October 9, 2015

I Have No Willpower...

I've been rewatching Friends on Netflix obsessively lately and just last night rewatched a Christmas episode - The One With Christmas in Tulsa - which flashbacked to all the different Christmas episodes. I've always wanted to go to NYC around Christmas but after watching that episode again last night guess who now NEEDS to go to NYC around Christmas this year? That's right, me, the girl on the super strict budget until the end of December. Doesn't exactly correlate now does it? Neither does the plethora of online shopping carts that I've filled up with items over the last few days
American Eagle 
Lululemon Skinny Groove Pants/Sweatshirt/Mug/Donaldson T-Shirt

Isn't all of that stuff great?! It hurts my heart that it's not currently enroute to my post office box. I need to winner the lottery y'all. 
Can somebody please send me some willpower before I start inputing my credit card information?! My budget depends on it since I have absolutely no willpower right now. Sorry for the short post today, I'm off to look up flights to NYC...


  1. you can do it!! i am trying very hard not to spend any money this month lol. we went to NYC last year right before christmas, it was pretty awesome. definitely better than buying 'stuff' :)

  2. I feel ya. I want all the things. I want to go to all the places. But my bank account has other ideas. Winning the lottery would be nice. Fingers crossed for you. NYC anytime would be nice. I want to go there so badly, but the damn dollar!

  3. You can totally do this. I always pick places and then set the goal for the next year so I can have the trip I want and not max out my cards. It is awesome going on cash only trips and coming home without the debt.

  4. Hey, if you don't buy the things online, maybe you can afford a trip to NYC - if you find a deal online or something! And if that happens, can I please go? I've been to NYC once and I have always wanted to go during Christmas. I was actually just talking about this a few days ago!

    Oh and I totally forgot to mention this the other day when I commented, but I'm totally open to being snail mail buddies if you're interested :)


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