October 21, 2015

Breaking My Budget...

Last Friday I posted about life on a budget  and then the very next day I bought a treadmill AND made last minute plans for supper and drinks with friends. Sometimes I do SO good with budgeting and then sometimes, like last weekend, I epically fail. In my defense I've been wanting a treadmill for a long time now and there was a used Livestrong treadmill on an online garage sale site on FB that was in mint condition and had hardly been used and I just couldn't pass that deal up. A $2,600 treadmill for $500? Yes please

Then yesterday I was sitting at my desk at work and I looked down and realized that my one and only pair of jeans (if we're being technical they're Silver brand jeggings - I hate jeans) had finally kicked the bucket - the wear on the inside left thigh had finally started to tear.  I cried a little inside (ok, a lot) because that is now the THIRD pair of pants to do this and I paid over $90 USD for them new.  I have three pairs of jeggings that I rotate throughout the winter months, my Silver jeggings and maroon and black American Eagle jeggings and now they ALL have holes in them from the constant wear and I'm not ready to replace them. I sewed my black ones a month ago and already there are new holes. I'm not ready to send them to the clothes graveyard y'all. Mostly because I love them and know I won't be able to replace them with the exact same ones but also because BUDGET.

Due to the strict budget I've had myself on I haven't been shopping for clothes in a long time. I've bought a few things here or there, nothing over $20 per item, but haven't actually done a clothes haul in a long time. Obviously it's long overdue when I'm wearing out clothes from constant wear. But I just don't want to spend the money right now and go completely off budget. The struggle is so very real. 

Yesterday I filled up an online shopping cart from the Gap and American Eagle before I remembered BUDGET. I get sucked in with the promise of discounts and before I knew it I had a shopping cart filled with $200 in items. I'm not going to be able to avoid shopping for much longer though considering I'm now down to three pairs of yoga pants. I could proclaim every day of work Pajama Day until January....

My sister and I are going away November 2&3 for a little getaway and so she could do some clothes shopping since she's in the same boat as me with nothing to wear for Fall/Winter. Obviously I'm now going to have to rework my budget a little bit to allow for some shopping of my own, even though it pains me to have to do so. I'm still waiting on that money tree in my backyard to start growing...


  1. I mean pants are kind of important. I'd let the budget slip for that! Haha.

  2. Great deal on that treadmill! My buying clothes monthly was getting out of hand, and surprisingly my no-buy October has been successful! There are things I want, but my desire to not spend money outweighs it. I hope I don't go crazy in November...or I get plenty of gift cards that I asked for for my birthday next week! It sucks you'll have to stretch the budget to replace pants that you love but hopefully you've had these ones for a while and new ones will last a while too!

  3. Awesome deal on the treadmill. I did that last spring and honestly the investment was worth it for my health alone. As for the pants, I feel you. I have ten tops I rotate for work and I realized some are finally kicking the bucket which means shopping. I am so not looking forward to this at all!

  4. Let me know when you figure out that money tree situation, I'd love in on that.

  5. Sometimes it's good to break the budget... Especially for essentials! You've wanted a treadmill for a long time, and you need new pants, so it's not like they're impulse buys! You're doing great. :)

  6. that is such a good deal on the treadmill! so jealous. i want one.
    sometimes i'm great with the budget, and other times not. KC and I have had some super serious talks about money lately, we got a little spend happy and our bank account was dangerously low (for us). we agreed no more spending for a little while. guess what we did the next day? bought a brand new bed and mattress. that wasn't cheap. hahaha.

  7. I want, and need, a money tree too so if you ever find one can I steal part and plant my own? I'll do the same for you! The treadmill was a steal though and I'd break a budget for that too. But yes, you definitely need some new pants.

  8. If they pants are for work then it is a wash in the budget right? Also that is a STEAL on the treadmill so I think that is a budget win!


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