August 26, 2015

Wedding Withdrawal...

Happy Humpday! I'm off work for the next three days (besides working a few hours at my second job - more on that below) and want to soak up these last few days of August. I'm raring to get back into blogging and what better way than with some humpday hashtaggin'!

I'm going through wedding withdrawal y'all. Serious wedding withdrawal. I had been waiting for the wedding since the day my brother proposed and when it finally arrived it was a blink-and-you-miss-it kind of day. #canwedoitallagain #myliverisstillrecovering  #meetthemathisons

Here's a little sneak peek of some pictures. Writing the full wedding recap is proving to be realllly difficult because it just makes me want to rewind time and do it all over again! #thestruggleisreal #iwanttowearmydressagain

The next two photos were taken by the wonderful photographer (and my friend) Taigan Fowler of GunShotz Photography

As mentioned above, I started a second job a little while ago. It's completely different than what I do for my full time job as its a retail position.  I'll be working two days a week, one night a week for four hours and then every Sunday. I gotta pay off that fancy new camera I bought after all... The only downside is that its in 'the city', a 45 minute drive from O-town. #housebuyingfund #travelfund #cameraaccesoriesfund 

My aunt, uncle, and cousin stayed at the house for the wedding weekend and they met Krickit in person for the first time and said that she is way cuter in person than she is on IG. Now I feel like I need to show a video of her to prove that she actually is as adorable as I say (and think) she is! #krickitbobickit #mydogisbetterthanyours #sheISadorabley'all

I'm heading across the border to Minot, ND tomorrow with Toni and the girls to do some back to school shopping and I've been counting down the days until I get Starbucks and Target back in my life. I'm also going to get to cross a few more things off my Summer Bucket List finally #priorities #givemeallthecoffee #targetismyhappyplace

Speaking of back to school shopping, HOW IS SCHOOL STARTING IN LESS THAN A WEEK?! #didntschooljustend #bringbacksummer
Ive been too afraid to step on the scale since the wedding ended but I swear I've gained 10 pounds. I need a hot holiday in my very near future so I can get some motivation back #eatallthethings #sendmemotivation #takemetothebeach

I love Summer. LOVE it. But for some reason I'm really looking forward to Fall this year and I can't wait to pull out my scarves (I already wore them two days last week when the temperature dipped) and boots and make some chili and soup. And bring on Halloween! #secondfavouriteholiday

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August 24, 2015

What's In My Purse (Round Three)...

Hellooooo everybody! It's been awhile and do I ever have lots to catch y'all up on. My baby brother is officially married! Now that the wedding is over and done with I'm feeling a little bereft, like there is nothing to look forward to anymore. It was such a whirlwind of a day - its hard to believe we waited so long for the day to finally get here and it was a blink and you miss it kind of day. I'm still finding it hard to believe that the wedding was over a week ago! I don't have tons of time today so I'll save the rest of the life updates for another day. Today is all about seeing what I keep in my purse!

Late last week I saw on Kerri's blog that today's round of 'Beautiful Mess' was going to be a 'What's In My Bag' link up. I am SO nosy so I love link ups like this. I've actually done this twice before - here and here - with the last time being just over a year ago. I'm a total flake though and completely forgot to write it down in my new Kate Spade planner (I'm terrible...) and almost completely forgot that I was planning on linking up until I went to get my wallet from my purse last night and I couldn't get to it, which prompted me to have to take everything out to rearrange it so everything could fit back in (It's been a looong couple of weeks and my purse is not the only thing in a state of disarray...) and a light bulb went off in my head that the link up was happening  today. 

I bought myself a Kate Spade purse at the outlets while in Vegas in July with birthday money from my Mom and Dad. I had previously bought the matching coin purse while in Vegas last July and then the matching wallet while in Vegas last November so it was finally time that I got the purse to match! I finally feel like a real adult now that my purse and my wallet are matching - that has NEVER happened before!

The purse is a lot smaller than I'm used to carrying but I really wanted a purse that had the long strap so I could wear it cross body while shopping. My Mama actually laughed when she saw how small this purse is compared to my other purses and asked how I planned to fit everything in it. I swear it must be a magic purse though because it can still fit so much in it - almost as much as I used to carry in my large Michael Kors tote!

In the main compartment I always have my wallet and coin purse, my Ray Bans, my notebook with all my budgeting info (aka my lifeline!), a pack of Kleenex, contact solution, mints (and Certs!), my favourite EOS lip balm, a Sharpie pen in the colour Mint, a hand sanitizer, and right now my Sasktel bill is hanging around because I have a question to ask my sister about it and I keep forgetting to actually do it (story of my life...)

I used to be Coach obsessed, then it was Michael Kors, and now I'm on a Kate Spade kick. I don't see myself buying anymore purses for a long time now - I've got  three different good quality purses that I will be switching out for the next while, plus some older ones that I still like to rotate in every now and again

In the inside zipper pocket I keep a koozie, a sleeve for coffee, tampons, an extra key, my earphones, and my wall charger for my iPhone.I hate being unprepared so I try to have everything I may end up needing either in my purse or in my SUV.  My iPhone is never far from my side either

 I store a bunch of toiletries in a bag I got at the Typo store in the MOA - I love it so much that I just can't change it out. I always have a contacts case, makeup remover wipes, toothpase, floss, and a toothbrush (you know you have braces when...), two more lip balms, deodorant, Visine for contacts, a Tylenol bottle that is actually filled with Advil, a compact mirrow, my favourite mascara, a scrunchie (don't diss scrunchies- they're the best!), a ponytail holder and a few bobby pins, an eyeliner, and my favourite body butter from the Body Shop - coconut. I also usually have some perfume in there but I ran out of my favourite stuff and haven't been anywhere in awhile to get some more.

So that's it - what's in my purse at this time in 2015! Not too much has changed from the last time I did this, other than the actual purse and wallet. And maybe a little less clutter. The best part about downsizing to a bit smaller of a purse is not being able to collect random junk. The last time I did this I had a full size tumbler in my bag!

August 11, 2015

Tailgate Tuesday...

Fun fact about me: I am a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan. Never heard of them? I get that a lot. The Riders are a part of the CFL - Canadian Football League. 10 years ago I would have never imagined that I would be a sports fan like I am today. I don't miss a Blue Jays game (and if I'm away from a tv I'm checking live updates on my phone constantly) and I bleed green in support of the Riders. My 18 year old self is wondering what the heck happened to me. I honestly can't even remember when I first started getting into football but if I had to guess it would be around 2007 in my last year of College. My family all got into the Riders, and so did our camping family, and the rest is history. 

To learn more about my (and the entire province of Saskatchewans) love for the Riders start here. (my post from last years Football Friday link up with Erin!). I'll wait right here.... Done? Okay, moving on.

If you're not wearing green (or some kind of Rider apparel) on game day then you are persona non grata around these parts. You just don't do it. On the days where both the Blue Jays and the Riders play I usually have to do an outfit change halfway through the day so I can show support for both teams. I wouldn't want anyone to think I didn't support my teams!

Saskatchewan only has one professional sports team in the Riders. There is no NHL team out of Saskatchewan so our entire province rallies behind the Riders and the stadium is always full on game day. I only live 2 1/2 hours away from Regina and I've only managed to make it to three games in my life AND it's been almost 2 years since I've been to Mosiac Stadium (I need to fix that!). Saskatchewan weather can be super fickle - I've been to a game where I almost got heat stroke, a game where I was chilled to the bone after it poured the entire game, and a game in -20 weather. But I was still there. No matter the weather conditions the stands are still packed in support of the team - no matter what the Riders record might be.

Speaking of that... the Riders are currently at 0-7. The last time they started out the season like that was 1979. We lost our Quarterback to a season ending injury (after he was out for half of the last season with another injury) in the very first game of the season and the backup has been placed on the  6 game injured list since the 5th game of the season. But Rider Nation isn't giving up on our team and we'll still be filling the stands and watching from home like their record was at 7-0. Go Riders!


Tailgate Tuesday

August 10, 2015

10 Years Later...

On June 29th, 2005 I graduated from OPHS alongside (I think) 33 other classmates, most of whom I've known since Kindergarten (if not Playschool). This past weekend was our 10 year high school reunion, which also coincided with the Bow Valley Jamboree, a music festival held in our hometown. 

On Friday night we met at a campsite by the river for a campfire to catch up. We retold old stories and caught up on each others lives. I didn't head up to bed until 3:00 am, the longest I've stayed up in a loong time (not counting Vegas) and I got a work out just from laughing at the stories that were told. Most of us still live around the area, yet we hardly ever see each other, but it was like no time had passed.

Saturday morning I was drinking hair of the dog at 9:00 am so I'd be able to survive the day. At 10:30 we headed out to re-do our grad rocks. O-town has a valley to the West of town and each year the grad class paints rocks in the shape of their grad year to display on the hills. In 2005 we had to haul the rocks down the hill, weed whip around the area we used, assemble the rocks in the shape of the 05, and then paint the rocks. I use the term 'we' very lightly because I was the designated drinker picture taker back in 05. (I have soo many other pictures from Grad Rock day - I'll have to dig them out one of these days). This year it was a little easier since the rocks were already there, we just had to repaint them and get rid of some weeds around them. They were in a sad state before we redid them - you couldn't see them from the hill at all anymore. This year I actually did participate by painting the rocks and I have the orange paint still on my body as proof. Even after using gasoline to try and get rid of the paint and a shower later its still there in some places (even on my fitbit - whooops). What I didn't do this time was go swimming in the creek at the bottom of the hill - I have a little more sense now a days. Or not enough beers in me at the time due to it not taking as long this time around...


This picture is courtesty of Jazz - you can check her blog out here

After rocks we headed to Alameda to play some slo-pitch, bbq a potluck lunch, and drink (of course). I had sworn up and down that I wasn't going to play ball - with the wedding in just a week I couldn't get any baseballs to the face (Kels would've killed me!) - but I was peer pressured into it by everyone. Peer pressure is still a thing at 28 y'all. Though I told everyone on my team that I was going to be building birds nests out in the field I did actually play ball. I mean, as much as I could barefoot and with a few beers in me (and one in the outfield with me at all times). We took a little break to eat some lunch and have a few more drinks, then finished off our game. I'm pretty sure the other team won 50-5 (or something close to that) but it was fun regardless of the score. 

At 5:00 our DD's showed up and the class parted ways for a bit. I headed back to O-town to Jayden's camper to drink some more before going down to the Jamboree. Thankfully Jayden had won tickets to the Jamboree because this girl is broke as a joke. We drank in the beer gardens for many, many hours then danced to the last band - I have to say, Mr. R did a good job of teaching everyone to two step in gym class. By 12:30 I was dead on my feet and had a looong trek back up the hill to my house - my new Sanuk sandals are now coated in a layer of mud. I stayed in bed pretty much all day yesterday recuperating from the reunion festivities and telling myself that I was never drinking again after the wedding. I don't want to ever feel as crappy as I did yesterday but I have a feeling I will be feeling the exact same come next Sunday... 

2005 vs 2015. And for the record that is NOT Jayden's hand giving the finger. That's our friends boyfriend who ended up rolling down a hill not to long after this picture was taken. 

The weekend was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again in another 10 years! 
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My blog friend Kristie was the winner of my Birthday Giveway. Her birthday is two days before mine so it worked out perfect. Congrats Kristie!

August 6, 2015

Currently (August 2015)...


Reading... 'Saint Anything' by Sarah Dessen. I bought it in June and put it on the bottom of my pile of reading because I knew that once I started I wouldn't be able to stop. I couldn't put it off any longer and started reading it on Monday while I relaxed out on the deck. I had to force myself to stop reading it or else I would have devoured the book in one sitting and been mad at myself afterwards when I didn't have anything left to read. Sarah Dessen is definitely on my top 5 author list

Listening... to 'Whiskey on my Breath' by Love & Theft and 'Fight Song' by Rachel Patten on repeat. Can't get enough!

Celebrating... single digits 'til the wedding - 9 days y'all!

Planning... Graycie's 5th birthday party. It's gonna be a pink flamingo party and I can't wait until planning for it can really kick into high gear

Enjoying... a day off of work to knock some things off of my to do list. Tomorrow is another day off of work but Toni and I have to head to Brandon, MB (2 1/2 hrs away) to pick up our bridesmaids dresses, Kels' wedding dress, and get jewelery to wear. The upside to spending my day off running errands? Starbucks!

Feeling... nostalgic. This weekend is my 10 year high school reunion and I swear I just graduated

Waiting... for the wedding to just hurry up and get here already! I know I'll be sad once its all over and done with and my baby brother is considered a husband (whatttt?!) but for now I just want to enjoy the day with my family!

Loving... my new camera! (Insert all the heart eye emoji's here). I want to take pictures of all.the.things. There will be a post next week all about the new camera (plus some pictures of course!) For now here's my baby, Krickit, playing model for me: 

Working... on the slideshow for the wedding. Choosing what pictures to put in is SO hard y'all! If I kept every single picture that I initially picked out the slideshow would be a half hour long (if not longer...)

Wearing... I am such a hot mess right now. I'm wearing a pair of capri sweatpants that are two sizes to big, my fancy Guess flip flops - I had to go rescue Krickit from being stuck outside and these were the closest flip flops and for some reason I still have them on -  PLUS I'm wearing the free long sleeve Canon shirt that came with my camera. I was cold last night when I went down to bed and it was the closest thing to me so I threw it on, even though when I first pulled it out of the box I told my Mama how hideous it was.  I'm quite the sight today

Anticipating... who the winner of my Birthday Giveaway will be! Today is the LAST day to enter so make sure you do! 

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August 4, 2015

Tuesdays That Feel Like Mondays...

Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday (for me anyways) y'all! I only work two days this week and then I have my TEN year (what?!)  high school reunion festivities this weekend. Ten years has flown by in the blink of an eye!

It doesn't seem like this was 10 years ago - I remember it like it was yesterday. Well, parts of it anyways. I was already drunk by the time we walked on stage...

This past week was a long weekend here in the GWN - hence why today feels like Monday. I'd love to be able to say that I got so much accomplished and knocked lots of things off my to do list but when I think back to what I did on the weekend all that comes to mind was watching baseball (go Blue Jays!) and working on my fitness. My days seriously revolved around when I could get my workouts in and when the Blue Jays games came on. However,  after the craziness that was July it was perfectly okay to enjoy a lazy weekend. I did manage to publish a post yesterday on what I considered the weekend so I call that a win! 

On another note, my baby brother is getting married in 11 days! I've been working on the wedding slideshow and it is SO hard to narrow down the pictures to show since Kenton and Kels' have been together for 8 years. That's a LOT of pictures to choose between! Our bridesmaid dresses are still at the bridal shop getting alterations done and I'm really anxious about whether my dress will fit. Also, Toni and I also have two speeches to give at the wedding and guess who haven't sat down together for a single second to work on them. Thankfully we are both off on Thursday and Friday this week so we will hopefully be able to get a good start on them. At our cousins wedding three years ago we rapped to Vanilla Ice's 'Ice, Ice Baby'. My sister came up with all the lyrics for it and it was SO good so we have to find some way to top that!

And guess what y'all?! I tracked the shipment of my camera this morning and it should be here TOMORROW instead of on Thursday - I can't wait! 

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August 3, 2015

August Goals...

Helloooo August! Normally I dread August and the fact that there is only a month left of Summer vacation - I don't really understand why considering I don't actually get Summers off anymore but pretty much as soon as the last few days of July come around I get anxious about Summer coming to a close. This year, however, I am embracing August because its FINALLY wedding month! My baby brother is getting married in just TWELVE days y'all! I know that as soon as the wedding is over I'm going to be wishing we could do it all over again but for now I am anxiously awaiting the 15th! 

I've went on and on (and on...) about how busy this Summer is for me and when I first sat down to write out my August Goals and also update on my progress on July's goals I was wishing I didn't have to update on July's because I thought for sure there wouldn't be a single thing crossed off. Imagine my surprise when I got looking and realized I had crossed some of them off without even realizing it! But I'll let you see for yourself.

July Goals Progress

1. Complete 14 items off of my Summer Bucket List
I half completed this with 7 things crossed off the list. I completed a 30 (actually 31!) day photo challenge (#31photosinbetween on IG), hosted a bridal shower for Kelsey, enjoyed a staycation (at the end of June/beginning of July - it went by waaay to fast!), threw Kelsey a stagette, read 3 new books (only 7 more to go), celebrated Toni's Dirty Thirty in Vegas, AND made Moscato wine punch for Kels' bridal shower. Now I have 21 things left to cross off and a little less than 2 months to do it!

2. Host Kels' stagette and bridal shower
DONE! Though I LOVE planning and hosting parties I am SO glad the stress is all over and that it's just the wedding left to look forward to!

3. Get rid of my tan lines in preparation for the wedding
I'm getting there... slowly. I bought a new strapless tankini top from Target just before we left for Vegas so I wouldn't have to worry about any additional tan lines in Vegas and laying by the pool for half a day helped get rid of some of my tan lines.  This afternoon, after the Blue Jays game, I plan on laying out outside to try and work on this a little more. We're getting spray tans next Thursday (just typing that gave me the chills - the wedding is SO close!) so if I don't completely get rid of them its not so bad.

4. Cross two items off of my 30 Before 30 list
DONE! Whoop whoop. I completed a month long photo challenge and FINALLY purchased a DSLR camera - I can't wait for it to get here. Be prepared to be bombarded with all the pictures I'll be taking!

5. Read three (of the 7) books sitting on my nightstand
Done! And just in the nick of time. I read 'The Heiresses' by Sara Shepard (the author of the Pretty Little Liars series) while on the plane home from Vegas. I got through the entire thing in that short plane ride, it was SO good. I've never read the PLL series (though I LOVE the tv show) so I wasn't sure how I would like the book but I was really surprised at how much I did like it. I also read 'Summer by the Sea' by Susan Wiggs. I picked this up in Wal-Mart solely because of the recommendation given by Jodi Picoult on the cover of the book. It was another great read - I got through it really quick and now it has me craving some good Italian food. The last one was a bit of a bummer. I grabbed 'Long, Hot Texas Summer' by Carolyn Brown in Wal-Mart one day. It was 25% off and said that the author was a NYT bestselling author so I figured it would be okay. However, that was not the case. I had to force myself to keep reading until the end of the book - which NEVER happens - it was a bad storyline combined with terrible characters. But at least the other two were good!

6. 10K steps per day 5 days out of the week 
I did not do so great with this in July. The stress of party planning and prep usually had me falling asleep on the couch before 8 pm, before I could get the remainder of my steps in. I did do really good in Vegas though. I know that I always do a lot of walking in Vegas, but had never had my FitBit while there before, so I was shocked to see that in one day I took 27,243 steps and the next 21,149. No wonder I never gain any weight while on vacation in Vegas!

7. Work out with Jillian Michaels 5 days per week 
Epic fail on this one. I did two days of her DVD's and then the busy month of July got the best of me. August is a brand new month though!

8. Cross every item off of my 28 Before 28 list and create my 29 Before 29 list
I didn't even look at my 28 Before 28 list once after making my July Goals - it was absolutely the last thing on my mind during that crazy month. But its onwards and upwards from here and I'm excited to show off my 29 Before 29 list (going live later this week). Giving myself the extra 6 months will definitely help!

9. Take Krickit for a morning walk at least three mornings a week 
Considering most mornings Krickit was being held hostage by my parents at their camper, this definitely didn't happen. They are back down at their camper again and have been taking Krickit down so she doesn't feel left out (we're crazy dog people, remember) but I pick her back up in the evenings so she's home with me in the mornings and ever since Saturday, the first of August, Krickit and I have gone for an hour long morning walk to start the day. I'm loving August already!

10. Hold a couple of giveaways on the blog 
DONE! I held my Canada Day Giveaway and Belinda was the lucky winner AND I also just had my  Birthday Giveaway go live on Friday. Don't miss your chance to enter - the link to the giveaway is at the botton of this post!
1. Complete 12 more items off of my Summer Bucket List
I technically have until September 22nd to complete all the items off my Summer Bucket List but I'm going to try and get as many of them crossed off during what I consider the Summer months (Jul & Aug)

2. 10K steps per day 5 days per week 

3. Read the remaining books on my nightstand INCLUDING the rest of the Harry Potter series
I have four books left on my nightstand and then my annual HP Summer Re-Read to get through. Good thing I have lots of vacation days coming up this month!

4. Take Krickit for a morning walk 5 days out of the week 
I've starting the process of forming a habit of this and I'm really hoping I can stick to it! Now if only Krickit could learn to stop barking at everything and to not be afraid of silly things like sprinklers and blowing leaves (HA!)

5. Stick to my new monthly budget 
After Vegas I sat down and created a new monthly budget for myself. I don't have any big vacations coming up (unfortunately) and I really want to kick my saving into high gear. Then, almost immediately after creating my new budget, I completely blew it with the purchase of my new camera. I debated really hard about whether now was the right time to get the camera but ultimately decided that with my brothers wedding coming up I'd like to have it by then to get practicing. August is a new month though and I'm committed to this new budget. Wish me luck!

6. Stock the freezer with freezer meals 
Things are going to be shooken up around the Mathison household in the upcoming months and I want to be as prepared as possible. Having freezer meals on hand for quick suppers will definitely help things!

7. Practice, practice, practice with my new camera
Can it just get here already?!?!
What are YOUR August goals?

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