December 23, 2015

Cookie Swap 2015...

Last Friday morning started the whirlwind of Christmas baking that I do every year around the holidays. In a day and a half I made 6 dozen Monster Cookies, 6 dozen Reeses Oatmeal Cookies, 4 dozen M&M Cookies, 6 dozen Whipped Shortbread Cookies, a pan of Shortbread Pecan bars, 6 dozen Pecan Cookies, 4 dozen Birds Nest cookies, and 1 pan of O'Henry Bars. Oh, and I've almost ran out of the Pecan Cookies and Shortbread Cookies (my Mama & Kels' favourites) so I need to make more of those tonight. 

Festive wear for my Christmas baking of course!

Saturday was the 4th Annual Cookie Swap - the first year we did it I was still working with everyone at the Centre in 'the city' and it was open to everyone we worked with who wanted to participate. Beaver Cove Town Council (long story) was created in the Spring of 2013 so after that Cookie Swap just included those of from Beaver Cove. The Twin hosted Cookie Swap this year in her brand new house - she just moved in less than two weeks ago - and her home is gorgeous so it was the perfect space to host this years Cookie Swap. We were missing two members of Town Council - Amanda left us to move back to Nunavut so she missed Cookie Swap again this year and Nikki's mother in law was down for Christmas so she had to miss this year as well. 

I can't ever decided on ONE cookie to make 6-8 dozen of so each year everyone just gets an assortment of goodies from me. 

Amanda came up with the idea to do a Christmas Sock Exchange this year - I had seen it floating around Facebook and thought it was such a great idea so I was excited to do it this year. I was so excited to use my stuff that I forgot to take a picture but Amanda had my name - so my gifts came all the way from Nunavut - and I got awesome Christmas nail files, nail polishes, mini bottles of Baileys, some chocolates, and a mini hair brush (that I was SO excited to get because my hair gets so tangly in the winter!). I got Jessica B. to buy for and since she loves to bake like I do I got her some Christmas baking supplies and I also got her an adult colouring book that she was SO excited to get - I think I did good! 

Just missing Nikki and Amanda in their new Christmas socks

I ended up with Puppy Chow, No Bake Cookies, Homemade Turtles, Cuban Lunches, Sugar Cookies, S'more Cookies, Peanut Butter M&M balls, Mini Cheesecakes, and Shortbread Cookies from the Beaver Cove ladies. I love that each year we all do different packaging for the goodies and always end up with new containers to use! 

There was so much good food to be ate too since we always do a potluck 'supper'. I brought Spinach and Artichoke dip, a baking tray, a cheese ball (SO good!) and made the punch that I had made for Wine Clubs Christmas Party, just non alcoholic this time. The other girls had brought garlic bread, fruit and vegetable trays, taco dip, cheese dip, homemade pretzels - I swear I'm still full from Saturday!

We watched Christmas movies, caught up with one another, talked about our Christmas plans, and ate until we were ready to burst. My brother and sister in law live in the same town as the Twin so I bribed them with baking to stop over on their way home from 'the city' to take a group photo of us. 

Even with giving away 6 dozen cookies I still had SO much left over. I have made deliveries of baking trays to my parents neighbours that 'socked' us, my parents friends Moe & Smitty, my cousin, the ladies at my part time job, my brother and SIL, my sister and her girls,  my friend Jayden, and to my employees at my full time job. And I STILL have some left! I also still have to make Eat More Bars for my brother (his favourite) and some Poppycock for Christmas Eve. But I love doing it so I don't mind. I don't think there will ever be a time in my life (okay, maybe when I'm 80) when I don't spend two full days baking up a storm. 


  1. Holy cow girl, you did so much baking! I think my attention span/patience is too short for that haha. I can do like one batch and call it good. It all looks and sounds so good though!

  2. I am so very impressed with how many cookies you made. You were like a cookie baking factory!!!!! I love the idea of a cookie swap, but every time I try to pull one off my peeps flake. Guess I just need to come to SK to participate, hahahaha! Merry Christmas!

  3. your food photos are great!!!!


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