January 8, 2016

Finally Friday...

We're already 8 days into the New Year people. Eight days. Wasn't Christmas yesterday?! 

My Mama took down her Christmas tree yesterday and if I would have been able to drink wine I would have downed two bottles to drown my sorrows. Taking down Christmas is my least favourite thing ever. Which is why my Christmas tree, decor, and all my Christmas cards will be up until at least Valentine's Day. At least

Today is Day FIVE of the Whole30 and after doing this twice already I have to admit that it does get easier and easier each time. I'm proably going to be sick of chicken, hard boiled eggs, cucumbers with vinegar,  roasted potatoes, grapes, and apples with almond butter by this time next week but for now its working for me. Tomorrow night I'm going to watch 'Sisters' (so excited to see my two bffs back together!) with my siblings and saying no to the popcorn is going to be hard y'all. 

I had a dentist appointment for a filling yesterday afternoon - it was actually just the start of a cavity in one of my wisdom teeth so it was an easy peasy fix - I would have been out of the dentists office within 20 minutes from start to finish. Would have. If it weren't for these two tiny spots on my tongue that the hygienist noticed (that appeared after my list visit to their office on November 30th). My dentist was dealing with a difficult patient (a kid screamed the entire hour it took to do his filling) so I had to wait an extra 30 minutes for him to be done with that patient just for him to come take a look at my tongue. He was completely stumped so he referred me to a surgical clinic in Brandon, over 2 hours away, to get a biopsy done on my tongue. To the tune of almost $300 dollars. At least I'll get Starbucks out of the trip...

My travel buddy Scooby, one of my closest friends since Grade Two, texted me early in the week to see if I wanted to go to Birmingham, Alabama with her either over February break or Easter break (she's a teacher so her travel plans have to revolve around school holidays). Her friend Mri is a doctor at a hospital in Birmingham so we would only have to pay for our travel, not for a place to stay, saving us money on the trip. When Scooby and I went to NYC/Pennsylvania in Summer 2012 it was to visit Mri who at that time was living in Harrisburg doing part of her residency. That trip cost me less than a trip to Vegas (which is also fairly inexpensive thanks to flying Allegiant) - crazy, right?! I've told Scooby that Mri just needs to move every year so that we can visit a new city every year on the cheap! So now we are debating whether we should drive or fly. The drive is 25 hours (I did the drive to Texas in 27 hours straight) PLUS we could hit up Memphis on the drive down. I'm still trying to figure out whether I can work it into my budget but fingers crossed that it all works out and I can add a new travel destination to my list (since I'm constantly going back to the same places...). 

Other than going to to the movie tomorrow night and working as usual on Sunday I don't have any plans for the weekend. I have some things on my to do list to knock off - like finishing up a few posts for next week, working on Helene's 'Quit Your Job to Blog' course a bit more, and working on my reading pile - but otherwise it will be a low key weekend. Which is good, because the temperature is supposed to dip below -30 and I'm not willing to leave my house in that if I don't absolutely have to. 

Have a great weekend y'all!


  1. Birmingham would be awesome! I hope you can go! I also really want to see Sisters. That sucks about the biopsy! Ugh, $300?! But hopefully it turns out to be nothing!

  2. oooh i want to see sisters! i have no one to see it with, so i will wait for dvd. that also means i can avoid the popcorn and snacks because it is so hard to say no to it when i'm there. that is terrifying about your tongue, hope everything is okay!

  3. omg i hate the dentist!!! i would have been that child screaming hahaha

  4. -30 eek!! Those are the days to stay inside with wine for sure! That trip sounds awesome, at first I was skeptical of the drive but if you can pack in even more cities I think it's worth 25 hours in a car!

    Happy Sunday!


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