August 10, 2015

10 Years Later...

On June 29th, 2005 I graduated from OPHS alongside (I think) 33 other classmates, most of whom I've known since Kindergarten (if not Playschool). This past weekend was our 10 year high school reunion, which also coincided with the Bow Valley Jamboree, a music festival held in our hometown. 

On Friday night we met at a campsite by the river for a campfire to catch up. We retold old stories and caught up on each others lives. I didn't head up to bed until 3:00 am, the longest I've stayed up in a loong time (not counting Vegas) and I got a work out just from laughing at the stories that were told. Most of us still live around the area, yet we hardly ever see each other, but it was like no time had passed.

Saturday morning I was drinking hair of the dog at 9:00 am so I'd be able to survive the day. At 10:30 we headed out to re-do our grad rocks. O-town has a valley to the West of town and each year the grad class paints rocks in the shape of their grad year to display on the hills. In 2005 we had to haul the rocks down the hill, weed whip around the area we used, assemble the rocks in the shape of the 05, and then paint the rocks. I use the term 'we' very lightly because I was the designated drinker picture taker back in 05. (I have soo many other pictures from Grad Rock day - I'll have to dig them out one of these days). This year it was a little easier since the rocks were already there, we just had to repaint them and get rid of some weeds around them. They were in a sad state before we redid them - you couldn't see them from the hill at all anymore. This year I actually did participate by painting the rocks and I have the orange paint still on my body as proof. Even after using gasoline to try and get rid of the paint and a shower later its still there in some places (even on my fitbit - whooops). What I didn't do this time was go swimming in the creek at the bottom of the hill - I have a little more sense now a days. Or not enough beers in me at the time due to it not taking as long this time around...


This picture is courtesty of Jazz - you can check her blog out here

After rocks we headed to Alameda to play some slo-pitch, bbq a potluck lunch, and drink (of course). I had sworn up and down that I wasn't going to play ball - with the wedding in just a week I couldn't get any baseballs to the face (Kels would've killed me!) - but I was peer pressured into it by everyone. Peer pressure is still a thing at 28 y'all. Though I told everyone on my team that I was going to be building birds nests out in the field I did actually play ball. I mean, as much as I could barefoot and with a few beers in me (and one in the outfield with me at all times). We took a little break to eat some lunch and have a few more drinks, then finished off our game. I'm pretty sure the other team won 50-5 (or something close to that) but it was fun regardless of the score. 

At 5:00 our DD's showed up and the class parted ways for a bit. I headed back to O-town to Jayden's camper to drink some more before going down to the Jamboree. Thankfully Jayden had won tickets to the Jamboree because this girl is broke as a joke. We drank in the beer gardens for many, many hours then danced to the last band - I have to say, Mr. R did a good job of teaching everyone to two step in gym class. By 12:30 I was dead on my feet and had a looong trek back up the hill to my house - my new Sanuk sandals are now coated in a layer of mud. I stayed in bed pretty much all day yesterday recuperating from the reunion festivities and telling myself that I was never drinking again after the wedding. I don't want to ever feel as crappy as I did yesterday but I have a feeling I will be feeling the exact same come next Sunday... 

2005 vs 2015. And for the record that is NOT Jayden's hand giving the finger. That's our friends boyfriend who ended up rolling down a hill not to long after this picture was taken. 

The weekend was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again in another 10 years! 
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  1. What a fun stinking reunion! I wish mine would be something like that. Odds are it will just be dinner and drinks in some stuffy ballroom. I can't believe mine is next year!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I had a small graduating class too, like 60 of us or something. I feel like reunions with a smaller class size are probably more fun because it's easier to catch up with everyone and you can do fun stuff like this without it getting overwhelming!

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