November 9, 2015

Guess Who's Back. Back Again...

(If you don't have Eminem lyrics stuck in your head now then we can't be friends)

Hellooo long lost blog friends! Today I worked a 7 hour shift at my part time job, spent an hour and a half traveling to and from said part time job, did three loads of laundry, took Krickit for a 45 minute evening walk (it was SO gorgeous out that I couldn't pass it up - one week into November and its +6 at 7:00 at night and there's NO snow on the ground?! I'll take it!) AND I even managed to write a blog post! (In case you're confused, I'm writing this on Sunday night). I didn't show up on the blog a single day last week and yet today, after working all weekend (I took an extra shift on Saturday), I've managed to accomplish things that I've been meaning to get to for forever. I don't know where this extra energy came from but I'll take it! It could be the copious amounts of leftover Halloween candy that I ate at work today that left me with a sore stomach from eating so much... But I guess we'll never know for sure ;)

What's even better? I have posts scheduled for every single day this week.! Who am I?! They still need to be edited but they've been started and that has never happened in the history of my blogging 'career'. 

Moving on from bragging about the only productive day I've had in weeks (months?) - guess what popped up on my Facebook feed earlier today? A picture that said there are only SEVEN Monday's left until Christmas. Seven! I had a mini panic attack because there is so much to do and SO many Creme Brulee Latte's to be drank! This Wednesday is Remembrance Day in Canada, which means no work for moi, so I'm going to pull out my Christmas decorations so that first thing Thursday morning my Christmas decorating can commence!

I live and breathe for Christmas. It is my absolute favourite time of year. I despise Winter but tolerate it just for the fact that that is when Christmas comes. I managed to get a few Christmas presents bought while I was in Winnipeg last week and I'm pretty sure that's the earliest that that has ever happened. Come Thursday my 'Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal' sweater is going to be worn every day, Christmas music will be the only music played in Eleanor, and Home Alone, Love, Actually, Elf, Home Alone 2, The Santa Clause, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Christoper the Christmas Tree are going to be the only things on my tv until January 1st. I can't wait until everyone's Christmas lights are lit up at night, all the stores are decorated, and the XM Christmas stations arrive.  Now if the snow could just hold off until December 24th that would be great...

I'm pretty sure this is the most random and pointless post I've ever written but I'm writing again so I'm calling it a win. I promise that the rest of the posts for this week aren't as pointless and random (or at least I don't think so). Now I'm off to polish off the rest of my Halloween candy and finally take down all my Halloween decor...


  1. So is it widely accepted in Canada to start going Christmas crazy on November 1st? I'm curious because in the US it's so divided. You have the people who start November 1st, the people who get pissed and won't until the day after our Thanksgiving at the end of November, and then the people who wait until December 1st. Since you don't have Thanksgiving in November I'm super curious!!! Hahaha.

  2. Posts all week?! YOU GO GIRL! I love when I get those random bursts of energy and motivation- just wish they happened more often for me hehe ;)

  3. Holy smokes, send me some of your mojo for scheduling posts! I've got nada going on here. Especially in the motivation department. I have Wednesday off also so fingers crossed I get my burst then!

  4. haha who DOESN'T have that song in their head?! yay scheduling posts, you go girl! i'm so-so on christmas to be honest - like you, i despise winter, and at home it's summer so... it kind of makes me hate christmas because it's so cold lol


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