August 24, 2015

What's In My Purse (Round Three)...

Hellooooo everybody! It's been awhile and do I ever have lots to catch y'all up on. My baby brother is officially married! Now that the wedding is over and done with I'm feeling a little bereft, like there is nothing to look forward to anymore. It was such a whirlwind of a day - its hard to believe we waited so long for the day to finally get here and it was a blink and you miss it kind of day. I'm still finding it hard to believe that the wedding was over a week ago! I don't have tons of time today so I'll save the rest of the life updates for another day. Today is all about seeing what I keep in my purse!

Late last week I saw on Kerri's blog that today's round of 'Beautiful Mess' was going to be a 'What's In My Bag' link up. I am SO nosy so I love link ups like this. I've actually done this twice before - here and here - with the last time being just over a year ago. I'm a total flake though and completely forgot to write it down in my new Kate Spade planner (I'm terrible...) and almost completely forgot that I was planning on linking up until I went to get my wallet from my purse last night and I couldn't get to it, which prompted me to have to take everything out to rearrange it so everything could fit back in (It's been a looong couple of weeks and my purse is not the only thing in a state of disarray...) and a light bulb went off in my head that the link up was happening  today. 

I bought myself a Kate Spade purse at the outlets while in Vegas in July with birthday money from my Mom and Dad. I had previously bought the matching coin purse while in Vegas last July and then the matching wallet while in Vegas last November so it was finally time that I got the purse to match! I finally feel like a real adult now that my purse and my wallet are matching - that has NEVER happened before!

The purse is a lot smaller than I'm used to carrying but I really wanted a purse that had the long strap so I could wear it cross body while shopping. My Mama actually laughed when she saw how small this purse is compared to my other purses and asked how I planned to fit everything in it. I swear it must be a magic purse though because it can still fit so much in it - almost as much as I used to carry in my large Michael Kors tote!

In the main compartment I always have my wallet and coin purse, my Ray Bans, my notebook with all my budgeting info (aka my lifeline!), a pack of Kleenex, contact solution, mints (and Certs!), my favourite EOS lip balm, a Sharpie pen in the colour Mint, a hand sanitizer, and right now my Sasktel bill is hanging around because I have a question to ask my sister about it and I keep forgetting to actually do it (story of my life...)

I used to be Coach obsessed, then it was Michael Kors, and now I'm on a Kate Spade kick. I don't see myself buying anymore purses for a long time now - I've got  three different good quality purses that I will be switching out for the next while, plus some older ones that I still like to rotate in every now and again

In the inside zipper pocket I keep a koozie, a sleeve for coffee, tampons, an extra key, my earphones, and my wall charger for my iPhone.I hate being unprepared so I try to have everything I may end up needing either in my purse or in my SUV.  My iPhone is never far from my side either

 I store a bunch of toiletries in a bag I got at the Typo store in the MOA - I love it so much that I just can't change it out. I always have a contacts case, makeup remover wipes, toothpase, floss, and a toothbrush (you know you have braces when...), two more lip balms, deodorant, Visine for contacts, a Tylenol bottle that is actually filled with Advil, a compact mirrow, my favourite mascara, a scrunchie (don't diss scrunchies- they're the best!), a ponytail holder and a few bobby pins, an eyeliner, and my favourite body butter from the Body Shop - coconut. I also usually have some perfume in there but I ran out of my favourite stuff and haven't been anywhere in awhile to get some more.

So that's it - what's in my purse at this time in 2015! Not too much has changed from the last time I did this, other than the actual purse and wallet. And maybe a little less clutter. The best part about downsizing to a bit smaller of a purse is not being able to collect random junk. The last time I did this I had a full size tumbler in my bag!


  1. "Let's blog some shit" hahaha I NEED THAT CLUTCH!! I keep meaning to purchase a coffee sleeve because I'm always asking to paper ones at coffee shops.

  2. The fact that you carry a koozie in your purse makes me want to be your best friend... you use it for beer, right?! And I love the "let's blog some shit" bag, too! Thank you for joining our linkup today!

  3. I'm on a Kate Spade kick too! I am seriously impressed with how much you fit in your bag!

  4. I love me some Kate Spade! And Coach, and well, purses in general. You have so many handy things in your bag - mine now seems like all junk. I think I might need to do this link up just so you guys could laugh at the randomness!

  5. Loving your "blogging" accessories! Way to go for the amount of stuff you fit in there! SCORE!

  6. I love all your blogging stuff! Tim Hortons AND a beer koozie? You win.


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