February 26, 2016

Galentines Blogger Exchange...

I LOVE giving gifts - if I wasn't always on such a tight budget I'd probably make myself go broke just buying small gifts for other people - so when Mattie and Olya announced the Galentines Blogger Exchange I signed up right away. I participated in their Blogger Christmas Cheer Exchange as well and when my package didn't arrive I was feeling a little bummed. Imagine my surprise when weeks later I go to pick up my mail to find a package all the way from Australia - no wonder it didn't come in time! 

I gifted Candace at Lovely Little Rants and was gifted by Meg at Borrowed Heaven. I love everything she sent - she really hit it out of the park! I was so excited to find the package waiting for me at home on Saturday when I got back from Yorkton - good mail days are the best!

I can't wait to try out the Land O Lakes mixes - you can't get those here in the GWN and its nice to switch up my regular coffee with french vanilla creamer every once in awhile (self proclaimed coffee addict right here...). I am also a nail polish addict and have quite a collection and love adding to it. It was actually on my to do list for the weekend to redo my nails (they are chipping so bad and that gives me mega anxiety) so I will definitely be trying out these new polishes!

I also got some hair ties (the kind that don't leave bumps - score!), an elf lip gloss, straws with name tags (my crafty hearts loves that!), and a pair of earrings. 

But the part I was most excited about? Those Yankee Candle Vent Sticks! A couple years ago I participated in a blog exchange and that's how I first 'met' my blog friend Kate (who turned into an IRL friend when we met up when I visited the Twin Cities for the first time) and part of her gift was Yankee Candle Vent Sticks for my SUV Eleanor. Just the other day I was cleaning up the inside of Eleanor (it looked like I lived in her) and finally threw away the last vent stick - it had lost any kind of smell loooong ago but again its another thing I can't get here in the GWN so I couldn't replace it. Now I can! 

Thank you SO much for the gifts Meg - you nailed it!

February 25, 2016

Currently (February 2016)...

I know I say this every single month but how the hell is it the end of February already?! I know its a shorter month but still! I swear I was just finishing the Whole30 and now its almost been a month since I finished and I'm only a month and a few days away from starting another one (why did I decide that again?!) Time is flying by and I'm okay with it for now (until Spring hits) but when it gets nice out I would like to actually be able to enjoy the time. I mean, I do turn 30 next year and I'm not in any hurry for it to get here... 

Anywhoodle. I realized that I only had a few weekdays left in this month and since tomorrow I have my post for the Galentines Swap link up (make sure to check back for that!) that only left two other days for me to get in my monthly Currently post. So here it is!

Reading nothing. Ugh. I'm such a failure. I haven't made a dent in my reading pile at all. I was going to start reading Go Set a Watchman (I've only had it for about 6 months but have been hesitant to read it based on reviews) but I was really tired the night I started and didn't have the attention span to follow along. I kept reading the same page over and over so I called it a night. Now that Harper Lee has passed away my next book is going to be a re-read of To Kill A Mockingbird (for the trillionth time) and then I will re attempt that one

Listening to old school music from high school dance days. Toni and I went to Yorkton on the weekend to visit Scooby and we listened to some old school music as we reminisced. Most of it was rap music (we used to drive around for hours listening to Ludacris, DMX, Eminem, etc. Oh to be in high school again... haha) and I realized it makes for a great running playlist. I think I'm going to finally bite the bullet and get Spotify. That's what Scooby has to make all these playlists and I was loving the mix of the music but don't want to pay to download each song in Itunes 

Celebrating the end of February and the fact that Spring has made an early appearance (though I know we haven't seen the last of Winter quite yet). Only 23 more days!

I actually laughed out loud when I found this because this is the story of my life. Being allergic to the outdoors is no fun in the spring time!

Watching the new season of The Mindy Project. I was so pumped when Netflix emailed me to tell me that Season 4 was finally on Netflix. Also still watching Bones and Making a Murderer though I took a little break from the latter so that I wouldn't be mad when it was all done. Plus I just get really stabby when I think about the injustice of it all and needed a break from all the stabby feelings

Drinking coffee and water like its my job, same as last month. Though now I'm back to putting creamer in my coffee. Yesterday I drank 4 cups of coffee and I couldn't fall asleep until after 2 am - big mistake! My alarm went off way too early this morning and it's 6 am as I write this and I feel like I haven't had a wink of sleep. Ay caramba. I really haven't drank a whole lot since finishing the Whole30 - just twice actually. Once when in Brandon for Kenton/Kels birthdays and then this past weekend while in Yorkton. Gone are the days of nightly glasses of wine. Scooby made a delicious Caramel Apple Sangria while we were there and I think I will have to recreate that soon!

Waiting for May Long to get here because we just bought our Blue Jays tickets! The countdown is on - less than 3 months until we take on the Twin Cities again and call Sneaky Petes our second home. I can't wait!

Loving the Workweek Hustle challenges I've been doing on FitBit. They are SO motivating! I've been averaging 15K steps lately (my goal is 10K a day) just because I am competitive af and want to beat everybody! haha 

Working at both jobs again today. I usually only work one weekday afternoon every other week and then every Sunday at my second job but this week I work both Wed/Thur afternoon in 'the city'. Hence the need for the extra cups of coffee yesterday!

Wearing all the comfy clothes. I need to do some clothes shopping desperately but the last time I ordered things online absolutely every single items was too big so I think I need to actually get somewhere to try them on. When we were in Yorkton I went out to the bar in a VS baseball tee that says "Fries Before Guys" if that is any indication of how empty my closet is... I do love that shirt though 

Anticipating meeting my financial goals for the first half of this year. I'm getting SO close y'all!

Making not a thing. I haven't even opened Pinterest in about a week since I' haven't had a free weekend now for over two weeks. Hopefully I can get working on a few things on my Saturday off this week!

Check out January's Currently post here

February 23, 2016

Curing the Winter Blues...

Happy Tuesday y'all! I'm still exhausted after my weekend away visiting one of my high school besties and I just couldn't muster the energy to make an appearance here yesterday. I can't believe I even survived the Monday actually - there was definitely lots of coffee involved. Even though I was exhausted I somehow managed to get in over 17K steps yesterday - not bad for still feeling hungover from Friday night!

My sister and I headed up to Yorkton to visit our high school friend Scooby on Thursday afternoon after I got back to O-town after a meeting in Weyburn. Friday was my EDO from work and I had talked to Toni a couple weeks before about taking Thursday/Friday off so we could go visit Scooby. She's a middle school teacher and last week was February break so it was the perfect time to go visit. Yorkton isn't a huge city by any means but at least it has more options than O-town and its always nice to escape. Rae and Graycie were supposed to come with us but their Dad ended up taking them for the break so it was a kid free girls weekend for us. I did have to work on Sunday so it was a quicker trip than we would have liked but it was still nice to get away from O-town and be able to have drinks and a good meal out at a restaurant - we definitely can't get that in O-town!

We hadn't seen Scooby since we all took on Vegas for Toni's Dirty Thirty back in July - I don't think we've ever gone that long without seeing each other! We laughed SO much - Scooby was finally convinced to join Snapchat and we went a little Snapchat crazy while we we were there. It was such a fun weekend and it was like we were still in high school again - no responsibilities whatsoever and able to just make spur of the moment plans. Though I did have a nasty hangover on Saturday that reminded me that we're actually not in high school anymore... 

A weekend with two of my favourites was just what I needed to help push the Winter Blues away. Though now I think a once a month get together is needed because it was just so much fun - we definitely won't go that long without getting together again!


On Saturday my brother purchased our tickets for the Blue Jays vs Twins in the Twin Cities over May Long weekend so that definitely helps cure these Winter Blues because now I have something to look forward to! Things are looking up. Also - only 25 days until its officially Spring! Hallelujah

February 16, 2016


Today is a Monday that feels like a Tuesday due to having the day off of work yesterday for Family Day (hopefully I do remember that it is in fact Tuesday when I get to work and don't forget to take the garbage bin to the curb!).  Thankfully the dreaded day of Monday is actually over and there are now only 4 days left until the weekend! I actually have a meeting for work in a city almost 2 hours away on Thursday and then Friday is my EDO and my sister and I are heading to the 'big' city of Yorkton to visit our friend Scooby so I'm only actually in my office two days this week (which will just make next week even harder when I'm at work the full five days haha).
I worked at my second job both Saturday and Sunday (I usually only work Sundays) so I had decided on Friday that I deserved a day off to do absolutely nothing but watch Netflix or movies in bed. That was supposed to be the plan for Monday but that definitely didn't happen. For some reason I woke up early yesterday morning and I was inspired to clean and reorganize my entire bedroom. It was quite the task and took up most of my day (I did sneak an hour and a half nap in just before supper...). I was just tired of seeing all the mismatched items and since I've been acquiring a few new things here or there (all in grey/white) I just wanted to remove everything from the room that didn't go with the new 'theme' for my room that I'm aiming towards. I removed all the mismatched furniture (aside from one dresser because I needed something to put my tv on) and moved all the remaining furniture around for better flow and now it is SO empty and my voice echos because of the lack of furniture. I moved out two end tables and a large tv stand and just moving those things has made SO much empty space.

Below is an idea of what I'm looking for to lighten up my bedroom. Having my bedroom in a basement I want to have as much light coloured things as possible to brighten everything up. My parents house is built into a hill and their basement is a walkout basement so I definitely get way more light than most basements but I still find it a bit darker than any upstairs bedroom. 

Bedroom Inspiration

finally took my Christmas tree down (by took it down I mean moved it - still completely decorated- to the spare bedroom that stores all my stuff) though my Christmas cards are still up and probably will be until at least Easter. Now that I have so much empty space that needs to be filled ASAP I'm on the hunt for a nightstand, headboard, tv stand, and dresser (all in white or grey). I actually might attempt a diy project and turn my dark dresser that is currently holding my tv into a nice white dresser with some new hardware - if I do I will definitely blog about it! I also bought myself a nice (and expensive) floor length mirror last summer but its black so if I can find a nice white one I'm going to buy it and then sell my black one on a garage sale site. I'm going to need to buy myself a TV too before camping season starts and I have to give my parents back their flat screen tv from their camper or else I will have to move my 19" TV/VCR combo that I've had since I was 12 back into my room (I reallllly don't want to do that!). 

Obviously all of these purchases aren't going to fit into my budget so I'm going to have to move some money around from my 'Operation Down Payment' savings to purchase some of this furniture. The upside is that I would have to buy that stuff at some point anyways so I figure its probably best to aquire some of it before I get a house so that I won't have to spend so much money all at once while also having a mortgage payment. 

I've been scouring Etsy/Pinterest for some prints to hang up. The space above where I moved my desk to looks way to empty right now and needs something to fill that space before it drives me crazy. If you know of any design shops/graphic designers that you love let me know!

I'm also on the hunt for a new comforter or duvet set. Right now I'm using my Christmas blanket (bought at Marshalls two Christmases ago) and I don't think I'll change it over until I get something new. My other option is the black/white reversible comforter that I've had since my college days and I just really want to stay away from the dark colours. I currently don't have a bed skirt that fits on my queen bed and being able to see my boxspring drives me bonkers!

My sister is also on the house hunt right now and has been wanting to make a trip to Winnipeg to the nearest Ikea to start getting a few things so I'm hoping we can make that happen soon - there are also Marshalls/Home Goods, etc that we can look for furniture/decor at, whereas at home there aren't any options other than Wal Mart (so not happening!). I desperately need a trip to Target too so if the exchange rate could hurry up and get better that would be great! Now that I've started the redecorating process I just want it to be complete so I can relax in the new space!

February 10, 2016

Someecards Confessions...

I still haven't decided what I'm giving up for lent. After struggling to get through Ripped in 30 last night I briefly contemplated giving up exercising. But then I realized if I was struggling now what would I be like after 40 days of not being able to do something?! So needless to say that idea was quickly thrown out. Any suggestions for what I should give up?  #notgivingupsocialmedia #thatwouldbecrazy #dontevensuggestcoffeeoralcohol

I work this entire weekend at my second job (I normally only work Sundays) but thankfully Monday is Family Day here in Saskatchewan so its a Stat holiday and I'll be able to sleep in plus get to tackling all the things on my to do list that have been there for forever! #ilovestatholidays #whycanttherebeoneaweek

I've been addicted to YouTube lately. Addicted. I've watched Zoella's videos for a long time but just recently discovered her friend Gabbie and I've been watching all of her older videos - I just love their British accents so much! I'm completely envious of them because their only job is being a YouTuber. I know they put a lot of work into videos and editing and everything but still. I would love to work from home and make videos as my source of income  #whydontihaveanadorableaccent #andmakemillionsfromtalkingtoacamera

Speaking of YouTube, my sister and I have plans to turn my nieces into YouTube stars. They are obsessed with YouTube. They watch everything from makeup tutorials to grown women playing with toys to rap videos (My friends 4 year old even watches quilting videos on YouTube! haha). Last night Graycie asked my Mama to go out with her to the garage at their house to get some toys and I was shocked because all she normally wants is her iPad to watch YouTube.  Since my nieces spend so much of their time on YouTube my sister and I figure that we should take advantage and make some money off of them #calmdownimonlykidding #theyrethenextsophiagraceandrosie

I desperately need new glasses. Desperately. My current glasses aren't even my newest prescription but my benefits plan doesn't cover vision care (only $25 per year for eye exams and 20% off at select retailers) and I've been too cheap to get myself a new pair. Three nights out of the last four I have fallen asleep with my contacts in (so bad, I know) and I can't even take them out in the mornings and give my eyes a breather because my glasses have hairspray (or something) coated all over them and I cannot get it off. It's illegal for me to drive without contacts or glasses because my vision is so bad so I can't even go without anything. I think I'm going to have to take some money out of my 'emergency fund' to get myself some new glasses because my eyes are kind of important and I really don't want to mess with them #whydoglassescostsomuch #iwishicouldaffordlasik

Happy Humpday y'all! Linking up with Lo and Lauren for #HashtagHumpday

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February 9, 2016

Whole30 Results...

We're a week post Whole30 now and the results are in (drumroll please.....) I'm down 11.5 lbs since starting the Whole30 on January 4th! That brought me back to my lowest weight from last year from when I was Maid of Honour in my brothers wedding and I am SO glad to be back at that point. To be fair to myself, about 5 lbs was weight that was put on just over Christmas (I ate all.the.things) but I had gained about 6 lbs before Christmas since August so I'm glad to be back where I had been. Things can only keep getting better from here! 

I had completely forgotten to take any measurements when I started the Whole30 and didn't even think of it until halfway through so that's a bummer. I am going to take new measurements tomorrow though to see where I get with my fitness goals this year. I'm sure I'll update that progress at some point. 

I definitely didn't follow the reintroductoin plan whatsoever (I knew that I wouldn't) though I didn't even have a sip of alcohol until Friday - who am I?! I thought for sure I would want to celebrate on Wednesday with a glass of wine but I honestly didn't even want to. I still haven't had any pop or milk (not that I drink much of that anyways) - I did have a glass of iced tea one night - but for the most part I've just been sticking to water or coffee, other than when I had a few drinks last Friday when celebrating Kenton and Kels' birthdays. I've been craving a Dr.Pepper though so we will see how long I last without caving...

Over the last week there have been times that I've been eating something and I feel guilty as if I'm cheating or being a quitter and I have to remind myself that I'm done. My coffee is still tasting VERY sweet, no matter how little creamer I put in just can't make myself go completely back to black coffee when I know that I don't have to. I went to Brandon last Friday with my sister and then my brother and sister in law met up with us later to go out and celebrate their birthdays so I ended up eating out three meals in a row and it definitely made me feel pretty icky, even though I tried to make good(ish) food choices. There may have been pizza ordered after midnight on Friday that I think had a LOT to do with it... Plus there was a venti Carmel Machiatto from Starbucks that had me buzzing for almost a full day. Note to self: do not order a Venti anything immediately after the Whole30!

I plan on starting another round on April 5th if anyone wants to join me. Having a support system definitely helps so I would love it if anyone wants to start with me in April!

February 4, 2016

January Happenings...

January is hands down my least favourite month of the entire year. The excitement of Christmas is over and all I'm left with is the prospect of Winter lasting at least another three months with absolutely nothing to really look forward to during those three months. I saw a picture floating around that said 'January is the Monday of months' and I immediately thought 'PREACH'

Sums up how I feel about January perfectly
January was a month of hibernation for me, as it usually is. I started the Whole30 on January 4th so to make sure I didn’t slip up I pretty much stayed cooped up inside my home aside from going to work at both of my jobs. I’m not a fan of Winter at all (why I live in Canada is beyond me) and I get the Winter Blues as soon as Christmas is over so I usually hibernate for the rest of Winter (until April at least). Going without alcohol for the Whole30 wasn’t that hard because I usually don’t drink much January-March (Summer is a whole other story…). One year I think I made it until April without a single drop of alcohol. When you live in the middle of nowhere with nothing going on throughout the Winter months you really just wish you could blink and fast forward to mid April. I can't complain too much though because we have had a really mild Winter (so far) and it's supposed to be an early Spring so here's hoping its all smooth sailing until Spring!

I signed up for Ebates late in 2015 and I tried them out for the first time when Old Navy and the Gap had 18% cash back in the middle of January (score!). Te clothes arrived last week – I had ordered all size larges and not a single item fit me (out of 6). I was super bummed because I was really looking forward to new clothes but also happy because that means I’m fitting into mediums now(!!). But now I have to try and sell them on FB garage sale sites or attempt to return them via mail. I always say I will and it never happens and then I have a bunch of stuff with the tags on that doesn’t even fit me. The struggle is real. And my closet is still empty...

After going to the Dentist to get a filling near the beginning of the month a referral was sent to a surgeon in Brandon, MB for a consultation to have the spots on my tongue (that appeared after my last trip to the dentist) biopsied. That appointment is tomorrow and I'm a little nervous, even though the spots have almost completely disappeared on their own. Its just that when your Dentist takes a look and has absolutely no clue what they are and starts googling on his phone you get a little bit paranoid. 

I've been rewatching Bones and How to Get Away with Murder whenever I get a chance  and recently started Making A Murderer (SO good!). I motivate myself to get my ass on my treadmill by telling myself I'm only allowed to watch new episodes while I'm running. It works brilliantly

I love to hate all of the characters she plays

I got back into a fitness routine in January after taking almost 4 months off (silly, I know). My new (to me) treadmill has been a godsend - I love it so much. I've restarted yoga again through my Yoga Studio app and also mix in Ripped in 30 and workouts on my elliptical. Summer is only 137 days away after all (not that I'm counting...). I found some cute printable fitness schedules (can't find the link right now - sorry!) on Pinterest and I'm going to make a concrete schedule for myself. Last night I may have fallen asleep before 7 pm and completely missed my treadmill workout. In my defense my basement is freezing and I only climbed under the covers for a minute to warm up before I changed into my workout clothes and the next thing I knew my alarm was going off. Whoooops

Last Saturday, with only 4 days of the Whole30 left, I made last minute plans with my sister and our friend Kennedy to go out to one of my favourite restaurants, The Olive Branch, in a town 20 minutes from O-town.  It’s a tiny little restaurant – the owner is also the cook – and its by reservation only so it’s not something that you usually just do last minute but they had openings so we went for it. I hadn’t been in SO long so it was hard to ignore my favourites on the menu. I love that they have Whole30 approved items (this was my second time eating there while on the Whole30) but now I am anxious to go back so I can get some Bruschetta Chicken with rice pilaf and blueberry cheesecake for dessert. Mmmmm. I avoided situations with friends other than this for the entire month so it was much needed. It felt good to put on a nice outfit and actually leave the house! 

Aaand that's all I can think of for the going ons of January. You know its been a rough month when there are hardly any pictures in your phone and the highlights include getting a new shellac manicure and getting a Whole30 approved iced black coffee while at Starbucks (I can't wait for a caramel macchiato tomorrow!!). I'm SO glad its a new month!

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February 2, 2016

Whole30 Day THIRTY...

It's here, it's here, its FINALLY here! Day THIRTY of the Whole30!  (Sorry for the shout-y words, I'm just really excited!)

I have started the Whole30 twice before but never made it until the end. The first time I only made it until Day 20. My sister was starting it (I had never even heard of it before) and I decided to go along with it but I knew that I would only make it to 20 days because of my trip to Texas at the end of that month (I couldn't be near all that Tex-Mex and not indulge!). My sister, who had the idea to start the Whole30 in the first place, quit around Day 10. My parents were also doing it (though my Dad 'cheated' and still drank alcohol) so there was still a good support system doing it with me.You're not supposed to weigh yourself within the 30 days of the Whole30 but the first time I didn't even really know what I was doing since I hadn't even heard of the concept before my sister convinced us to start it and somewhere around Day 10 I was feeling pretty miserable (I was in the 'For the Love of Gosling Are My Pants TIGHTER phase of the timeline but didn't know it because I didn't even know there was a timeline) and I decided to step on the scale, certain that I wouldn't see a single change, and ready to quit the whole thing if the scale hadn't moved. But it had. I was already down 7 lbs right before a trip where I'd be in a bathing suit for quite a bit of it. So I stuck with it until Day 20 because of my trip to Texas. I don't regret quitting on Day 20 at all because I had some of the best food of my life on that trip  - I need to go back!

The second time I started the Whole30 was last May, where I made it until Day 29. Yes, 29. My parents had also been doing it (again, with a few cheats from them) and we were all doing great. I had done WAY more research that go around and actually knew what to expect and my parents and I had came up with some new exciting recipes to try. Then my Mama got sick suddenly, ended up in the hospital, and that's when the 'C' word was first thrown around. On Day 29 I was feeling emotional so I said eff it and ordered Chinese takeout for my family. Not my proudest moment considering how close I was to the end but my emotions definitely got the best of me. 

So now I think you can understand why I am SO over the moon excited to say that I will have made it the entire 30 days this time around! I cannot wait to step on the scale tomorrow morning - I'm really hoping to be back at my bridesmaid weight from my brothers wedding so that with all my fitness goals for this year I will be well on my way to being the fittest version of myself yet. I was at my lowest weight in years when I was getting bridesmaid dress ready so if I can get to that point at the beginning of this year then I am confident I can keep moving forward to where I want to be - 2016 is my year!

I will definitely be updating on how much I lost so stay tuned. I did, however, forget to take any measurements or any before pictures - whomp whomp. And I know that the Whole30 isn't supposed to be about weight loss so if you want to shame me for that just spare me the lecture. I do what I want and I do the Whole30 to kickstart weight loss. 

Tonight will be my final test (really the only one this go around because I've been a hermit this whole month).  It's my 'baby' brothers 25th birthday and my Mama is making him a birthday supper (spoiled, I know) PLUS there will be ice cream cake. I will be saving myself a piece of that for tomorrow and eating my Whole30 approved supper while everyone eats Stirfry and Rice (Kenton's request).  I know that they are guidelines on the reintroduction phase of the Whole30 but I'm not going to be completely sticking with them - I really miss coffee creamer! 

Since my last Whole30 post I've pretty much been eating the same things - eggs, cucumber, chicken breast, roasted potatoes. I did make the Crash Hot Potatoes that I mentioned in my Currently post a couple of times, had some delicious salt and pepper chicken wings (baked in the oven) and even tried a Whole30 approve LaraBar (was good but hard to chew with my braces. Ughh). On Saturday I made last minute plans with my sister and Kennedy to go to one of my favourite restaurants. I knew that there were Whole30 approved menu options because I ate there the last time I did the Whole30 but it was hard not to order a drink or my favourite foods that are definitely not Whole 30 approved. But I did do it so that's what counts!

Lemon pepper ribs and a plain baked potato at one of my favourite restaurants, The Olive Branch

I'll be starting another round of the Whole30 on April 5th if anyone is interested in joining me! I'm so thankful that Laura and Amy had The Breakup Challenge to keep me motivated and that Laura and Kristie were doing the Whole30 at the same time and we could Snapchat back and forth. This time around my family wasn't doing it with me so that was definitely an obstacle to overcome. I don't know if I would have stuck with it if I didn't have friends (even if they are internet friends that I haven't even met in real life. Someday!) doing it too!

The Breakup Challenge

February 1, 2016

Girls Night In...

When I think about a girls night I think about a night in with my friends where we eat junk food, watch chick flicks, and reminisce about all the fun times in the past. That means not having to wear makeup, or dressing up, and I love that. I can wear my yoga pants and not feel judged because its girls night IN so no one else is going to see anyways.  I have some friends that I've known all my life, and some that came into my life in my twenties, but each group has their own set of inside jokes and memories and I just love getting together with all of them. 

I try really hard to meet up with my friends in 'the city' (two seperate groups) at least once a month. For the longest time I wouldn't even see my friends that I've known almost all my life even every 3 months so thats why Wine Club was born. With my friends in 'the city' we typically just meet up at a restaurant and linger there after supper because we have so much to say to each other. Wine Club is mostly just a girls night in at one of our houses - we each take turns hosting - though we have said that maybe a couple times a year we will make it a girls night out and get dressed up and go to a nice restaurant and drink our wine there. Either way I'm good with it as long as we are making the effort to see each other more often. 

For my sister in laws 23rd birthday I threw her a pajama party. My mom had bought myself, my sister, and my sister in law the same pajamas and bought herself a really similar pair so we put them on, ate junk, and watched chick flicks. We drank wine and mimosas and ate chips and popcorn while watching some of the best chick flicks. I loved every second of it - it was the perfect girls night in and I wish we did it every month! 

My favourite chick flicks include How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, She's All That, Pitch Perfect, She's the Man, Now and Then, Mean Girls (duh), The Notebook, Sweet Home Alabama, When Harry Met Sally, Bridesmaids, and Bring it On - just to name a few (I know I'm missing some of my favourites). I actually have a list in my phone of all the movies that my sister in law has never seen, which includes Cruel Intentions, Clueless, Field of Dreams, Coyote Ugly, and Step Mom. And that's not even a quarter of the list! I think I need to make it a monthly goal to cross one movie off her list each month - I need to educate her! 

I do like to occasionally get dressed up and go out with friends to a restaurant or bar but I'm most comfortable with a girls night in where we can just be ourselves. And be comfy. Comfy always wins

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What's your favourite chick flick?