February 23, 2016

Curing the Winter Blues...

Happy Tuesday y'all! I'm still exhausted after my weekend away visiting one of my high school besties and I just couldn't muster the energy to make an appearance here yesterday. I can't believe I even survived the Monday actually - there was definitely lots of coffee involved. Even though I was exhausted I somehow managed to get in over 17K steps yesterday - not bad for still feeling hungover from Friday night!

My sister and I headed up to Yorkton to visit our high school friend Scooby on Thursday afternoon after I got back to O-town after a meeting in Weyburn. Friday was my EDO from work and I had talked to Toni a couple weeks before about taking Thursday/Friday off so we could go visit Scooby. She's a middle school teacher and last week was February break so it was the perfect time to go visit. Yorkton isn't a huge city by any means but at least it has more options than O-town and its always nice to escape. Rae and Graycie were supposed to come with us but their Dad ended up taking them for the break so it was a kid free girls weekend for us. I did have to work on Sunday so it was a quicker trip than we would have liked but it was still nice to get away from O-town and be able to have drinks and a good meal out at a restaurant - we definitely can't get that in O-town!

We hadn't seen Scooby since we all took on Vegas for Toni's Dirty Thirty back in July - I don't think we've ever gone that long without seeing each other! We laughed SO much - Scooby was finally convinced to join Snapchat and we went a little Snapchat crazy while we we were there. It was such a fun weekend and it was like we were still in high school again - no responsibilities whatsoever and able to just make spur of the moment plans. Though I did have a nasty hangover on Saturday that reminded me that we're actually not in high school anymore... 

A weekend with two of my favourites was just what I needed to help push the Winter Blues away. Though now I think a once a month get together is needed because it was just so much fun - we definitely won't go that long without getting together again!


On Saturday my brother purchased our tickets for the Blue Jays vs Twins in the Twin Cities over May Long weekend so that definitely helps cure these Winter Blues because now I have something to look forward to! Things are looking up. Also - only 25 days until its officially Spring! Hallelujah


  1. Sounds like a super fun weekend! I need spring, now. So exciting that you have the game to look forward to!

  2. That sounds like a great weekend! It's always nice to catch up with friends!

  3. sounds like a fun weekend! it's always so great to catch up with friends. my friends and i do that at least once a month - we meet up for dinner and gab.


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