Jays game before heading to Minneapolis so I wasn't sure that I would actually be interested in the games at all. My brother and SIL are fans, my brother doesn't miss a game on tv, and they had been down to Minneapolis two years prior to our trip to catch the Twins vs Jays series then. I, howver, was more so just tagging along for a vacation, I wasn't so much interested in the baseball. So imagine my surprise when I realized how FUN it was to be at the game and now that I know the players I've actually been watching the games on TV and following news stories about the team. I never would have thought that I would be a baseball fan but here I am! Now I am wanting to make a trip out to Toronto sooner rather than later to catch a game (its been on my 30x30 list for forever to watch a Blue Jays game at Rogers Centre even though when I wrote the list I didn't care about baseball - I just wanted an excuse to go to Toronto) and I'm really hoping the Jays end up back in the Twin Cities before this season is over. Cross your fingers and toes for me please!
My annual Harry Potter summer re-read started last weekend and now all I want to do is curl up in bed (under the covers because my basement is an ice box with the air conditioner running) and read all day long until I get through the whole series again. BUT I have a million and twelve things on my to do list that keep getting in the way plus I need to get back into an exercise routine so I doubt my plans for getting through the books that quickly will actually happen. I will be done them before my trip to Vegas though, I can pretty much guarantee that

There are only NINE more days until the first day of Summer y'all, which means I don't have many days left to finish up the items on my Spring Bucket List and finalize my Summer Bucket List (stay tuned for that post). This summer is going to be a great one, full of fun activities and I can't wait for it to finally arrive. The first day of Summer is also my one year anniversary of bringing Krickit home so I'll be celebrating that momentous occasion as well! 

Happy Friday! 


  1. Isn't it the best when you lose weight but can't really tell and then you put on some old clothes and they're HUGE on you?! My fiance and I started being healthier last April and since then we've had to get rid of a bunch of clothes! I love being able to buy smaller sizes.

  2. I LOVE going to Jays games in the summer, especially when the Dome is open. I'm not much of a baseball fan either, but games are so fun when you're with family and friends. So cool you got to see a game in MN.

  3. just getting around to reading this now!! i'm the one on insta (maybe you remember?) who was at the game the other day with my toddlers....my little chicklet girl was shaking her pompoms!!!! so fun!!!!!


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