November 11, 2015

In Remembrance...

When I (finally) got some motivation to blog again on Sunday I started writing out posts for the week, without really realizing what week was coming up. When I opened up my dashboard last night to edit my post for today I realized that I had a Halloween Recap post planned for today... Remembrance Day. Obviously that post has been pushed until tomorrow in observance of Remembrance Day. 

My 5 year old niece has been learning about Remembrance Day in Kindergarten and last night she got a few pieces of printer paper, stapled them together, and created a book called 'Soldiers'. She told her Mom what she wanted the book to say, wrote her name on the back of the book, and even included a drawing of a poppy (her teacher has been showing her class how to draw them). She plans on taking her book to her Kindergarten class for them to read so they can learn more about the soldiers. The writer and reader in me is so proud of her for being so excited about learning that she wanted to make something so others could learn too! After completing her book she then proceeded to ask if my Grandma, who passed away when she was 2, died in the war. Kids say the darndest things.  

After Graycie made her book her 9 year old sister proceeded to show me a video on YouTube of the song her class sang during the Remembrance Day assembly at school and luckily for me, she sang along with the entire thing just for me...

I love that my nieces are learning all about Remembrance Day and that they are actually excited to learn about it and want to know more. As someone who is constantly wanting to learn and better myself it makes me SO happy!  I still remember the day that I won an award in junior high for my drawing of the local Cenotaph - I still have that award somewhere. I just wish I had a copy of my drawing. I put so much time and effort into that drawing, actually going to the Cenotaph to study it. I am NO artist so I was SO proud of myself when I won the award. Never mind that they messed up and I was competing with kids one grade younger than me...



  1. I love that your niece made that book! I was thinking it was a homework assignment. So cute that she just wanted to do it on her own. :)

  2. Love this! I think Remembrance Day is so important and I love that it remains part of the school curriculum.


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