January 28, 2016

Currently (January 2016)...

At some point last year I decided that I wanted to do a 'Currently' post each month using the same prompts (plus more if I have other relevent ones for that specific month). I didn't do one each month last year because I'm pretty sure that it was later in the year that I decided I'd like to have one each month to look back on but in December I decided that I wanted to make sure to do it starting in 2016. Then January arrived and flew by in the blink of an eye and all of a sudden there were only two weekdays left in January to get the post up. BUT I did manage to do it in January, even if it is late in the month, so it still counts!

Reading well... not a whole lot of anything (other than blogs) but that is going to change soon. My reading pile is huge and I'm planning on dedicating some time each night to reading. I used to read 4-5 books per week but now that I work every Sunday and have more things going on in my life I just don't have the time for that anymore. My problem is that once I start a book I have a really hard time putting it down. I'm a fast reader so I like to just start a book and read it until its done. I'm going to work on that though!

Listening to episodes of Bones while I get ready for work every morning. I've recently been listening to it on my drive to work when I work in 'the city' too just to break up the monotony of the drive so I haven't been able to discover any new music on The Highway

Celebrating being 6 days away from being done this round of the Whole30! I can't wait until the real celebration when I'm done on February 3rd. There may be champagne...

Watching Bones whenever I get a chance and Making a Murderer when I'm on the treadmill. I've already fallen behind on new episodes of Pretty Little Liars. They are on the dvr just waiting for a chance when I can catch up  (likely never...)

Drinking water and black coffee. Literally the only things I've drank since January 4th. I bought a case of Dasani Mixed Berry Sparkling Water thinking it would taste great. WRONG. So wrong. I couldn't even finish one of them and now I have a case that is just going to get wasted. Grrr

Waiting for some packages from Old Navy and the Gap to arrive in the mail. Don't worry though, I didn't go over budget at all! My sister recently convinced me to sign up with Ebates.ca and last week Old Navy and the Gap had 18% cash back (score!). I also had a $25.00 gift card so with the cash back I only ended up spending around $30 for 6 items!

Loving that I've been sticking to my new budget. And loving all the goals I have for myself for this year. I'm ready to crush them!

Working on a new schedule for myself to better manage my time. I'm going to give it a whirl and see if it helps things at all

Wearing My favourite grey mocassin shoes, black leggings from American Eagle, and a black jackety thing from Forever 21. I'm also wearing my glasses (which I don't normally do because I hate my current glasses but I slept in my contacts last night so my eyeballs needed a break). Nothing too fancy but mixed it up from my usual Lululemon yoga pants and some sort of sweater (I'm always cold)

Anticipating the end of the Whole30! I'm pretty much anticipating next week in general with Kenton and Kels' birthdays both next week PLUS my consultation in Brandon for my biopsy on my tongue. The sooner I get that over with the better! And I just can't wait to drink champagne and celebrate my baby brother and sister (in law) turning 25!

Making some different Whole30 recipes this week. I made the Pioneer Woman's Crash Hot Potatoes Tuesday night (resulting in an indignant 'why did you squish those potatoes?!' from my Dad haha) and they are SO good - will definitely make them even when I'm not doing Whole30!
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January 27, 2016

29 Before 29...

We're only a few days away from the month of February y'all and I am having a really hard time wrapping my head around that. This past Sunday marked exactly 6 months until I turn 29 (also marked 11 months until Christmas. Not that I'm counting...). Kristie and I both have July birthdays and were just discussing how crazy it is that were only 6 months away from another birthday. Time is just flying by.

Last year I created a 28 Before 28 list for myself and pretty much forgot all about it (whooops). I did the exact same thing with my 30 Before 30 list the first year after I made it.  I really should have created my 28 Before 28 list the day after my birthday, not 6 months later, to give myself a little more time but it is what it is. 

2015 was a year of so many ups and downs and was also one of the busiest years of my life! My brother and sister in law got married (definitely the highlight of the year but definitely accounted for most of the busy-ness!), I traveled to Vegas with two of my best friends to celebrate my sisters Dirty Thirty, and I spent an epic weekend in Minneapolis watching the Blue Jays with my brother and sister in law and fell in love with baseball - just to name a few things. But it was also the year that brought us my Mama's cancer diagnosis (something I haven't talked about yet on this blog because writing out that word is just so scary) and that brought so many fears and doubts. I'll talk more about it when I finally complete my 2015 review but my Mama is doing good and we're just taking things day by day and week by week so it gives me a little bit of relief that 2016 can be a good year for me and my family. 

I was more than ready for 2016 for a fresh start, especially since I have so many financial goals for myself for the first half of this year that I am ready to crush. Since I have a lot of financial goals for this year and have created a pretty strict budget for myself for the first 6 months of this year I've mostly came up with things that won't cost a lot (or that I have already factored into the budget) so I'm confident that I can cross these off before July 24th. I'm also going to print the list off and keep it by my desk at home so that there is no way I can forget about them!

1. Grow my blog readership
2. Complete a t-shirt quilt
3. Save another $3000 towards Operation Down Payment
4. Start working towards a capsule wardrobe
5. Have zero credit card debt
6. Learn to use my DSLR outside of auto mode
7. Come up with a regular cleaning schedule
8. Have Erin makeover KUWK
9. Run another 5K
10. Host a favourite things party
11. Complete 29 Pinterest projects
12. Go on an impromptu weekend trip 
13. Treat myself to a spa day
14. Learn how to edit videos
15. Learn to take *real* days off of work 
16. Watch the Blue Jays vs the Twins at Target Field  May 19-22 2016
17. Take Krickit for more walks
18. Get a new tattoo  June 5 2016
19. Visit my high school BFF Scooby  Easter Break KJK weekend in Yorkton
20. Visit a new state Visited Pepin & Chippewa Falls, WI June 27 2016
21. Complete another round of the Whole30 (not counting the one I'm 7 days away from finishing)           May 4 2016
22. Make plans for December 2016 trip to NYC
23. Master crow pose
24. Start a savings plan for Yoga Teacher Training
25. Get to my weight loss goal AND feel comfortable in a bathing suit
26. Spend an entire paycheque at Target
27. Read 15 books
28. Get my braces off (fingers crossed!)
29. Take each of my nieces out for a fun girls day
A lot of my list is repeated from my 28 Before 28 list since I didn't complete hardly any of them (due to forgetting completely about it) but I am SO excited to work on these things and cross them off. Check back in July to see what I've managed to cross off. I'm really hoping for all of them (especially getting my braces off!!)

January 26, 2016

Whole30 Week 3...

We are ONE week away from the end of the Whole30 y'all. One week! I just put another huge X on my calendar in red Sharpie and it felt so good. We're in the home stretch and it honestly seems like the whole month of January has just flown by. I'll take it because the last two times I've done the Whole30 the time seemed to go by sooo slow. I don't think it helped that both of those times I had trips planned right afterwards so the countdown for those trips was on as well... I'm not sure that I 'win' this time around though since I don't have a concrete vacation in my future (just throwing myself a pity party over here) to look forward to. This is why I need wine and am anxiously awaiting February 3rd! 

I'm still pretty much eating the exact same things as the last three weeks though I did try a couple new things. I made these country breakfast potatoes (using ghee instead of butter) and ate them with two fried eggs - they were SO good dipped in the yolk (that's when I really miss toast). 

I also had some bacon for the first time this Whole30 but since I'm not a huge fan to begin with it wasn't that enjoyable. Fried eggs, bananas, cucumbers with salt and vinegar, and roasted potatoes are still my best friends. I gave myself a break from eating chicken so that I wouldn't hate chicken after the Whole30 and I think the little break I gave myself was good enough and I will probably have some for supper tonight and make a few extra for meals for the rest of the week. I really should have everything written out for what I'll be eating but I've been flying by the seat of my pants and so far its worked so we'll just go with it for the last week. 

Some of my clothes are already fitting looser (wahooo!) so if that isn't reason enough to do this then I don't know what is! I'm not really craving anything but I do miss being able to eat popcorn or chips while watching a movie or being able to have a glass of wine whenever I want. I also haven't really left my house other than for work for the past 22 days so I haven't really put myself into a situation where I might be tempted. I'm definitely looking forward to getting together with my friends in February though. Being in 'hibernation' mode is no fun! I also think its really helped that I've gotten myself back into a fitness routine while doing the Whole30 so that when its over I can continue with these new habits. I keep telling myself that 2016 is my year so I better make sure to make it happen!

I've already been looking ahead to Spring and trying to see when I could do another round of the Whole30. After much thought and a few times of picking a date to start and then realizing there was a conflict I finally settled on April 4th as a start date. Easter is early this year so it didn't conflict with that and I would be done just in time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Mexican food and margaritas (priorities y'all). It seemed perfect. Then just as I was getting ready to start planning for it I realized I had made one BIG mistake - not factoring in baseball season. The Blue Jays home opener is - you guessed it - April 4th. And there's just no way I can celebrate the start of baseball season without a few beers! I've only been waiting since October for it! So back to the drawing board I go...

The Breakup Challenge

January 22, 2016

Five on Friday...

I've been really consistent with my workouts this past week between the elliptical, treadmill, and yoga. It helps that a friend of mine started a Workweek Hustle challenge on Fitbit to make sure that I'm exceeding my step goal each day. I'm going to throw Ripped in 30 into the mix next week to and then see what the results are after 30 days and see what needs to be tweaked. I'm ready for 2016 to be the year I'm in the best shape of my life!

I started watching Making a Murderer on Wednesday night and I have SO many thoughts on the show. I watch it on Netflix while I'm on the treadmill and though it can be a bit slow at times I'm so engrossed in it that it makes my workout fly by. I only let myself watch it while I'm on the treadmill though so everyday I'm actually super excited to hop on my treadmill because I get to watch a new episode - its good motivation! 

My brother and sister in law got back from their honeymoon in Punta Cana yesterday and all of their stories just make me even more sad that I don't have any concrete vacation plans in my near future. My friend Jayden just got back from a vacation to the Dominican too and another friend is currently in Jamaica and seeing all their pictures just makes me a super sad panda. It really didn't help that I saw my cousin Starley yesterday for the first time since she got back from Vegas after Christmas and she was telling me about all they did while they were there. I miss Vegas SO much and I was just there in July! If it were easier for a Canadian to move to the US I would have moved to Vegas years ago...

Add caption

It seems like everyone but me has a hot holiday planned this Winter :(
Budgeting is going pretty good. I went a little over budget this month but only due to the Whole30 and needing more money for groceries than usual and a little more for fuel because of my orthodontist appointment in the Queen City and working extra shifts at my job in 'the city'. My list of things I need to buy once my budget has a little more breathing room is just getting longer and longer though....

My brother and his wife have birthdays three days apart and are both turning 25 in 11 and 14 days respectively and that has me freaking out a little (okay, a lot) because he's my baby brother and I feel like I blinked and he went from the little boy we called Bam Bam (or Cathy...) to this adult with his own family and it just makes me want to drink lots and lots of wine but I can't because I'm on the Whole30 and that just stresses me out even more. (Ooooffta that was a run on sentence but you get the gist right?! haha)  Only 12 more days of the Whole30 and then I can drown my sorrows in wine the day after his birthday... We're trying to make some plans to celebrate their birthdays since they will only turn 25 once and it makes me super happy to think that I can go out to a restaurant and eat a good meal (that hasn't happened since beginning of December probably!) and have some drinks. I definitely miss alcohol more than anything while on the Whole30!

Happy Friday y'all! Drink a glass (or two) of wine for me please!

January 19, 2016

Whole 30 Week 2...

I've made it to the halfway point y'all! Today is Day SIXTEEN of the Whole30 - hallelujah! I have a calendar that I dedicated to the Whole30 and each day I get so much satisfaction taking a red pen and crossing out the previous day - especially the closer it gets to the end! In my experience the last half of the Whole30 is the easiest, though I find that Days 28-30 are hard. You're so close but yet it still seems so far away. I'll take Day 28 over Day 16 any time though - I can't wait until it gets here! 

I'm a little excited to be at the halfway point...
I finally started getting back into a fitness routine (after 4 months... ughhh). I've been doing yoga in the mornings and then using my treadmill for an hour most nights, running intervals and walking on high incline. I'll also be starting Ripped in 30 again real soon and I've been contemplating giving the 21 Day Fix a go. Anyone done it that has good or bad things to say about it? A couple people that I know are Beachbody coaches and they go on and on about how great Beachbody is but they're getting paid to say it so I'm iffy about it. If you have done it let me know what your experience was please!

I was in the Queen City last Friday for an orthodontist appointment and I couldn't get that close to Starbucks and not get myself some so I stopped and got myself a grande iced black coffee and I was SO surprised that I actually really enjoyed it. The barista seemed a little shocked that I didn't want any milk or sweetener in it, and it was no Caramel Macchiato, but I actually did enjoy it. I think I prefer black coffee iced over hot which is good to know! The fact that I can not only tolerate black coffee but am even enjoying it is completely mind blowing to me!


This is me anytime I go to the city. It adds up to a lot of calories in one day...

What I've been eating hasn't changed too much from last week, though I have made some lean ground beef meatballs with some seasoning to eat with roasted potatoes and also made egg 'muffins' with chopped spinach, peppers, and pepper for seasoning for breakfasts.  I bought a roasted chicken at Safeway while in the 'Queen City' so that was also a nice break from just regular chicken breast.  I have some leftover ground beef that I'm planning on making Paleo meatloaf with and then its back to Pinterest to find some new ideas. All I can say is its a good thing that they changed the rules for Whole30 and allowed white/red potatoes in or else I would starve every day. I haven't experimented too much with potatoes yet, I've just been mostly sticking with hashbrowns and roasted potatoes, but I found some good approved recipes on Pinterest that I'm excited to try once I get some time to do some more prep!

The hardest part about all of this is the fact that Krickit and I are living with my parents (which is great, don't get me wrong - I'm so thankful for their support while I save to buy a house!) and I can't cook a meal for myself each night. I get off work around 5:00 every night, which is the time that my Mom is making supper at home, so I'm not able to cook myself anything at that time. What I've been doing is meal prepping on Sundays and having that last me for breakfasts, lunches, and suppers throughout the week OR making myself eggs at 8:00 at night when I have the kitchen to myself, because at that time I don't have the energy to actually cook a real meal.  It would be a lot easier if I were just able to cook a meal for myself around regular suppertime - especially because I can't stand the taste of microwaved meat (I swear the taste changes!) - but that's not in the cards so I'm just trying to make it work. 

I'm definitely ready for the Tiger Blood to kick in after working a 12 hour day yesterday between both jobs - heres hoping it will make an appearance soon!

The Breakup Challenge

January 13, 2016

Getting Back At It...

Last night I finally got back at it and I did 64 minutes on my new to me (since October) treadmill. There is absolutely no chance of getting out for a walk or a run during the winter in SK due to icy and snow covered roads (and -30 weather) so I was excited to get my treadmill for a steal of a deal on Facebook. It's basically brand new - I bought it from a friend of my aunts that hardly used it and it has all the bells and whistles and I just love it! It even has a fan to blow on me when I feel like I'm going to die - huge bonus! I need some treadmill lubricant for it - hence the reason why I haven't used it since I bought it - but finally said eff it and got on it.  I've been binge watching episodes of Bones (again) so it was easy to do 64 minutes when I had two episodes of it to watch. And considering I haven't ran since September (terrible, I know) I didn't do half bad! #2016ismyyear #isecretlyhaterunning #everythinghurtstoday

I'm getting to that point in the Whole30 where nothing is appetizing so I just don't even feel like eating - terrible, I know. I had to force myself to eat supper last night (and the night before I was asleep by 6:00 pm so I didn't even eat supper). Obviously that is not a good thing so I think I might have to move some money around in my budget so that I can go buy some different groceries so that I am actually wanting to eat #20moredays #onethirdofthewaydone #ithinkicanithinkican

Pretty Little Liars finally returned last night and I was completely underwhelmed by the episode. I'm not a big fan of time jumps in shows and the #5yearsforward thing so far isn't doing it for me #idontlikechange #bringbackezria #whycantihavetheliarsclosets

I got my hair trimmed on Monday and my nails re-done (much needed considering they were a Christmas design and I had filed half of them off...) and it was so refreshing. I was feeling down about my holiday weight gain and pampering myself a little bit definitely helped with that. #whycantsomeonedomyhairformeeveryday #blewmybudgetcompletely

I cannot get the button for #HashtagHumpday to work for some reason :( #technologicallychallenged
But make sure you visit Laura and Lauren and leave them some love!

Happy Humpday Y'all!

January 12, 2016

Whole30 Week 1...

Today is Day 9 of the Whole30 and so far I haven't killed anyone so that is definitely a plus! This third time around has been waaaay easier than the past two times I have done it, I think just because I know what to expect now and I have better ideas of what to eat. 

I'm right on with the timeline of how I should be feeling at this point in the Whole30. The first few days I had terrible headaches from the lack of sugar (I went crazy over Christmas eating all the sugar-y things), then I was completely exhausted for a few days - falling asleep at 7 pm kind of exhausted!, and the last two days I'm at the 'for the love of Gosling my pants are TIGHTER' phase and its full on bloat city around here. The first few days are the hardest for me, though the timeline says that Days 10-11 are the hardest and the days that you are most likely to quit the Whole30 so I just need to push through over the next few days!
What I've been eating the past 9 days:

Breakfasts: Bananas, grapes, & hashbrown potatos (cubed potatoes baked in oven with some approved seasoning)

Lunches/Suppers:  Fried eggs seasoned with salt and pepper and cucumbers with vinegar and salt,  roasted potoates (diced potatoes with olive olive, kosher salt, and garlic powder), baked chicken breast (with approved seasoning), and either sliced cucumbers with vinegar or a hard boiled egg OR mixed green salads with diced peppers and cucumbers, baked chicken breast (with approved seasoning) and a oil/vinegar dressing, and either a mandarin orange or a hard boiled egg. 

Snacks: Sliced apples with almond butter (SO good!), hard boiled eggs, sliced cucumber with vinegar and salt, and bananas. This is the first time I've tried almond butter - I could never find it around here and then just as I was finishing up the Whole30 last May I found it at Costco but never tried it until now. I've been missing out!

As you can see, I'm pretty much eating the exact same thing every single day. So far its working for me but I know soon enough I'll be bored of it. I have lots of recipes that I could make that are tried and true from doing the Whole30 in the past and also newer ones that sound good that I've found on Pinterest, but right now what I am eating fits within my budget and one of my goals for the new year (post on this soon!) is not to use a credit card at all so I'm just working with what I have at the moment. Days 15-30 will most likely have some different foods thrown in there because if I keep eating all this chicken I'm going to turn into a chicken!

Downsides to this round of the Whole30: I can't eat almonds this go around (braces, ugh) and that was one of my go to snacks the first time I did the Whole30. Also, the CAD to USD exchange rate is SO terrible right now and normally I would make a trip down to Minot to grab some Whole30 approved groceries that I can't get in Canada but that's just not happening this go around with the way the dollar is. Also, I don't like sweet potatoes and SO many recipes include sweet potaotes. I just can't do it. I love potatoes and they shouldn't taste sweet!

Upsides to this round of the Whole30: I have actually started liking black coffee! I haven't been able to stand black coffee in probably 12 years - I drink my coffee with French Vanilla creamer when not doing the Whole30-  so that is a huge win already for me! It's only taken me three rounds of the Whole30 to get to this point but I'm there now so its great! The first time I did the Whole30 I tried to drink black coffee for the first few days and it just wasn't happening so I gave up coffee completely during that round (and it was horrible) and the second round I used a little bit of unsweetened almond milk in my coffee but this time I was determined to drink it black and what do you know - it worked!

I haven't started working out yet - the last two times I did the Whole30 I didn't work out once during the entire 30 days and managed to lose close to 15 lbs each time but this time I am wanting to get back at my fitness goals with it being the New Year (and get back to my bridesmaid weight...) so tonight I am getting back into a fitness routine. The exhausted phase is over and I've got a schedule written up so fingers crossed I can get back to it!

The Breakup Challenge

January 8, 2016

Finally Friday...

We're already 8 days into the New Year people. Eight days. Wasn't Christmas yesterday?! 

My Mama took down her Christmas tree yesterday and if I would have been able to drink wine I would have downed two bottles to drown my sorrows. Taking down Christmas is my least favourite thing ever. Which is why my Christmas tree, decor, and all my Christmas cards will be up until at least Valentine's Day. At least

Today is Day FIVE of the Whole30 and after doing this twice already I have to admit that it does get easier and easier each time. I'm proably going to be sick of chicken, hard boiled eggs, cucumbers with vinegar,  roasted potatoes, grapes, and apples with almond butter by this time next week but for now its working for me. Tomorrow night I'm going to watch 'Sisters' (so excited to see my two bffs back together!) with my siblings and saying no to the popcorn is going to be hard y'all. 

I had a dentist appointment for a filling yesterday afternoon - it was actually just the start of a cavity in one of my wisdom teeth so it was an easy peasy fix - I would have been out of the dentists office within 20 minutes from start to finish. Would have. If it weren't for these two tiny spots on my tongue that the hygienist noticed (that appeared after my list visit to their office on November 30th). My dentist was dealing with a difficult patient (a kid screamed the entire hour it took to do his filling) so I had to wait an extra 30 minutes for him to be done with that patient just for him to come take a look at my tongue. He was completely stumped so he referred me to a surgical clinic in Brandon, over 2 hours away, to get a biopsy done on my tongue. To the tune of almost $300 dollars. At least I'll get Starbucks out of the trip...

My travel buddy Scooby, one of my closest friends since Grade Two, texted me early in the week to see if I wanted to go to Birmingham, Alabama with her either over February break or Easter break (she's a teacher so her travel plans have to revolve around school holidays). Her friend Mri is a doctor at a hospital in Birmingham so we would only have to pay for our travel, not for a place to stay, saving us money on the trip. When Scooby and I went to NYC/Pennsylvania in Summer 2012 it was to visit Mri who at that time was living in Harrisburg doing part of her residency. That trip cost me less than a trip to Vegas (which is also fairly inexpensive thanks to flying Allegiant) - crazy, right?! I've told Scooby that Mri just needs to move every year so that we can visit a new city every year on the cheap! So now we are debating whether we should drive or fly. The drive is 25 hours (I did the drive to Texas in 27 hours straight) PLUS we could hit up Memphis on the drive down. I'm still trying to figure out whether I can work it into my budget but fingers crossed that it all works out and I can add a new travel destination to my list (since I'm constantly going back to the same places...). 

Other than going to to the movie tomorrow night and working as usual on Sunday I don't have any plans for the weekend. I have some things on my to do list to knock off - like finishing up a few posts for next week, working on Helene's 'Quit Your Job to Blog' course a bit more, and working on my reading pile - but otherwise it will be a low key weekend. Which is good, because the temperature is supposed to dip below -30 and I'm not willing to leave my house in that if I don't absolutely have to. 

Have a great weekend y'all!

January 4, 2016

Happy Twenty-Sixteen!

Happy twenty-sixteen y'all -  I hope you had a safe and happy New Year! I actually made it to midnight this year, though I did have an hour nap on the couch after work to make that possible. Last year I made it until 11:45 and I could not keep my eyes open for 15 minutes longer. You know you're getting old when...

My brother and sister in law and sister came over to my parents house and we played games and had a few drinks - it was super low key. My sister in law actually won a round of one of the games which I don't think has ever happened before. In our Welcome to the Family speech at the wedding my sister and I told Kelsey that we still call dibs out on her being our partner for family game night - we may have to rethink that now! My two nieces even made it until midnight somehow - must have been the sugar. I had a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge and we forgot to drink it (how does that happen?!). That's how low key my New Years Eve was, but I honestly can't even remember the last time I went out to celebrate NYE!

My Christmas was great - I got to spend it with my loved ones and that's what Christmas is all about. My Mama once again made an ah-mazing Christmas supper and I'm still full just thinking about it!
We kept traditions alive - though we still have to watch Christopher the Christmas Tree because somehow that tradition got forgot (the horror!) - which is one of my favourite things about the Christmas season. I had super big plans of getting a big start on decluttering and organizing once Christmas was over but laying in bed watching Christmas movies, binge eating all.the.things, and being depressed that Christmas was over won out over anything else. Whoops

After eating all.the.things I'm ready for another round of the Whole30 to start today. Well, I'm actually not ready whatsoever but I do my best work when its done last minute (or so I tell myself) so I'm sure I'll do fine. I've done the Whole30 twice before, with great results, and I'm ready to kick start the New Year by getting myself back to where I was for my brother's wedding! The last two times I've done the Whole30 my family was doing it as well - this time its just me but my friend Lo is also starting another round of it today so at least I'll have her to keep accountable with! Lo and Amy actually have a 30 day challenge - the Breakup Challenge - that you can link up with if you are also kickstarting the New Year by breaking up with some bad habits!

I worked pretty much full time at my second job during the last two weeks of December, hence the lack of any posts from me during that time. But I also spent lots of time during my few days off over Christmas to come up with the start of a plan for what I what from my blog for 2016 - so stay tuned!