June 19, 2015

Sweet Summertime...

Only TWO more sleeps until its officially Summer y'all! I know for a lot of people the weather has already been feeling like Summer for weeks (if not months) and school has been out for awhile but in this little corner of SE Sask we have only had a handful of nice weather days that made it feel like Summer had arrived early, and school doesn't let out for the Summer until June 26th for most of the tiny humans. The one week countdown for that is on! I LOVE Summer. It's my favourite season. If it weren't for Christmas and Halloween (my two favourite holidays) occuring during other seasons I would want it to be Summer all year round.
In 2013 & 2014 I made Summer Bucket Lists, filled with things I wanted to see/do throughout the Summer months. This year is no exception but the difference is that this year I want to cross every single item off my list. In 2013 I had a tonsillectomy and adedoidectomy at the beginning of August, which had a 4 week recovery period afterwards, meaning not much got crossed off my list. Last year I didn't do as bad as the year before but there will still a lot of things not crossed off at the end of September. This is the busiest Summer I've had since 2012, when I traveled to NYC/Pennsylvania and was a bridesmaid in a wedding, but I'm embracing the busy and can't wait to get crossing things off the list!

1 | Visit the Roosevelt Zoo with my nieces

2 | Stay up until the sun comes up

3 | Practice yoga outside

4 | Play a round of mini golf

5 | Complete my annual Harry Potter summer re-read

6 | Visit the Red Barn in Kenosee

7 | Complete 28 Acts of Kindness for my 28th birthday

8 | Enjoy drinks on a patio

9 | Host a Family Game Night

10 | Watch a movie at the drive-in

11 | Make pizza sandwiches over a campfire

12 | Visit a Farmers Market

13 | Blog every weekday in July

14 | Make the Pioneer Woman's Perfect Iced Coffee

15 | Complete a 30 day photo challenge
30 Photos in Between completed

16 | Host a bridal shower for Kelsey
Completed July 25th

17 | Enjoy a staycation

18 | Dance the night away at Kenton & Kels' wedding
Completed August 15th. I can't believe the wedding is already over!

19 | Spend a day at the beach working on my tan

20 | Learn 5 new hairstyle techniques

21 | Take a spa day

22 | Throw Kelsey a stagette
#Kelsfinalfiesta was held on July 11th

23 | Read 10 new books

24 | Try 5 new recipes

25 | Celebrate Toni's Dirty Thirty in Vegas
Celebrated her Dirty Thirty on Saturday July 18th and I swear I'm still recovering from it

26 | Host Drinking Olympics for my brother's stag 

27 | Make this Moscato Wine Punch

28 | Take a weekend to get away (destination TBD)

If I think of more things I'd like to accomplish or see/do this Summer I'll be adding them to the list. This is going to be the best Summer yet!

What's on YOUR Summer Bucket List?


  1. Sounds like it'll be a great summer! I've always wanted to go to a drive-in movie. Pizza sandwiches over a campfire sound drool-worthy!

  2. Ah man, that is a late summer, but I don't get a summer as a grown up adult so yours still sounds better. :) We are going to Canada next week and it's supposed to be in the 70's (F) the whole time...I'm bringing a jacket! Happy Friday!

  3. I made a huge bucket list last summer with my two best friends and it was great to refer to on those days when the dreaded "I don't know, what do you want to do?" conversations happened. We could refer to the list and easily have something to do!


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