September 23, 2015

Fall Bucket List 2015....

Whelpppp. Summer 2015 is officially over (though I'm not packing up my flip flops just yet...). It's the first day of Fall 2015 and to say I'm a little sad would be an understatement. I miss Summer already, though if we're being honest its felt like Fall around here since the end of August. 

I have a love/hate relationship with Fall y'all. I love the colours of fall, wearing scarves and boots, HALLOWEEN, eating yummy soups - all the quintessential fall things. But I hate saying goodbye to Summer more than anything. I think I would love Fall more if it actually lasted until December 22nd. However, Winter always pulls a nasty prank on us and usually shows up at least 6 weeks early. There were plenty of times throughout my childhood that the snow was already on the ground at Halloween. 


Story of my life
I'll embrace these first few weeks of Fall though, until the leaves completely fall off of the trees and the temperatures dip into the negatives. Then its unoffically Winter in these parts and I start counting down the days until Spring. But for now Fall is here and I have lots of Fall related things I need to get done before the snow hits. 

Thats my backyard y'all. As much as I crave big city life it sure would be hard to leave this view behind!

I haven't been to the pumpkin patch since Graycie was a little baby and she just turned 5 so its definitely time for a trip back!

Have a Scream movie marathon
I proposed this idea to my brother, sister in law, and sister a few weeks ago and can't wait until we do it. I love the Scream movies, but hate most other scary movies and could never watch a scary movie while home alone. Just no

Purchase a new pair of Ugg boots OR Hunter boots
My favourite pair of chocolate brown Ugg boots that I got for Christmas 2008 finally kicked the bucket at the end of Winter 2014. I shed a little tear when I finally had to throw them in the trash. I'm currently winter boot-less and that is no bueno here in the GWN. I'm undecided on whether I should finally get myself a pair of Hunter boots and get a liner to wear them as winter boots OR if I should buy the exact same pair of Ugg boots that I just threw out because I loved them SO much. Decisions, decisions

Carve pumpkins for Halloween
But no touching the 'guts' of the pumpkin for me. Blechhhh

Complete another round of the Whole30
I've looked at the calendar and plan to start on November 5th, but hopefully sooner. It has to wait until after Thanksgiving and Halloween (obviously). Game 7 of the World Series is scheduled for November 4th and since I have big hopes that the Blue Jays will be in the World Series I need to leave my schedule open until after Game Seven. Hopefully I'll be able to start sooner though because it would really help my anxiety if the Blue Jays could take the Series without having to go to Game 7...

Take Fall photos of the girls (and Krickit...)
Fall is just SO pretty. I've been pinning lots of different Fall themed photo ideas to try out and just hope that the girls will cooperate

Watch all my favourite Halloween movies 
Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Practical Magic, Casper, Double, Double Toil and Trouble, etc.

'Boo' some family and friends
Don't know what 'Boo'ing is? Check out an example here. I'm so excited for this!

Attempt to make a Pumpkin Cheesecake from scratch
My idea of making cheesecake is buying the Jell-O cheesecake in a box and 'making' it. It's delicious and fool proof so it's my go to. My cousin convinced me to take a cheesecake from scratch for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner one year and it was SO much work that I haven't attempted it since - over 10 years ago. Now that I've tried and loved Pumpkin Cheesecake I think I'll give it another go. But I'll have a back up in the freezer just in case... 

Cook all the Fall things
Chili, potato soup, beef barley soup, reece's oatmeal cookies, halloween cookies, pecan pie, apple crisp... the list goes on and on! I can't wait - Mmmmm

Play the Hocus Pocus Drinking Game ala Jessica Garvin
It combines two of my favourite things - drinking and Hocus Pocus - so its a win-win!

Stock the freezer by having a freezer meal making day 
I haven't done this since early 2015 so its over due. I'm thinking soups, chilis, and casseroles to have on hand for chilly days where I don't feel like cooking

Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while snuggled up in a blanket on the deck on a crisp fall morning
Sounds like bliss to me

Complete Acts of Kindness
I never did complete Acts of Kindess for my birthday so its been moved over from Summer Bucket List to Fall Bucket list

That's my list so far, but I'm sure I'll add a few more things as they come up! You can check out my 2014 Fall Bucket List here

What's on YOUR Fall Bucket List? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I 100% agree with you about fall. I hate saying goodbye to summer because it means cold winter is right around the corner and I hate being cold. i want to live in flip flops and tank tops all year long. I do enjoy the three weeks of fall weather we get though, for all the many reasons you blogged. I love cook crisp evenings with hot cocoa and snuggling up in a warm blanket. I need to do a freezer stock day, we've never done one [very little freezer space] but I still want to stock some soups. I also need to get back to whole30, I might do a whole20 or something because we have a LOT of things this fall. Good luck with yours.

    Thanks for linking up with us today!

  2. YES! Hocus Pocus and Nightmare Before Christmas are amazing. And ummm thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Hocus Pocus drinking game! I'm definitely going to be completing that. I am craving soup like crazy and Michael and I have been drinking hot chocolate every single night lately.

  3. Is Practical Magic considered a Halloween movie? Haha I love that movie but I've never thought of it that way! I've been ready to watch Hocus Pocus since I saw the first leaves start changing around here. I can't believe this year has flown by so quickly! But I'm ready for boots and scarves and fall food, I just hope it lasts long enough before winter sets in here too!

  4. I am right there with you on always having a hard time letting summer go! It's not the same for us people up north that have to deal with real winters (especially you!) following fall! And a Hocus Pocus drinking game? Count me in for that ;) Thanks for linking up!

  5. I wore my Hunters with the liner all last winter and they were a perfect winter boot. Note that I live in the Gatineau/Ottawa area where winters can be quite cold! :)

  6. I am SO with you. I do enjoy fall but knowing winter is coming just makes me sad. Long live summer. Although I think a pumpkin cheesecake could cheer me up! :)

  7. Hahhaha that fall meme about costumes is TOO TRUE! Growing up in Chicago, I felt like every costume was ruined by the clothing I was forced to wear under it. Now that I like in Atlanta, its so nice to be able to go out on halloween without a coat.

  8. did you know practical magic was a book first? i just found that out and can't wait to read it because i LOVE the movie (all year round lol). i totally want to play the hocus pocus drinking game. and for real, i feel you. i hate saying goodbye to summer and i hate that winter is on the way.
    i honestly don't know about uggs vs hunters. i reeeeaaaallly want some hunters but holy $$$. i also wouldn't mind some uggs. life is hard. haha.

  9. I posted my fall bucket list this morning actually. Complete with a giveaway. Scream is one of my favorite slasher movies ever. All but the 3rd. And I actually just saw the tv series. Not bad at all! I recommend it. Loving your list!

  10. I posted my fall bucket list this morning actually. Complete with a giveaway. Scream is one of my favorite slasher movies ever. All but the 3rd. And I actually just saw the tv series. Not bad at all! I recommend it. Loving your list!


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