December 3, 2015

December Goals...

My favourite month of the year is upon us! It's funny that December is my favourite month considering I despise Winter but Christmas just makes my heart happy so December has that same special place in my heart. My two best friends since elementary school have December birthdays - today and tomorrow - so there has always been lots going on in December, aside from Christmas, as well. I have SO much to do this month, and not that much time to get it done since my hours at my part time job get increase leading up to Christmas and during the week after Christmas. So lets get right to my goals for this month!

December Goals

1. Get my Christmas cards ordered and mailed out
They are sitting in my shopping cart on Shutterfly just waiting on me to complete another project so that my order qualifies for free shipping. 

2. Blog every weekday leading up to Christmas 
I just have SO much to say at this time of the year!

3. Complete at least 50% of Helene's 'Quit Your Job to Blog' course
I have barely made any progress so far so I'm going to force myself to sit down and get through a good chunk of it 

4. Have all my Christmas gifts bought and wrapped by December 13th 
I still haven't found the perfect wrapping paper - I'm a wrapping paper snob - but I'm hoping that I can get some ordered and have it here by the 13th. I still have quite a few gifts left to purchase so I need to get my butt in gear!

5. Host Decembers Wine Club
Next Saturday is Decembers Wine Club and my friends appointed me in charge of this month since they all know I'm crazy for Christmas. I have SO many great ideas - I just hope I can pull them off!

6. Have a Christmas Movie night with my fam jam
I have a bunch of Christmas baking to do for family/friends and for Beaver Cove Cookie Swap and there's always SO much left over so we can munch away on Christmas goodies and watch all the Christmas Classics. Except for Home Alone because its reserved for the Home Alone Drinking Game on Christmas Day

7. Workout at least 4 times/week
Getting back into a routine is hard y'all. It's even harder when there aren't enough hours in the day to even get more than 6 hours of sleep a night. But I will find a way!

8. Read at least 4 books this month
My reading pile just keeps growing and growing. I used to read at least 4 books a weekend so it has been very strange for me to have not gotten through my reading pile 

9. Complete 5 Christmas projects off my Pinterest 'Tis the Season board
Some of these projects have been waiting to be done for at least three years so its about time...

10. Make at least one 'homemade' gift for each of my family members
I love making little gift baskets or putting together homemade gifts so I'm really excited for this!

What are your December Goals? Have you completed your Christmas shopping yet? 


  1. I want to come to your wine club and Christmas movie/baking night! I bet your Christmas events are super festive and awesome. Also...I need to work out even ONE day a week. Yikes. Not having a gym at our new apartment has taken its toll.

  2. great list! i am super awesome at buying christmas gifts but absolutely loathe wrapping. seriously. hopefully i get it done before christmas eve :-|


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