December 23, 2015

Cookie Swap 2015...

Last Friday morning started the whirlwind of Christmas baking that I do every year around the holidays. In a day and a half I made 6 dozen Monster Cookies, 6 dozen Reeses Oatmeal Cookies, 4 dozen M&M Cookies, 6 dozen Whipped Shortbread Cookies, a pan of Shortbread Pecan bars, 6 dozen Pecan Cookies, 4 dozen Birds Nest cookies, and 1 pan of O'Henry Bars. Oh, and I've almost ran out of the Pecan Cookies and Shortbread Cookies (my Mama & Kels' favourites) so I need to make more of those tonight. 

Festive wear for my Christmas baking of course!

Saturday was the 4th Annual Cookie Swap - the first year we did it I was still working with everyone at the Centre in 'the city' and it was open to everyone we worked with who wanted to participate. Beaver Cove Town Council (long story) was created in the Spring of 2013 so after that Cookie Swap just included those of from Beaver Cove. The Twin hosted Cookie Swap this year in her brand new house - she just moved in less than two weeks ago - and her home is gorgeous so it was the perfect space to host this years Cookie Swap. We were missing two members of Town Council - Amanda left us to move back to Nunavut so she missed Cookie Swap again this year and Nikki's mother in law was down for Christmas so she had to miss this year as well. 

I can't ever decided on ONE cookie to make 6-8 dozen of so each year everyone just gets an assortment of goodies from me. 

Amanda came up with the idea to do a Christmas Sock Exchange this year - I had seen it floating around Facebook and thought it was such a great idea so I was excited to do it this year. I was so excited to use my stuff that I forgot to take a picture but Amanda had my name - so my gifts came all the way from Nunavut - and I got awesome Christmas nail files, nail polishes, mini bottles of Baileys, some chocolates, and a mini hair brush (that I was SO excited to get because my hair gets so tangly in the winter!). I got Jessica B. to buy for and since she loves to bake like I do I got her some Christmas baking supplies and I also got her an adult colouring book that she was SO excited to get - I think I did good! 

Just missing Nikki and Amanda in their new Christmas socks

I ended up with Puppy Chow, No Bake Cookies, Homemade Turtles, Cuban Lunches, Sugar Cookies, S'more Cookies, Peanut Butter M&M balls, Mini Cheesecakes, and Shortbread Cookies from the Beaver Cove ladies. I love that each year we all do different packaging for the goodies and always end up with new containers to use! 

There was so much good food to be ate too since we always do a potluck 'supper'. I brought Spinach and Artichoke dip, a baking tray, a cheese ball (SO good!) and made the punch that I had made for Wine Clubs Christmas Party, just non alcoholic this time. The other girls had brought garlic bread, fruit and vegetable trays, taco dip, cheese dip, homemade pretzels - I swear I'm still full from Saturday!

We watched Christmas movies, caught up with one another, talked about our Christmas plans, and ate until we were ready to burst. My brother and sister in law live in the same town as the Twin so I bribed them with baking to stop over on their way home from 'the city' to take a group photo of us. 

Even with giving away 6 dozen cookies I still had SO much left over. I have made deliveries of baking trays to my parents neighbours that 'socked' us, my parents friends Moe & Smitty, my cousin, the ladies at my part time job, my brother and SIL, my sister and her girls,  my friend Jayden, and to my employees at my full time job. And I STILL have some left! I also still have to make Eat More Bars for my brother (his favourite) and some Poppycock for Christmas Eve. But I love doing it so I don't mind. I don't think there will ever be a time in my life (okay, maybe when I'm 80) when I don't spend two full days baking up a storm. 

December 22, 2015

Christmas Card Exchange...

Whelp... my Christmas cards that I ordered still haven't arrived :(  I decided this year that no matter how crazy I looked I was sending out Christmas cards with a picture of Krickit and I so maybe them not arriving is the Universes way of making me not look so crazy?! haha If they ever do make it here I will still send them out to my snail mail pals - it could be February by the time you receive them though at the rate its taking them to get to me! 

I have been able to send out a few cards though - my friend Mallory (who needs to start herself a blog!) started a Christmas card exchange so I crafted some cards up to send out to the ladies who also participated. The cards I've gotten back are SO cute and lots of work went into them that my thrown together Pinterest-project cards pale in comparison! But they are finished, mailed out, and that is one more thing crossed off my to do list before Christmas!

Pinterest is the greatest!

Isn't snail mail the best?!

December 21, 2015

Top 5 Christmas Movies...

I've mentioned my love of Christmas a few million times on this little space of mine but I just can't help myself - that's how much I love it! I'm not against listening to Christmas music in April and watching Christmas movies in July if that's any indication of my level of love for the holidays. I only listen to Christmas music in December and I can't help but watch those cheesy Christmas movies that air all throughout December. There is a plethora of Christmas movies out there but I've narrowed it down to my top 5 favourites (with a few honourable mentions)

#5 The Santa Clause

#4 Home Alone 2

#3 Elf

#2 Love Actually

#1 Home Alone

Home Alone isn't just my favourite Christmas movie, its also my favourite movie of all time. From the moment I watched it when I was 5 years old I was obsessed - and still am to this day. I've dreamed about living in the McAllisters house for the longest time and I just love everything about this movie. I may or may not own 5 copies of it myself... including a copy on VHS that I 'stole' from my cousin when he babysat us over 20 years ago

I'll Be Home For Christmas, Four Christmases, The Nightmare Before Christmas (though in my opinion its really a Halloween movie), Christmas Vacation, and the Grinch all get honourable mentions. I also LOVE Christopher the Christmas Tree but don't consider it an actual movie or else it would be number two on my list. 

What is your absolute favourite Christmas movie?

December 18, 2015

One Week Until Christmas...

ONE week until Christmas y'all! I'm freaking out a little - okay, a lot - because there is still so much to do. Wrap ALL my presents, do all my Christmas baking, package up cookies for Cookie Swap, attend Cookie Swap 2015, buy my Dad a Christmas present (still no  ideas - he's the hardest person to buy for), work at both jobs simultaneously until the New Year, watch all the Christmas movies, do a few more Pinterest projects, get my wreath hung up, get Christmas cards sent out (if they ever arrive) - and those are only the things at the very top of my list.

I've been checking the mail box obsessively, waiting for my order from Shutterfly to arrive with wedding pictures, my Christmas cards, and fundraiser items for work.  I will not be going through them again next year that's for sure! I'm also waiting on another package to arrive and have kind of lost hope that its every going to make it. I haven't had very good luck in the past with participating in Blog Swaps - as much as I love gifting I'm not sure that I'll keep participating in them since I keep getting burnt. Booo to people who don't follow through!

Wednesday night was my nieces Christmas concert - no one had told me the date for it so I didn't find out until Tuesday that it was the next night and I was scheduled to work at my second job in 'the city' from 4-7 that night.  It worked out that I didn't have to go in and was able to make it to the Christmas concert to see my two nieces perform. The Kindergarten class comes out and each person gets the microphone and says their name - Graycie sad her full name, which is quite a mouthful, but we were so proud of her for doing it. At her Pre-K concerts she was always SO shy. Rae is quite the performer - there is definitely no shyness with her!

This is the best I could get out of her. She had to leave her shirt behind at the school so I couldn't get the full costume but she was a toy soldier for her part of the Christmas concert 

Rae is second from the left and right beside her is my cousin Ryker. My Uncle Kenny is the baby of the family so some of his nieces are just a few years younger than him and have kids around the same age as his kids!

Graycie and her bestie Coco were the last two to come on stage. Those two together spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e (much like any girl and her bestie) but for some reason they always get paired together for things

This girl and her poses - I don't think I took a single normal picture that night because she kept 'modeling'. She cracks me up!

If you don't hear from me on Monday its because I had a breakdown over all the things that still need to get done OR because I'm sleeping off the busy weekend that I'm heading into with trying to get everything done before Christmas. And with that, I'm off to make a million Christmas cookies. Wish me luck...

December 17, 2015

Wine Club Christmas Party 2015...

This past Saturday I hosted Wine Club's first ever Christmas Party. In September a friend and I decided that we should start a wine club because e) we love wine and b) it was a way to make sure we all get together at least once a month to catch up. The group of us have all been friends for years - I've known most of these ladies 20+ years - and I consider them all like sisters (and two of them are my sisters). 

I had grand plans for the Christmas Party and even though I didn't get to follow through on a lot of them (I had to work at my second job during the day of the party) I was still happy with the outcome. We drank, we ate (oh did we eat), and we reminisced and laughed and then drank some more. 

When we do Wine Club - once a month - someone takes a turn hosting and we all bring a bottle of wine to share and then we get a chance to try out new wines. My sister does not like wine so she just brings her own alcohol, but we end up with 5 bottles of wine to try each time. Starting in the New Year we are also going to each bring a bottle of wine for the hostess to build their collections up. 

We've only done Wine Club twice now but we've already made a mental list of the wines we never want to try again and the ones that are definite must buys. Jayden brought a wine to our October Wine Club that was terrible - we all had to choke it down - and then on Saturday she brought the same wine! We all had a good laugh over that because last time we swore we would never drink that one again. In her defense she had planned on bringing a different bottle and then when getting ready to leave her house she dropped that bottle and smashed it so she was forced to bring the disgusting one. She had had a glass of it the night before so in the pictures its the one with the Elf outfit on it so you can't see it was already open. 

We did a Christmas gift exchange and I got a new bottle of wine to try - I'm trying to expand my wine horizons beyond different brands of Moscato. As mentioned yesterday I made a punch from a recipe that I found on Pinterest and it was SO good - y'all have to try it, you won't be disappointed! I can be family friendly too, just omit the vodka. I will be making this one again, and again, and again, That good y'all! And it was all so good

I  almost forgot to put out the napkins that say 'Lets Get Lit' - I would've been SO mad at myself!

We're skipping January's Wine Club because Jayden is going to the Dominican, Millz is going to Jamaica and Kelsey will be going on her honeymoon so trying to pick a date that everyone would be around would be a nightmare. While they're all relaxing on beaches I'll be drinking enough wine for the 6 of us as I wallow in the fact that I have no vacations planned :( 

December 16, 2015

Currently (December 2015)...

Reading blog posts. I'm trying to play catch up on all my favourites and its taking forever because a) I'm super behind on life and b) I have so many favourite blogs that playing catch up takes forever

Listening to Christmas music (duh) and newly obsessing over My Church by Maren Morris, Nobody to Blame by Chris Stapleton, and Emily Ann Roberts version of Cam's Burning House - so bummed she didn't win The Voice :(

Celebrating all the Christmas-y things! Wine Clubs Christmas Party was on Saturday (more on that in tomorrows post!) and this weekend is Cookie Swap with the Beaver Cove crew - I can't wait!

Watching all my favourite Christmas movies - Home Alone, Love Actually, Elf, The Santa Clause, etc, etc. If its not Christmas-y then it can wait until the new year! 

Drinking a delicious Cranberry Gingerale - I swear its like my crack. I stock up on it around Christmas because I can never find it from January-October and I start going through withdrawals. I made a punch for Wine Club that had lemonade, cranberry juice, gingerale, cranberry gingerale, and raspberry vodka and it was the best punch I've ever had. I'll be making it for Christmas for sure!

Waiting for packages to get here! Mail delivery is SO slow around Christmas and I keep anxiously checking my mail and each time being dissapointed that my stuff still hasn't arrived - grrr! 

Loving my new Christmas nails. I had to stop getting my nails done (shellac) for awhile because my natural nails were so long and the corners of the shellac kept popping off when I was lifting boxes at my second job and they would only last a week or less. Once I took them off the anxiety about Christmas and my huge to do list got the best of me and I bit my nails down to nothing - they haven't been this short in two years :( I was just going to paint them myself (I have an Essie nail polish obsession so my collection is huge) but finding the time for that just hasn't happened and I want to get my nails grown back out so I decided I could work it into the budget for the month and I'm so glad I did - I love how Christmas-y they are!

Working on blog posts to finish up posting every single weekday in December - which I have actually stuck with - go me!

Wearing my 'Merry Christmas Ya Filmy Animal' sweater any chance I get. Its too bad I can't wear it to work - I'd never take it off!

Anticipating Christmas. Enough said

Making  nothing at this very moment but tomorrow afternoon my mama and I are going to make cabbage rolls (my favourite!) and then on Friday I'm going to be baking from sun up to sun down in preparation for Cookie Swap. 

December 15, 2015

K's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part Three...

Click the links for Part One and Part Two of my Holiday Gift Guide. Today is Part Three and its all about all of my favourite things at the moment that I'm certain any lady would love to find under the tree on Christmas morning!

Gift Guide

Gift Guide by krmathison featuring baseball charms

My Chi Flat Iron bit the dust last year and I haven't bit the bullet and bought a new one but Chi is definitely the best brand that I have used over the years

I have two pairs of Sparkle Ball Earrings - black and rose gold - but I really want the Bermuda Blue so I can wear to show my Blue Jays spirit. H&B is a Canadian company and I think every woman in Canada hopes for a pair of these under the tree each year. I know a girl who has almost every single colour of them!

I have a bit of a Kate Spade obsession and I've been coveting the Confetti Cream/Gold case for a long time now. The cases went on sale on Black Friday but the Confetti was out of stock online so I settled for the Diagonal Stripe/Cream/Gold/Blush case and I LOVE it. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed unwrapping one of these cases!

I've mentioned my love for my Fitbit a few million times on here but I've had my Fitbit for almost a year and my band is starting to wear. When I saw the colours of these bands I fell in love - definitely much better than the plain black and can be accesorized with outfits much better

I love Alex and Ani bangles and I'm constantly finding new ones to add to my collection. I've been coveting the Toronto Blue Jays one ever since I stumbled upon it - I just haven't bit the bullet and bought it for myself yet. All of the bangles are great though and there is definitely something for everyone!

I love my Kate Spade planner and who doesn't use a planner these days?! Everyone has such busy lives - I know that my planner is the only thing that keeps me sane. The KS ones just have so many cute designs that its hard to pick the best one!

I first saw these Champagne glasses when in Winnipeg in November and I knew I had to have them. As soon as they went on sale I snatched them up and can't wait to drink mimosas out of them on Christmas morning! They would make a great gift for that Champagne lover in your life!

If you have a bit of a larger budget then this gift is right up your alley. I have heard really great things about this blow dryer and one day I WILL own one instead of my $20 blow dryer I've owned since High School...

Any Christmas obsessed person like myself would love receiving any kind of Christmas decor as a gift and this 'Merry and Bright' pillow is a must have!

You can never own too many pairs of slippers right?! I can't stand having bare feet in the house so slippers are a must. I own these slippers and they are so cozy. If you are able to splurge the Ugg Scufette slippers are ah-mazing too - I used to wear my Mama's all the time even though are shoe size is three sizes different... I just loved them that much!

As a sports fan I can attest that you can never have enough of your favourite teams gear! 

 Is anyone else finding it hard to believe that there are only TEN days left until Christmas?! I have to admit that I didn't achieve my goal of having all of my gifts bought before the 13th of the month, I still have a few left to buy and not much time - yikes! 

I can't pick which one of the items above is my favourite because I love them all equally (and already bought myself three of them - whoops)! Which one is your favourite?! If you have already completed all of your Christmas shopping then why not treat yourself?! You deserve it! 

December 14, 2015

K's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part Two....

I'm back for Part Two of my Holiday Gift Guide and today I've got some more Stocking Stuffer ideas for any budget - ranging from $6 items to $40 items. Like I said in Part One, pretty much all of these items are things I've been coveting or things that I LOVE and always buy myself but I think they would make great gifts or stocking stuffers for women of all ages!

Stocking Stuffer 2

Stocking Stuffer 2 by krmathison featuring scented candles

I can never have enough Scentsy bars and there are so many amazing scents that trying to pick just a couple is so hard. I had a Scentsy basket party recently and ordered myself 6 different bars - and I already have a ton of them. They definitely make awesome stocking stuffers (and would also make your stocking smell awesome)

I own so many Scenty warmers but some of them are holiday ones for at Halloween and Christmas and some of them have such nice designs that you can change them out to go with different decor so having too many is never a problem. The plug in warmers are a good price too at only $24. They definitely make awesome stocking stuffers

Essie is hands down my favourite nail polish brand - they are affordable but also good quality. My absolute favourite colours right now are Watermelon, Bachelorette Bash, Bikini So Teeny, and Licorice. I have sooo many Essie polishes that I've lost track but I'm always happy to receive a new colour. You can't go wrong with these!

Adult colouring books are all the rage right now - the Wal-Mart closest to me has been sold out of pencil crayons for months now due to the craze. I've heard they are good for combating stress though I have yet to try it out. I have one and just haven't had a chance to try it out yet but I bet that anyone would be glad to get this at Christmas!

It wouldn't be Christmas (for me anyway!) without some wine or champagne to celebrate the Christmas season and opening up a gift or stocking and finding my favourite kind is always a nice surprise! 

I love getting Christmas pajamas to wear all through December and these VS 'Dear Santa I Can Explain' ones are adorable - I want one in every style. I don't think you could go wrong with any of the different styles when it comes to Victorias Secret 

I'm a perfume snob - I won't wear just anything - so I only have a few different kinds that I rotate and the VS Noir Tease is in my top three for sure. The perfume is a bit pricier but the body spray smells just as good and is more affordable if you're looking for something a little less expensive to throw in a stocking

Bath and Body Works makes the best candles hands down and the Christmas scents are my favourite of them all. They can be a bit pricy but when they go on sale they go on for really good prices so its best to stock up then! They don't make a good gift to mail though because they are heavy - you wouldn't want to drop one of those on your toes! I always make sure Bath & Body Works is my last stop at the mall because otherwise I'll break my back carrying those heavy bags! 

These are the only hand soaps I buy and I always give some away to friends/family at Christmas - the holiday scents are the best! My favourites are the Frosted Cranberry and Vanilla Bean Noel. I usually use the Christmas soaps all year round! 

Reading socks are SO cozy and would be perfect for wearing while curled up by a fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. Sounds like heaven to me!

I am in LOVE with these earrings and love how they pull double duty. The Rose Gold are definitely my favourites

Tomorrow is the final Gift Guide so make sure to check back to see what I've been loving lately that I included on the list!

December 11, 2015

K's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part One...

As you all know I LOVE Christmas. Every single thing about it. But one of my favourite things about Christmas is gifting presents. I love finding that perfect something for a family member or friend and seeing the look on their faces when they open it. I've got three Holiday Gift Guides for y'all (mostly aimed at women because the only man in my life is my parents outdoor cat Pepper Dennis...) - and today is part one, Stocking Stuffers under $20

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers by krmathison featuring a polka dot coffee mug
Contigo mugs are my absolute favourite - I have sooo many of them but whenever I see a new colour/design I have to have it. It's a real problem

I'm constantly finding a new song that I love on Sirius/XM and then realizing that I only have $0.30 on my Itunes account and can't download it. Gift cards always come in handy 

Gift cards aren't my favourite gift to give, if I'm giving a gift card its usually as a part of a gift as opposed to being the entire gift, but I think they  make great stocking stuffers and who doesn't love Starbucks?!

I watch Zoella's You Tube videos from time to time and have wanted to try out her bath products since they were first introduced. I just finally found them in Canada a few weeks ago and bought myself the Soak Opera. I haven't tried it out yet because I've been too busy for relaxing baths (that needs to change asap!) but I've heard that its a good product 

I own SO many coffee mugs and everytime I buy a  new one my Mom says 'Another mug?' I just can't help myself - there are so many cute ones!

While in Winnipeg in November I bought a few Christmas gifts at Anthropologie - the ring dishes were so cute that I couldn't resist. I bought my friend Nikki the Umbrella Ring Dish - she's engaged so I thought it was perfect - and I also bought myself (whooops haha) and a friend the Monogrammed Garland Ring Dishes

Monogrammed Mug
I know what you're thinking - 'another mug?!' but these have been on my radar for awhile now and I finally got myself one at Anthropologie while in Winnipeg. I also gifted a fellow coffee loving friend, Mallory, with one for Christmas. They didn't have the Limited Edition Golden Monogram Mug in store while I was there but I added it to my online shopping cart weeks ago and just haven't taken the plunge and hit 'purchase'. It may still happen though...

Make sure to check back for parts two and three of my Holiday Gift Guide. I really should just call it 'all the things I want or have bought myself within the last month'.  It's pretty much a Christmas miracle that I haven't bought myself every single thing that I put into my Gift Guides - I normally see something that I want and buy it right away so actually having some willpower is a miracle!

December 10, 2015

Wedding Pictures...

 I finally gave my brother a USB stick a couple weeks ago for him to transfer wedding photos on to so I could get photos printed off and it was SO hard to pick the ones to transfer - they were all print worthy. Recapping the wedding is still on my list of posts to write but due to starting my part time job three days after the wedding I just haven't had the time yet. BUT I will give y'all a sneak peek of some of the professional pictures done by my ah-mazing friend Taigan of GunShotz Photography (her maiden name is Gunderman if you're wondering about the name of her business)

It thunderstormed the morning of the wedding, it felt like +40 most of the day, and the wind was crazy but we managed to pull of the pictures with minimal hiccups.