July 31, 2015

Friday Things PLUS a Birthday Giveaway....


GUESS WHO'S FINALLY GETTING A BIG GIRL CAMERA?! I'm SO excited y'all (as if you couldn't tell that from my shout-y first sentence...). After using my friend Taigan's DSLR when I second shot at a wedding with her at the beginning of July I've been itching to buy my own DSLR more than ever. My iPhone just isn't cutting it for pictures anymore and I couldn't even tell you where my point and shoot camera is in the chaos that is my basement. The camera is supposed to get here next Thursday so that will give me a little over a week to figure it out before my brother's wedding. I'm terrible at reading instructions (as in I don't and usually just wing it) so this could be interesting! I'm obviously going to be busy doing Maid of Honour-y things during the actual wedding and reception but I want to get pictures of the chaos that happens before the actual wedding. I like photographing details more than people and since Taigan isn't starting photographing until 2:00 that day I can get detail shots of Kels' dress, their rings, Kenton getting ready, etc, etc. Also, finally purchasing a DSLR is one more thing crossed off my 30 Before 30 list! Whoop!
Canon EOS Rebel T5 18MP DSLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm IS II Lens Kit and Accessory Bundle

It's the August long weekend here in the GWN and for once I have not a single thing on my schedule for the weekend! There's a few things on my to do list (like getting started on the slide show for the wedding) but otherwise its a relaxing weekend for me. I only work two days next week so I have that to look forward to as well! I'm very much looking forward to parking my butt in a lawn chair or patio chair and never leaving it. I have so many books in my summer reading pile to get through, beer to drink, tan lines to get rid of, and long walks with Krickit to take.  I'm relaxed just thinking about it!

Since the beginning of Summer I've wanted to purchase a picnic basket so I could have a picnic with my nieces at the park. I know I could just throw things in a cooler but I want it to feel like a real picnic. I looked on Amazon and was thisclose to purchasing this one but held off. Holding off paid off for me because yesterday I scored TWO basically brand new picnic baskets off a FB garage sale site for $14! Winner winner chicken dinner!


I'm inserting a shameless plug right here: The childcare centre that I run is doing a Mabel's Labels fundraiser. Mabel's Labels are dishwasher, microwave, and laundry safe personalized labels. These labels are PERFECT for back to school and it saves the time and effort of writing everything out by hand. Writing someone's name on 56 crayons? No thank you!  You can check them out here!

The OCCC is a not for profit organization so this is VERY fitting

And finally... last Friday was my birthday and I had full intentions of having my Birthday Giveaway go live on my actual birthday but due to my little blogging break that obviously didn't happen. So, here I am a week later, on the last day of my birthday month, starting the giveaway. I LOVE celebrating birthdays and love gifting people so I am so excited to be doing this! What will you get if you win?

(2) EOS lip balms
Typo notebook
Typo zippered case 
(I store makeup and other essentials in one of these cases in my purse)
A mystery surprise (who doesn't love suprises?!)

What are you waiting for? Get those entries in!

Good luck!



  1. yay for a fancy new camera! happy belated birthday girl :)

  2. I was literally just thinking about how badly I want a fancy camera two minutes before coming to read this. So exciting that you bought one!!!

    Most of my birthday gifts are clothes and stuff, so I can't really remember my favorite ever! Two years ago though, Michael and I went to brunch at the restaurant in the top of the Space Needle and it was one of my favorite birthday celebrations!

  3. Yay to birthdays and new cameras!!!!! I am REALLY bad, I neglected to send you a birthdya card in time for your birthday. I am such a bad blogger snail mailer. In addition, I have two cards (somewhere in the abyss of my desk) written to you. You shall receive them someday soon, I promise!!!!!

  4. I'd love to get a big girl camera, but I don't have the patience to learn how to use it properly, plus I would fail at keeping it safe. I'm a flaily person.

  5. Stopping by from Oh Hey Friday! Lucky you getting a DSLR! Still waiting for one over here, but I'm hoping to get my hands on one soon! Enjoy your relaxing vacay :)
    Mariah @ Faith & Fashion

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was a great weekend for you and that you got to do all the things you wanted to do! That camera looks amazing. Congrats on your splurge! That giveaway is super sweet. Great ideas!

    My favorite birthday gift ... That's hard. I haven't gotten too many gifts aside from my childhood because I usually tell people not to give me any. I'd probably have to say that an ex-boyfriend purchased tickets to a Nine Inch Nails concert as a birthday present. The concert was two months later but the fact that he wanted to take me to my favorite band, which wasn't cheap, made me so happy. Too bad he turned out to be what I call "a douchecanoe."

  7. My best birthday gift was a surprise party with all my friends.

  8. I'm so excited for your new camera... you'll have to let us know how you like it! My favorite birthday gift? Probably my most recent camera - ha! But it's broken and unfixable so I'm in the market for a new one... that's why I'm so curious to see how you like yours!

  9. I have two favourite birthday gifts. One birthday my best friend surprised me with All American Rejects tickets, it was pretty much my first concert and it was so much fun. And one year my sister sent me a package full of her favourite things, including an electric yellow tank top with a rainbow on it that I wore every single day after that. Hope to see you sometime this next week in person!

  10. I once got a gamecube for my birthday. I still have that gamecube and that was my favorite gaming system EVER. hahah!

    1. also, HAPPY birthday, mines on August 4th, tomorrow!

  11. AHHHHH happy belated birthday! I'm so sad I missed it! Hope it was awesome and I'm super jealous of some of your time off. Good luck with the DSLR, I'm still struggling with how to work mine and I got it for Christmas! Entering giveaway now ;)

  12. My husband ordered me a cake with extra frosting!


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