July 6, 2015


Good morning y'all! I am riding the struggle bus today and it wasn't even a long weekend for me -thank the good lord for coffee, its the only thing that is going to get me through this day!

As mentioned in my post on Saturday, I drove up to Lake Metigoshe, MB on Friday afternoon with my sister and her 2 girls to go to our aunt and uncles cabin. They have an adorable cabin right on the water and I love visiting them at their lakefront oasis. We got to take in the 4th of July fireworks show on the water on their pontoon boat on Friday night. I'm 99% certain its the first time in my entire life I've seen fireworks on the 4th of July. I can't even remember the last time I went to watch fireworks on Canada Day so it was nice to be able to see them. When we got back to the cabin we relaxed in the hot tub - the perfect way to end the day!

I had to leave the cabin early Saturday morning because I spent Saturday assisting my friend Taigan, an amazing photographer, at a wedding at a beautiful location in Kenosee Lake. The reception was in a town 45 minutes from the ceremony site and we ran into some crazy weather on our drive to the ceremony site. At one point it was hailing so bad that we felt like it was going to break the windshield - talk about being stressed! When we first started the day we were worried about surviving in the heat - it was SO hot and humid (there were even tornado watches at home, 45 minutes away). After photographing the bridal party getting ready and a few shots at the railroad tracks in town it was time to head to the ceremony site and that's when we noticed how dark the sky was looking towards the NW, exactly where we were heading and that's when the crazy weather started. Luckily it cleared right up just before the ceremony and there was a nice breeze to cool things down and make it the perfect weather for an outdoor wedding. 

Taigan gave me her older DSLR to shoot with on auto mode and I was thrown right into the world of wedding photography and got to second shoot for her. It was so much fun and now I want my own DSLR even more than I did before! Taigan is shooting my brothers wedding in a little over 5 weeks and I'm absolutely certain that their photos are going to be just as gorgeous as the one's from this wedding - they are ah-mazing! Check out Taigan's photography Facebook page and see for yourself how good she is! I also got to meet baby Ripley, Taigz' 4 week old baby. I was to scared to hold her though - I have an irrational fear of dropping newborn babies, even when I'm sitting down. I like to wait until around the 3 month mark (except when it came to my nieces - somehow I was okay with it). Maybe a reason I don't have any desire to reproduce anytime soon? 

As much fun as I had helping Taig out with the wedding, it was also great just to spend the day with her and get to catch up. She is one of my oldest friends and we don't get to see each other all that often now that we've both got busy lives and live and hour and a half from each other. I can't wait until I get to help her out again!

Yesterday was my last day of vacation before having to head back to work after a week off. I was pretty depressed thinking about having to go back to work today (I so should have been a teacher to get summers off...) but then I remembered that I still have over 25 holiday days to use up and that I have more vacations upcoming and it made the thought of heading back to work a little more bearable. I lazed around most of the day and watched the Blue Jays beat the Tigers and then watched the Riders lose by 2 points in overtime to the Argonauts - grrrr. I felt rough for most of the day, like I was hungover but hadn't even drank. Taigan said wedding hangovers are a real thing and I understand it now that I've experienced it. I don't want to even think about how I'm going to feel after my brother's wedding - its gonna be a rough one for sure...

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  1. Do you and your sister look a lot alike because holy crap her older daughter looks sooo much like you! I like that you watched 4th fireworks in Canada and I'm in the US and didn't. Oops.

  2. Holy craziness on the weather!! I would have been super stressed to have that kinda chaos on my wedding day- but I'm sure you guys still rocked it, got awesome pictures and all went well! :) I am also scared of breaking/dropping tiny babies... haha, I don't feel safe holding them until they are a sturdy 6 month old!!

  3. Happy Canada Day/Week! I spent the weekend on a lake too. It was so gorgeous. I'm sad to be back at work today. I don't think I've ever seen fireworks on the 4th of July either.


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