December 22, 2015

Christmas Card Exchange...

Whelp... my Christmas cards that I ordered still haven't arrived :(  I decided this year that no matter how crazy I looked I was sending out Christmas cards with a picture of Krickit and I so maybe them not arriving is the Universes way of making me not look so crazy?! haha If they ever do make it here I will still send them out to my snail mail pals - it could be February by the time you receive them though at the rate its taking them to get to me! 

I have been able to send out a few cards though - my friend Mallory (who needs to start herself a blog!) started a Christmas card exchange so I crafted some cards up to send out to the ladies who also participated. The cards I've gotten back are SO cute and lots of work went into them that my thrown together Pinterest-project cards pale in comparison! But they are finished, mailed out, and that is one more thing crossed off my to do list before Christmas!

Pinterest is the greatest!

Isn't snail mail the best?!


  1. Those are the cards you crafted?! They look so good! Are those buttons and wrapping paper that you used? Super cute!

  2. Such a bummer they still haven't gotten there! I hate when that happens with Christmas stuff!

  3. Your crafted cards look fantastic! So cute and colorful!

  4. Loved getting my card in the mail. I am going to be starting that blog soon hopefully just need to come up with a name


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