January 19, 2016

Whole 30 Week 2...

I've made it to the halfway point y'all! Today is Day SIXTEEN of the Whole30 - hallelujah! I have a calendar that I dedicated to the Whole30 and each day I get so much satisfaction taking a red pen and crossing out the previous day - especially the closer it gets to the end! In my experience the last half of the Whole30 is the easiest, though I find that Days 28-30 are hard. You're so close but yet it still seems so far away. I'll take Day 28 over Day 16 any time though - I can't wait until it gets here! 

I'm a little excited to be at the halfway point...
I finally started getting back into a fitness routine (after 4 months... ughhh). I've been doing yoga in the mornings and then using my treadmill for an hour most nights, running intervals and walking on high incline. I'll also be starting Ripped in 30 again real soon and I've been contemplating giving the 21 Day Fix a go. Anyone done it that has good or bad things to say about it? A couple people that I know are Beachbody coaches and they go on and on about how great Beachbody is but they're getting paid to say it so I'm iffy about it. If you have done it let me know what your experience was please!

I was in the Queen City last Friday for an orthodontist appointment and I couldn't get that close to Starbucks and not get myself some so I stopped and got myself a grande iced black coffee and I was SO surprised that I actually really enjoyed it. The barista seemed a little shocked that I didn't want any milk or sweetener in it, and it was no Caramel Macchiato, but I actually did enjoy it. I think I prefer black coffee iced over hot which is good to know! The fact that I can not only tolerate black coffee but am even enjoying it is completely mind blowing to me!


This is me anytime I go to the city. It adds up to a lot of calories in one day...

What I've been eating hasn't changed too much from last week, though I have made some lean ground beef meatballs with some seasoning to eat with roasted potatoes and also made egg 'muffins' with chopped spinach, peppers, and pepper for seasoning for breakfasts.  I bought a roasted chicken at Safeway while in the 'Queen City' so that was also a nice break from just regular chicken breast.  I have some leftover ground beef that I'm planning on making Paleo meatloaf with and then its back to Pinterest to find some new ideas. All I can say is its a good thing that they changed the rules for Whole30 and allowed white/red potatoes in or else I would starve every day. I haven't experimented too much with potatoes yet, I've just been mostly sticking with hashbrowns and roasted potatoes, but I found some good approved recipes on Pinterest that I'm excited to try once I get some time to do some more prep!

The hardest part about all of this is the fact that Krickit and I are living with my parents (which is great, don't get me wrong - I'm so thankful for their support while I save to buy a house!) and I can't cook a meal for myself each night. I get off work around 5:00 every night, which is the time that my Mom is making supper at home, so I'm not able to cook myself anything at that time. What I've been doing is meal prepping on Sundays and having that last me for breakfasts, lunches, and suppers throughout the week OR making myself eggs at 8:00 at night when I have the kitchen to myself, because at that time I don't have the energy to actually cook a real meal.  It would be a lot easier if I were just able to cook a meal for myself around regular suppertime - especially because I can't stand the taste of microwaved meat (I swear the taste changes!) - but that's not in the cards so I'm just trying to make it work. 

I'm definitely ready for the Tiger Blood to kick in after working a 12 hour day yesterday between both jobs - heres hoping it will make an appearance soon!

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  1. Keep at it, lady!!!! I know you will get to the finish line!!! I agree days 28-30 are super tough cause all you can see is the finish line.

  2. You're doing awesome!!! Super excited and motivated to keep going. U got dis.

  3. Oh my gosh I totally agree about 21 Day Fix or basically ANYTHING that people are selling. It's like yes, I know you're going to say you love it because you want me to buy it. I would need someone not getting paid to tell me about something like that too. I wish I enjoyed black coffee. I feel like that's such a good place to cut calories/fat/sugar without a huge change to your diet. Too bad at work it's crappy Folger's and there's no way I could drink that black!

  4. Same here, I'm really needing that Tigers Blood! That's tough about the shared kitchen thing, that would definitely make it hard for me too. Still eggs are delicious and easy, so if that's what you get oh well right? Sounds like you we're able to mix it up this week. I really want to do meat balls too, we'll see if I can get it figured out this week. We're so close! We can do this!

  5. You go girl!!! I am seriously impressed! And YAY for treadmill workouts :) Egg muffins are seriously our go-to breakfast over here- love making them and being able to switch up what we put in them if we want, too!

  6. Just thought I would comment quickly on the 21 day Fix. I am a personal trainer/group fitness instructor but bought the 21 day fix for the days I can't make it to the gym and so I don't have to plan my own workouts haha. I personally do not like the pre-portioned containers that you have to stick to. It required way too much prep work and I was constantly stressing over it. As for the workouts though, they are pretty top notch. It provides a great assortment (ie. yoga, pilates, lower fix, cardio fix, etc) and it's great that they are only 30 minutes and provide modifications for all levels!

  7. you go girl! i agree with meat tasting different in the microwave. i'm the worst at leftovers (or preparing meals early and then reheating). good job on the treadmill workouts girl!


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