September 22, 2015

Currently (September 2015)...

Reading 'The One & Only' by Emily Giffin. And I'm struggling y'all. Normally I can power through a book in one sitting but I just can't get through this one. I think if I had known the story line before buying the book (it was very vague) I would have passed on it but since her other books are good reads I thought this would be too. I honestly don't know if I'll even finish it or if I'll pass it on to someone else who might want to try and get through it

Listening to 'Faint of Heart' by Sister C and 'Burning House' by Cam on repeat. Both of them were 'Highways Finds' on Sirius/XM The Highway and I LOVE them. One of the positives to having to commute to my part time job and being back in my vehicle for longer stretches of time is that I get to listen to XM more often and discover new music! And while were on the topic, is anyone else excited that The Voice premiered last night?! I'm not a big tv watcher but that is one show that I follow. I just wish that there were more country performers! And that I had a button to push for the performers because sometimes I'm just flabbergasted when the coaches don't turn for someone that is SO talented

Celebrating September birthdays. Both of my nieces just had birthdays so now we're good for family birthdays until February! Lets not talk about the fact that I feel a million years old now that my nieces are 9 and 5...

Enjoying this last day of Summer. Summer 2015 completely flew by and I'm so not prepared for the cold weather to hit. Fall has started to make its appearance with some cooler temperatures and it looks absolutely gorgeous no matter where you look with the changing of colours but Fall only lasts about 2.5 seconds in Saskatchewan and then Winter arrives so I definitely would have liked Summer to linger a little while longer

Feeling antsy that I haven't traveled anywhere in awhile and that I have no travel plans at all for the rest of this year and no concrete ones for 2016. I do know that I'll be going to Minneapolis in May for the Twins vs Blue Jays series again but nothing is booked yet so it still doesn't count. This girl needs a vacay or to have a vacay planned or else my wanderlust just gets 100 times worse

Waiting for my contacts to arrive so I can stop blinking every .3 seconds. I've stretched a pack of contacts that are supposed to last 6 months to lasting 2 years. I know, I know SO not good for my eyeballs but they're SO expensive. In my defense I don't wear them every single day, but they have definitely lasted as long as they possibly can so its time for some new packs to give my eyeballs a break!

Loving Pumpkin Cheesecake. I never would have thought I would say those words. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE cheesecake but I am so not a pumpkin fan. I don't eat pumpkin pie, or pumpkin seeds, or pumpkin spice oreos, or drink pumpkin spice creamer in my coffee. Just no. I tried a PSL once to see what all the hype was about and couldn't stomach more than a few sips. BUT I sampled a new Pumpkin Cheesecake for work so I could sell customers on it, expecting to completely hate it, but to my surprise I LOVED it and can't wait until I can get my hands on more!

Working two jobs. Are you sick of me talking about it yet?! I can't stop though because I am LOVING my part time job. It's so different from what I've been doing for 8 years and its gotten me out of the rut I was in. I'm so comfortable in my full time job, I could pretty much do it in my sleep, so having to learn new policies, procedures, etc is actually really exciting! The only downside is that its a 40 minute drive from home and Winter is about to hit but I drove back and forth for 4 years and had to deal with Winter then so it will all be fine in the end

Wearing comfy clothes (large hoodies and yoga pants) because I have fallen off the wagon since the wedding and desperately need to get back on. I finally weighed myself, certain the scale was going to show a 10+ weight gain, and saw that I've gained 3 lbs since the wedding. Its not SO bad but I just can't find the motivation I had before the wedding and I NEED to. I haven't hit all my goals yet and I don't want to backslide too much

Anticipating Run the Ox, the 5K that my work is hosting and I'm 'running' in. I say 'running' because its been a hot minute since I actually ran longer than 5 minutes at a time AND Krickit is going to be 'running' with me and her tiny little legs can only go so fast when she's on her leash. It's this Sunday and as someone helping organize the event there is still so much to do and as someone 'running' in the event I should probably hit the pavement a few nights this week to prepare! 

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  1. I LOVE pumpkin cheesecake. I used to hate pumpkin pie, but love pumpkin cheesecake. Now I kind of love everything pumpkin. Except I stand by PSL's tasting like soap. Michael had a PSL frap the other day and I tasted it and thought it was I'm scared I'm going to start liking PSL's and my already super basic self will be 150% basic.

    Also holy cow on stretching your contacts that long! I don't wear contacts but that's something I would do. I think it's been like 14 months since my last hair cut. I try not to spend money on these things. Hahaha.

  2. Pumpkin Cheesecake sounds delicious! I'm not devoted to pumpkin spice either, but I do like pumpkin pie so cheesecake sounds like something I can get on board with! I used to be terrible at replacing my contacts....then I had a vision scare because of my contacts so now I've changed my ways. I don't wear them every day anymore so I usually wear them longer than the suggested 30 days but try not to stretch them too far, it's hard though because they are ridiculously expensive!

  3. I have heard SUCH mixed reviews about that book, but I still really want to read it since I've heard it's football related :)


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