September 3, 2015

September Goals...

Happy September!
Happy September y'all! I know I said in my last post that for some reason I was really looking forward to Fall this year but it can still hold off for a little while and I'll embrace these last few weeks of Summer (only 19 days left of it!). Yesterday it felt like 39 in O-town so Fall definitely hasn't made an early appearance (yet). September is always a busy month for me - my parents anniversary is in September and my nieces both have September birthdays so there is always a lot going on PLUS work gets busier with preparing for year end. I actually don't mind being busy during the colder months because it keeps my mind off of the fact that it is so depressing outside and keeps the Winter blues a little bit at bay so if the busy-ness  starts in September it just keeps my mind off the thought that Winter is coming. (Winter. Ugh).

I was raring to get back into blogging on a consistent basis on the first of the month and was planning on having my September Goals post up on the 1st,  but things don't always go as we plan. I left work on Monday night and headed to the post office a block over from my work to drop some mail off. As I was halfway through the crosswalk a truck came from around the corner (where there was a stop sign) and hit me. Luckily because I was already halfway through the crosswalk I was only clipped on the arm (though it hurt like HELL). Had I just started walking through it would have been much worse. I spent a couple hours at the emergency room getting X-rayed and checked over.  The X-rays just showed a lot of swelling, nothing was broken thank goodness (I've never broken a bone and that was the first time I've had X-rays!). I'm on some good painkillers to help with the pain from where I was hit (it still hurts like hell if I roll over onto my arm in my sleep or if I bump into anything with it) and I have a nice welt to show for it. 
It could have been so much worse so I'm just thanking my lucky stars and going about my normal routine like it didn't even happen, though I gave myself a couple days break on getting back into blogging just to be able to collect my thoughts and let the shock of what happened wear off. But here I am, getting back into it with my September goals post. Also, prepare yourselves for an influx of emails as I go back WEEKS and catch up on what everyone else has been up to! (Sorry!)

August Goals Progress

1. Complete 12 more items off of my Summer Bucket List
Take away the 1 before the 2 and that's exactly how many items I crossed off in August. Whooops...

2. 10K steps per day 5 days per week 
I didn't quite reach this since I pretty much had a two week hangover following my 10 Year Reunion and the Wedding festivities but I'd say I got 10K steps in 4 days out of each week. I also couldn't wear my FitBit at all on the day of the wedding and it killed me to be taking all those steps unaccounted for! I'm obsessed with tracking my steps and feel like any step I take without my FitBit on is a wasted step

3. Read the remaining books on my nightstand INCLUDING the rest of the Harry Potter series
Nope. I just kept adding more books to the pile and starting each book but never actually finishing any. I WILL get my annual HP Summer re-read done before the first day of Fall though!

4. Take Krickit for a morning walk 5 days out of the week 
Sigh.. I swear I had good intentions but due to that two week hangover from hell it definitely didn't happen

5. Stick to my new monthly budget 
I did okay, but I didn't completely stick to it 100%. I ended up spending a little more than I planned while in Minot and I stocked up my freezer with some frozen prepared meals since I didn't get around to making freezer meals so that put me over budget by a bit

6. Stock the freezer with freezer meals 
As mentioned above this didn't happen. Time just ran out on me

7. Practice, practice, practice with my new camera
I've taken more pictures of Krickit than should ever be allowed....

I didn't give myself as many goals as usual for August since I knew what a crazy month it was going to be, and obviously that was a good thing considering only one of seven things got crossed off the list for this month.
1. Complete a 5K
My work is hosting a 5K at the end of the month to fundraise for the Centre and though I have to help out at the event I would also like to 'run' it. And by 'run' I mean half ass jog/walk because I am sooo out of shape from taking the last month off of doing anything other than eat all the bad things I wasn't eating before the wedding. Like Skittles. I've ate my weight in Skittles over the past week

2. Create a coffee budget for myself
This hasn't been a problem for me in over 2 years because there is not a single coffee shop in O-town. so I just use the Keurig at work for my morning coffee. However, now that I have a part time job in 'the city' two days out of the week I need to make sure I'm not throwing what extra money I'm making right back into my coffee addiction. Lately I've been stopping at Tim Hortons for coffee before work and after work and that has to stop!

3. Stick to my monthly budget!
I have BIG plans for 2016. BIG. Buying a home being focus #1, but a trip to Toronto has creeped up on my list of things I MUST do asap too (even more important than going back to NYC if you can believe it!) due to my newfound love of the Blue Jays (though I can't be considered a bandwagon fan because I started loving them in May when they weren't doing so good). I have made a budget for myself that doesn't leave much room for anything other than the necessities and I plan to stick to it

4. Get back into a fitness routine
Pretty self explanatory. I didn't work so hard leading up to the wedding to just let things go back to the way they were last year!

5. Have a freezer meal making day
If you have any tried and true freezer meals send them my way - I want to try a few new ones and Pinterest is just SO overwhelming 

6. Create a Fall Bucket List
Make a huge batch of chili, carve pumpkins, and make an apple pie from scratch are just a few of the things that will be on the list - stay tuned!

7. Finish setting up Phase 1 of my new bedroom oasis
I headed to Minot, ND with my sister and nieces last week to do some last minute back to school shopping. Toni and I both had some American $ leftover from Vegas to spend and I was having Target and Starbucks withdrawals so Minot won out over Regina or Brandon. I bought a bookshelf from Target that I am absolutely in love with and as soon as I got home that night I set it up (it was quite the task!). Once I had it set up I decided I needed to completely revamp my room and I started rearranging furniture, changing out decor, and  I'm now on the hunt for a white dresser, headboard, and tv stand to go with my white desk and bookshelf and also want to get a new comforter set to go with the new colour scheme. I'm obviously not going to completely get everything exactly the way I want it because BUDGET but I am going to get it to the point that I can enjoy the space again until I have the money to completely set it up how I picture it. Hence why its called Phase 1

8. Set time aside for connecting with friends and family
This Summer didn't leave a lot of time for connecting with friends and family outside of my immediate family because of all the wedding prep. Even at the wedding we were so busy doing wedding-y things that I didn't even get to talk to some of my family that came from 10+ hours away. (I'm really looking forward to a cousin getting married so I can sit back and relax and just enjoy the next family wedding! Now someone just needs to get engaged...) I also didn't get to see much of my friends this Summer - it's been a looong time since the Beaver Cove ladies were all in one room and that needs to change!

9. Check off the remaining items on my Summer Bucket List
There's still lots left to check off and I only have 19 days left so I better get to work on it!

10. Practice, practice, practice with my new camera AND take some fall themed photos of my nieces
I've been using my camera a lot but only on Auto mode. I haven't even had a spare second to read over my manual yet but I will for sure carve out some time to do that this month! And I need some new photos of the girls to show off so I might as well get some more practice in with them!

August may have ended with a bang - literally (I've said in the past when I've been hungover that I felt like I got hit by a truck but now that I actually know what that feels like a hangover definitely doesn't compare) but I'm not going to let what happened drag me down and I'm choosing to stay positive and focus on an entirely new month and getting things DONE - wish me luck!

What are YOUR September goals?


  1. I can't believe you got hit by a truck! Seriously, people need to PAY ATTENTION when they drive and follow the laws! Sheesh. I'm glad it wasn't more serious than it was though! I have been slacking on my fitness too and need to majorly step it up. And I get what you mean about the Fitbit...once I get my new one I know I'll be so sad not to wear it on my wedding day. All those steps for nothing! Wah!

  2. OMG I'm glad you were only clipped by that truck but I'm sure it hurt like hell! Did he even stop??? I hope you heal up fast! And seriously, if something with my running app malfunctions and my miles don't get's like I didn't even run them and I get so pissed haha.

  3. AHHHHHH?!! What? You got hit by a truck?!??! Oh my gosh lady I'm so glad you are ok! I need to make September goals too and a budget and some freezer meals should go on mine too. I did freeze up a big container of chili last night though. Mmmmmm so fall-ish.

  4. I am so glad you are ok after getting hit. How scary!!!! Maybe in ten years you can laugh about it, but I would be very freaked out. Loving your goals and who cares about the summer bucket list, you were out living life and partying it up wedding style!

  5. I actually made a post about September goals too :)

    I love your idea of creating a fall bucket list. I started mine back in mid August when I found some on Pinterest. I swear, Pinterest is both the devil and the best invention ever.

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