June 18, 2015

You Probably Don't Know...

One of the best parts about blogging (in my opinion) is getting to know other bloggers and creating friendships with someone you've never even met in person (most people think its crazy - I think its really cool). I know things about blogger friends of mine that I don't even know about my friends IRL. Mostly thanks to posts like today's You Probably Don't Know link up by Helene. I actually had an entirely different post planned for today but those plans flew out the window when I saw Helene's tweet about the linkup. I'm not one to miss out on a fun link up like this!

You Probably Don't Know That...

|  I am turning 28 in a little over a month. I may look like a college freshman due to my braces but in reality I'm attending my 10 year high school reunion this Summer. A concession worker at Target Field actually said 'WOW' when she realized how hold I actually am after I'D'ing me while buying a beer a few weekends ago. Umm, thanks?

I'm very impatient. So much so that I usually read the end of most books first.  I just really hate waiting!

My celebrity crush is Taylor Kitsch. My celebrity girl crush is Kate Beckinsale

Pretty much the first thing I do when I get home from work (after greeting my dog of course) is to change out of my work clothes and into lounge clothes or pajamas. Comfort trumps everything

I was a lifelong nail biter (thanks a lot anxiety) until I went to my friends wedding in Mexico and my nails tasted like salt water. Now as long as I keep my nails painted I don't bite them. You will now never find me without some shade of Essie polish on my nails 

I'm obsessed with Christmas. My christmas tree is still set up in the downstairs guest bedroom at home and I watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music all year long. Next Wednesday marks only 6 months until Christmas! 

I hate to dance unless I've been drinking. Being drunk doesn't make me a good dancer, mind you,  it just makes me not care what anyone else thinks about my dancing skills (or lack thereof)

The first movie I ever saw in the theatre is Lion King. I don't watch it that often because it makes me ugly cry so I reserve it for when I need a good cry 

I could eat Tex-Mex all day, every day. Take me back to Texas!

10 My dream job is to be an event planner. Or to get paid to travel the world. Both sound great

11 | I'm not a fan of chocolate. There, I said it. (I'll wait for you to get over your shock. Good now? Ok). I only like chocolate in very small quantities, and only if there is some caramel or nuts in with it

12 I'm allergic to the outdoors. Not even kidding

13  Thirteen is my favourite number

Helene in Between


  1. That lady actually said, "Wow"?! Every time I get ID'ed I'm just waiting for the person to say something like that. I don't even have braces to blame for looking so young...just my face :/

  2. NO MY CELEB CURSH IS TAYLOR KITSCH. haha! Thanks so so much for linking up- even though you had different plans!

  3. I look way younger than I am too, so I get that! Two years ago (at 22) a guy told me he thought I was 14. I would love to be an event planner. I feel like you'd get to make your own hours a lot of the time (aside from the events themselves and all that) and it would just be fun!

  4. Ok this is fine just give me all your chocolate and we'll be fine

  5. I love that you still have a Christmas tree up!! I still watch Christmas movies too :-)

  6. I posted the same fact today about my age...28.5 and I get carded for R rated movies! I'm like what?!? I'm a Texas girl and tex mex is where it is at! Except I can't eat cheese, but I still love the flavors. Christmas is my absolute favorite (Christmas music in October all the way), and I have to put my comfortable clothes on the minute I get home as well. There is no other way! Love your list and it's great to meet you :)

  7. So do you like snickers? They used to be my favorite chocolate.


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