October 2, 2015

October Goals...

Is anybody else having a hard time believing its already October?! I feel like I just got used to writing 2015 on paycheques and pretty soon it's going to be the new year! September was a busy month and like busy months do it just flew right by. When I looked at my schedule at the beginning of the week I couldn't believe that it was already time to write out my October goals and I started freaking out a little bit that I only had a few days left to finish up my September goals. However, I was surprised to find that I had crossed most of them off without even realizing!

September Goals Progress
1. Complete a 5K
DONE! My work hosted Run the Ox on Sunday and Jayden, Krickit, Maddi and I completed it. We may have walked  half of it but it still counts! 

2. Create a coffee budget for myself
Done! I've given myself a $10 a week coffee/muffin budget for the days that I work in 'the city' and I don't think I'll even spend that each week 

3. Stick to my monthly budget!
I tried SO hard y'all. I was doing really good, only buying what I had budgeted for, but then I had to order new contacts because I'm still wearing ones I ordered two years ago, then I convinced Jayden to do Run the Ox and she would only do it if I did it with her so there went $45, and then Krickit needed her vaccinations and my budget for the month was completely blown.  In my defense it wasn't on clothes, or shoes, or jewelry, etc. so it's not so bad

4. Get back into a fitness routine
It may have taken me until closer to the end of September for me to start making this a priority again but I'm back on the right track and feeling so much better now that I'm making it a priority again!

5. Have a freezer meal making day
Not yet, but I honestly haven't had a single Saturday that didn't have something already scheduled (and I work every Sunday so they're out) and I've found that it takes me a FULL day when I'm doing freezer meals 

6. Create a Fall Bucket List
Done! And I can't wait to cross all these awesome fall themed things off my list. You can check it out here

7. Finish setting up Phase 1 of my new bedroom oasis
Phase 1 is pretty much complete, now on to Phase 2 (the most expensive phase...). My number one priority now is getting a new TV for my space. My sister gave me my belated birthday gift last week and one of the items was Pitch Perfect 2. We watched it in my bedroom the next night and my sister said she needed a magnifying glass to see anything on my tiny 19" tv/vcr combo...

8. Set time aside for connecting with friends and family
Done! I met up with the Beaver Cove ladies in 'the city' for supper and drinks, Mallory, Nikki, and I enjoyed a delicious supper at the Olive Branch, my sister and I watched Pitch Perfect 2 together (though I may have fallen asleep... whoops), I've been getting my nails done by my friend Millz so we're able to gossip and catch up, AND Jayden and I did Run the Ox together. I can't believe I got together with all of them in one month - I don't think that has ever happened before! During Run the Ox Jayden and I also discussed creating a monthly Wine Club with our group of friends to make sure we get together at least once a month and we are SO excited to get started with it! We didn't even leave our friends a choice, they were just told they had to be a part of our 'club'. Jayden is hosting in October on Halloween and Jayden and Millz have already appointed me as the host for December because of my Christmas obsession. I already have so many ideas!

9. Check off the remaining items on my Summer Bucket List
I chucked this one in the *uck it bucket and moved on. Next Summer!

10. Practice, practice, practice with my new camera AND take some fall themed photos of my nieces
I've been practicing like crazy, though auto mode is still where I'm comfortable. I also took individual fall photos of my nieces for their birthdays but I'd still like to get some of them together before the snow falls

1. Send out three forms of snail mail
It's been awhile since I've sent out any 'just because' snail mail and I want to get back at it. Keep an eye on your mailboxes snailmail friends. And if you want to be snail mail buddies just send me your mailing address - krmathison@hotmail.com

2. Make a homemade cheesecake for Thanksgiving 
Yes, Thanksgiving is in October here in the GWN - its actually only 10 days away! I usually make the desserts for Thanksgiving and since I've wanted to take another whack at making a cheesecake from scratch for awhile now I figure what better time than Thanksgiving! 

3. 10K steps every.single.day in October
I haven't set any step goals in a few months so I want to get back at it. I found that when I wasn't setting the goal for myself I wasn't caring if I was only getting 8K steps a day, but when I had the goal I would walk circles around the island in the kitchen to make sure I got my 10K steps in, so setting the goal for myself definitely helps. I had been setting the goal at 5 days out of the week but I'm challening myself this month. Having a second job where I'm on my feet the whole time will definitely help me achieve this

4. Get back into blogging consistently
I took part in Helene's free (yes, free!) 'Get Noticed Now' webinar on Wednesday night and my brain was SO full of information, I'm still processing some of it. It lit a fire in me that's been missing for awhile and has me really excited for what's to come on this space of mine! Helene is also offering a course called 'Quit Your Job to Blog' and though I don't have any plans of quitting either of my jobs I still think the course will be very beneficial and help me grow this space. I've added the cost of the course to my monthly budget (I SO wish the exchange rate wasn't so bad right now though. Ughhhh) - and Helene was SO awesome to make a payment plan option - I can't wait for it to get started!

5. Comment on at least five blogs per day
I mentioned in the chat during Helene's webinar that this is something I'm terrible at. I tend to stick to consistently reading the blogs of the same 5-8 people and just comment on their blogs only. And I usually go a few days without commenting and then flood their inboxes with comments when I finally get around to reading. Lo (yep, I gave you my own nickname - I do it for all my friends so you should be honoured! haha) commented that she strives for 5 a day so that's going to be what I strive for as a minimum but I'm really hoping I'll be able to work on connecting more with new bloggers, while also working on not taking forever to comment and flooding everyone's inboxes. So if you have a couple of blogs that you make sure to read on a daily basis let me know so I can expand my horizons!

And that's it for my October goals. I'm keeping them short and sweet this month since I have a Fall Bucket List that needs to get worked on, mostly in October since the snow will most likely be falling by November (if not earlier- ughh). 

What are YOUR October goals?


  1. You did pretty great in September, friend! Don't be hard on yourself with the budget- like you said, you weren't out just spending on fun stuff- they were necessities. I try to leave about $75 in a "misc" budget category each month because stuff just comes up!! I'm also wanting to do a freezer day SOON too, but work is so crazy I haven't had a free sat/sun either. I also NEED to get my step game up, I've only been averaging about 6k lately.

  2. Just signed up for the class, too! Can't wait!

  3. Can I just steal your October goals, because they are that awesome! I really need to get back into budgeting and blogging. I have been so terrible at both. Oh and I believe I still have 3 forms of snail mail to send your way, but I keep misplacing them. One even includes a birthday wish! I am awful!

  4. When you said you went over budget I was assuming it was shopping or something! Vaccinations, a 5K (which was on your goal list anyway) and new contacts are more like necessities! You did really well on your goals. I've wanted to listen to Helene's webinars but the time is never good for me because of my time zone! Boo.

  5. 10K steps every single day?! Get it girl. I cannot even fathom it. I get happy with like 2 days a week meeting goal. I might have to steal this goal from you and get my booty in gear. While I love you inbox influx of your comments you can totally work in 5 comments a day to bloggers! I can't believe the difference it has made and how many people I have met through it! And I'm super jealous about Helene's class. Even with the payment plan I'm not sureI can swing it.... guess I better decide soon before it goes up in price!

  6. I font think I even completed one of my September goals.... oh well. My October list will be posting mid week but only includes checking stuff off my fall bucket list, going to a Halloween party and playing bingo for the first time. :)


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