June 5, 2015

June Goals...

Good Morning  Afternoon y'all! I'm finally making it to this space of mine for the first time since last Wednesday and yet I swear last Wednesday was just yesterday. Time is flying by soo fast and I'd really appreciate it if it would just slow down a little bit. Wasn't it just January and the start of the new year?! May was another blink and you miss it month with an amazing vacation at the end of it to cap it all off. The whole blink-and-you-miss-it part probably has something to do with the fact that I hardly accomplished a single goal from my May Goals...

1. Send out 5 forms of snail mail 
Done! I actually sent out SIX, going beyond my goal - who am I?!

2. Green every day in May 
There were 11 days in May that I didn't go green. A couple of those were days that my FitBit died without warning (what the hell Fitbit!!) and a few were just days of pure laziness. I'm still loving having my FitBit though to push me (most days) to get to those 10k steps

3. Read three more books off the 2015 Reading Challenge
I only read one book throughout the entire month of May (I finally read Gone Girl). I had fraud on my credit card so I had to cancel it and order a new one and the card on file on my Nook is the one that was cancelled and thus I couldn't download any new books until my new credit card arrived. I still haven't gotten around to switching the information over to my new card...

4. Complete five more things off my Spring Bucket List
Only crossed one thing off this month - going to a Major Leage Baseball game. I headed down to Minneapolis last weekend to watch the Blue Jays play the Twins. More on that next week!

5. Complete five things off my 28 Before 28 list
Oh gosh. I completely forgot about this! However, without even trying, I managed to complete two items off the list. I finally purchased a new full length mirror and I (sort of) completed the Whole30. It actually turned into the Whole 27 1/2 due to my Mama's hospital stay but since I was so strict and followed all the guidelines throughout I am calling it a win. More on my second Whole30 experience next week!

6. Complete one thing off of my 30 Before 30 list
I had good intentions but never followed through. Good thing I have a little over 2 years to complete this, hey?

7. Finish setting up my blogging/writing space
It's still thisclose to being done, I just still haven't found a chair to fill the space. I NEED to make a Target run! Bring Target back to Canada please! (Or if the dollar could get better and I could make more quick trips across the border that would also be great)

8. Send a care package/baby gift to my College BFF
I still need to finish one project for it and then it can be on its way (One of my oldest friends had a baby girl while I was in Minneapolis on the weekend so now I have TWO baby girls to spoil!)

9. Be intentional with Social Media 
I tried early in the month and then some family stuff happened and blogging and doing anything other than browsing through social media was the last thing on my mind. I will get better at this though!

10. Blog every day in May
11 times out of 31 aint so bad, right? (Just go with it). It was, however,  the second most I have posted in one month so far this year so not so bad in the long run

I'm not going to let the fact that I only crossed 1 out of 10 things off my May Goals deter me from setting any new goals and instead going to focus on the fact that its an entirely new month and I'm feeling completely re-energized and re-focused. Here we go:
1. Send out snail mail to my Pocket Letter ladies
I'm so behind on this (sorry Mallory and co!). My creativity has not been flowing lately but I'm hoping I can get it back asap to get these sent out. I also need a Minot trip to Hobby Lobby and Target since I got rid of almost all of my crafting stash in a moment of insanity 

2. Complete my Spring Bucket List
18 things left to do - yikes! 

3. Create my Summer Bucket List
This summer is crazy, insanely busy (in a good way) and there's still lots more I want to make sure to get done. Stay tuned for that post!

4. Complete 10 things off my 28 Before 28 list
I'm leaving this number low due to my lack of progress on my May Goals but I'm hoping to complete more than just 10 or else I will have 15 things to complete in only 24 days in July

5. Blog at least 13 times in June
I'm going for it y'all! March had 12 posts, the most of the year, so I'm aiming for 13 in June. Considering the first week of June is coming to an end and this is my first post I have a lot of work to do but I'm ready for it

6. Complete 10K steps every weekday
I'm aiming a little bit lower this month and instead of every single day just aiming for weekdays

7. Complete two things off my 30 Before 30 list
I need to get started on this or before I know it it will be a month until my 30th birthday and I'll have a long list of things to cross off 

8. Finish 5 sewing projects
I've taken over my parents dining room and reclaimed it as my sewing room and right now there's just a mess of half finished sewing projects and I haven't even looked at my sewing machine in over a month. I hope I still know how to use it! I got a free pillow at the Twins/Blue Jays game on Saturday with the Twins logo on and it I'm going to refurbish it to make it a Blue Jays pillow instead!

9. Get started on my blog redesign
I've been itching for a blog redesign for awhile now. I love the work that Kalyn did with my current design but I've had this design for well over a year now and its just time for something new. I LOVE the work that Erin did designing a logo for the business that I run and I can't wait to get her to makeover KUWK!

10. Enjoy a 'stay'cation
I'm taking a week off at the end of the month to just relax before the Summer craziness really begins and I can't wait for it! Canada Day is smack in the middle of my week off so it works out perfect

What are YOUR goals for June?


  1. Well even if you only crossed off one goal for May, at least you have goals! I feel like I need to come up with goals just to hold myself accountable and get stuff done!

  2. Exactly what Mattie said! ;) I love that you do goal lists and have other stuff (30 before 30, bucket lists, etc) I can appreciate someone who's always trying to better themselves! As long as you have goals you are rocking! :) Cannot wait to hear about your blog design ideas!!

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