December 11, 2015

K's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part One...

As you all know I LOVE Christmas. Every single thing about it. But one of my favourite things about Christmas is gifting presents. I love finding that perfect something for a family member or friend and seeing the look on their faces when they open it. I've got three Holiday Gift Guides for y'all (mostly aimed at women because the only man in my life is my parents outdoor cat Pepper Dennis...) - and today is part one, Stocking Stuffers under $20

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers by krmathison featuring a polka dot coffee mug
Contigo mugs are my absolute favourite - I have sooo many of them but whenever I see a new colour/design I have to have it. It's a real problem

I'm constantly finding a new song that I love on Sirius/XM and then realizing that I only have $0.30 on my Itunes account and can't download it. Gift cards always come in handy 

Gift cards aren't my favourite gift to give, if I'm giving a gift card its usually as a part of a gift as opposed to being the entire gift, but I think they  make great stocking stuffers and who doesn't love Starbucks?!

I watch Zoella's You Tube videos from time to time and have wanted to try out her bath products since they were first introduced. I just finally found them in Canada a few weeks ago and bought myself the Soak Opera. I haven't tried it out yet because I've been too busy for relaxing baths (that needs to change asap!) but I've heard that its a good product 

I own SO many coffee mugs and everytime I buy a  new one my Mom says 'Another mug?' I just can't help myself - there are so many cute ones!

While in Winnipeg in November I bought a few Christmas gifts at Anthropologie - the ring dishes were so cute that I couldn't resist. I bought my friend Nikki the Umbrella Ring Dish - she's engaged so I thought it was perfect - and I also bought myself (whooops haha) and a friend the Monogrammed Garland Ring Dishes

Monogrammed Mug
I know what you're thinking - 'another mug?!' but these have been on my radar for awhile now and I finally got myself one at Anthropologie while in Winnipeg. I also gifted a fellow coffee loving friend, Mallory, with one for Christmas. They didn't have the Limited Edition Golden Monogram Mug in store while I was there but I added it to my online shopping cart weeks ago and just haven't taken the plunge and hit 'purchase'. It may still happen though...

Make sure to check back for parts two and three of my Holiday Gift Guide. I really should just call it 'all the things I want or have bought myself within the last month'.  It's pretty much a Christmas miracle that I haven't bought myself every single thing that I put into my Gift Guides - I normally see something that I want and buy it right away so actually having some willpower is a miracle!


  1. I went to Starbucks today and was totally awestruck by all the mugs. They have sooooo many cute ones!

  2. Yes to mugs! I'm obsessed with the mugs Starbucks has that are cities/states. I bought both my mom and Michael's mom a Portland one, and bought one for ourselves a few months ago. Before we moved I bought a Washington one for us and for our moms for Christmas, and just this week I found Oregon ones and did the same thing. And I may have fallen in love with a Christmas mug there that I feel like I need.

    I gifted that umbrella ring dish to Michael's sisters last year and I am obsessed with it. I think I need to just go ahead and buy it for myself now.


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