January 12, 2016

Whole30 Week 1...

Today is Day 9 of the Whole30 and so far I haven't killed anyone so that is definitely a plus! This third time around has been waaaay easier than the past two times I have done it, I think just because I know what to expect now and I have better ideas of what to eat. 

I'm right on with the timeline of how I should be feeling at this point in the Whole30. The first few days I had terrible headaches from the lack of sugar (I went crazy over Christmas eating all the sugar-y things), then I was completely exhausted for a few days - falling asleep at 7 pm kind of exhausted!, and the last two days I'm at the 'for the love of Gosling my pants are TIGHTER' phase and its full on bloat city around here. The first few days are the hardest for me, though the timeline says that Days 10-11 are the hardest and the days that you are most likely to quit the Whole30 so I just need to push through over the next few days!
What I've been eating the past 9 days:

Breakfasts: Bananas, grapes, & hashbrown potatos (cubed potatoes baked in oven with some approved seasoning)

Lunches/Suppers:  Fried eggs seasoned with salt and pepper and cucumbers with vinegar and salt,  roasted potoates (diced potatoes with olive olive, kosher salt, and garlic powder), baked chicken breast (with approved seasoning), and either sliced cucumbers with vinegar or a hard boiled egg OR mixed green salads with diced peppers and cucumbers, baked chicken breast (with approved seasoning) and a oil/vinegar dressing, and either a mandarin orange or a hard boiled egg. 

Snacks: Sliced apples with almond butter (SO good!), hard boiled eggs, sliced cucumber with vinegar and salt, and bananas. This is the first time I've tried almond butter - I could never find it around here and then just as I was finishing up the Whole30 last May I found it at Costco but never tried it until now. I've been missing out!

As you can see, I'm pretty much eating the exact same thing every single day. So far its working for me but I know soon enough I'll be bored of it. I have lots of recipes that I could make that are tried and true from doing the Whole30 in the past and also newer ones that sound good that I've found on Pinterest, but right now what I am eating fits within my budget and one of my goals for the new year (post on this soon!) is not to use a credit card at all so I'm just working with what I have at the moment. Days 15-30 will most likely have some different foods thrown in there because if I keep eating all this chicken I'm going to turn into a chicken!

Downsides to this round of the Whole30: I can't eat almonds this go around (braces, ugh) and that was one of my go to snacks the first time I did the Whole30. Also, the CAD to USD exchange rate is SO terrible right now and normally I would make a trip down to Minot to grab some Whole30 approved groceries that I can't get in Canada but that's just not happening this go around with the way the dollar is. Also, I don't like sweet potatoes and SO many recipes include sweet potaotes. I just can't do it. I love potatoes and they shouldn't taste sweet!

Upsides to this round of the Whole30: I have actually started liking black coffee! I haven't been able to stand black coffee in probably 12 years - I drink my coffee with French Vanilla creamer when not doing the Whole30-  so that is a huge win already for me! It's only taken me three rounds of the Whole30 to get to this point but I'm there now so its great! The first time I did the Whole30 I tried to drink black coffee for the first few days and it just wasn't happening so I gave up coffee completely during that round (and it was horrible) and the second round I used a little bit of unsweetened almond milk in my coffee but this time I was determined to drink it black and what do you know - it worked!

I haven't started working out yet - the last two times I did the Whole30 I didn't work out once during the entire 30 days and managed to lose close to 15 lbs each time but this time I am wanting to get back at my fitness goals with it being the New Year (and get back to my bridesmaid weight...) so tonight I am getting back into a fitness routine. The exhausted phase is over and I've got a schedule written up so fingers crossed I can get back to it!

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  1. great job sticking to it girl!
    i love potatoes too, and agree about sweet potatoes. i buy cut up sweet potatoes and sometimes have them on the side, plain, but i don't like when people make them super sweet like at thanksgiving. blecch.

  2. I haven't worked out yet other than a volleyball game either, but I plan on trying some barre classes next week! Maybe something this weekend too, we'll see how I feel. Sounds like you have it all figured out friend. I can drink black coffee if it's iced...it seems less bitter to me then and I also want to try cold brewing at home. Have you done that? Anyways good work!! We totally have this, week one is the worst in my opinion!

  3. My husband has been doing whole30 on and off for over a year (sometimes full force, sometimes modified) and he loves it. He loves sweet potatoes but he was happy when they added regular potatoes to the program. He just started another round and added daily gym visits so he's hoping to shed a lot this time around.

  4. I am impressed by everyone doing Whole 30! You can probably make a lot of those recipes with regular potatoes instead of sweet, right?? Good luck!!

  5. This is awesome! You are my hero doing round 3, I hope I can keep going and get at least 2 in this year. Last year I just did one. Ok, so almond, macadamia and cashew butter are my saving grace on Whole30. I could not get thru without them! Thanks for linking up and keep on going, you are rocking it!


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