February 25, 2016

Currently (February 2016)...

I know I say this every single month but how the hell is it the end of February already?! I know its a shorter month but still! I swear I was just finishing the Whole30 and now its almost been a month since I finished and I'm only a month and a few days away from starting another one (why did I decide that again?!) Time is flying by and I'm okay with it for now (until Spring hits) but when it gets nice out I would like to actually be able to enjoy the time. I mean, I do turn 30 next year and I'm not in any hurry for it to get here... 

Anywhoodle. I realized that I only had a few weekdays left in this month and since tomorrow I have my post for the Galentines Swap link up (make sure to check back for that!) that only left two other days for me to get in my monthly Currently post. So here it is!

Reading nothing. Ugh. I'm such a failure. I haven't made a dent in my reading pile at all. I was going to start reading Go Set a Watchman (I've only had it for about 6 months but have been hesitant to read it based on reviews) but I was really tired the night I started and didn't have the attention span to follow along. I kept reading the same page over and over so I called it a night. Now that Harper Lee has passed away my next book is going to be a re-read of To Kill A Mockingbird (for the trillionth time) and then I will re attempt that one

Listening to old school music from high school dance days. Toni and I went to Yorkton on the weekend to visit Scooby and we listened to some old school music as we reminisced. Most of it was rap music (we used to drive around for hours listening to Ludacris, DMX, Eminem, etc. Oh to be in high school again... haha) and I realized it makes for a great running playlist. I think I'm going to finally bite the bullet and get Spotify. That's what Scooby has to make all these playlists and I was loving the mix of the music but don't want to pay to download each song in Itunes 

Celebrating the end of February and the fact that Spring has made an early appearance (though I know we haven't seen the last of Winter quite yet). Only 23 more days!

I actually laughed out loud when I found this because this is the story of my life. Being allergic to the outdoors is no fun in the spring time!

Watching the new season of The Mindy Project. I was so pumped when Netflix emailed me to tell me that Season 4 was finally on Netflix. Also still watching Bones and Making a Murderer though I took a little break from the latter so that I wouldn't be mad when it was all done. Plus I just get really stabby when I think about the injustice of it all and needed a break from all the stabby feelings

Drinking coffee and water like its my job, same as last month. Though now I'm back to putting creamer in my coffee. Yesterday I drank 4 cups of coffee and I couldn't fall asleep until after 2 am - big mistake! My alarm went off way too early this morning and it's 6 am as I write this and I feel like I haven't had a wink of sleep. Ay caramba. I really haven't drank a whole lot since finishing the Whole30 - just twice actually. Once when in Brandon for Kenton/Kels birthdays and then this past weekend while in Yorkton. Gone are the days of nightly glasses of wine. Scooby made a delicious Caramel Apple Sangria while we were there and I think I will have to recreate that soon!

Waiting for May Long to get here because we just bought our Blue Jays tickets! The countdown is on - less than 3 months until we take on the Twin Cities again and call Sneaky Petes our second home. I can't wait!

Loving the Workweek Hustle challenges I've been doing on FitBit. They are SO motivating! I've been averaging 15K steps lately (my goal is 10K a day) just because I am competitive af and want to beat everybody! haha 

Working at both jobs again today. I usually only work one weekday afternoon every other week and then every Sunday at my second job but this week I work both Wed/Thur afternoon in 'the city'. Hence the need for the extra cups of coffee yesterday!

Wearing all the comfy clothes. I need to do some clothes shopping desperately but the last time I ordered things online absolutely every single items was too big so I think I need to actually get somewhere to try them on. When we were in Yorkton I went out to the bar in a VS baseball tee that says "Fries Before Guys" if that is any indication of how empty my closet is... I do love that shirt though 

Anticipating meeting my financial goals for the first half of this year. I'm getting SO close y'all!

Making not a thing. I haven't even opened Pinterest in about a week since I' haven't had a free weekend now for over two weeks. Hopefully I can get working on a few things on my Saturday off this week!

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  1. I need to look into the Challenge aspect of FitBit. I got mine for Christmas and I love it but I haven't really explored the FitBit community and the challenges. It would definitely help to motivate me though!

  2. First of all, thank you SO MUCH for your sweet galentines gift!!! I just got it last night and loved every single thing, so thank you!! :) I had a post scheduled for tomorrow already but I'm posting about it on Monday!

    I totally agree tho, now can go fast but spring/summer can be as slow as it wants so it can last forever! :) Congrats on the whole 30, too!! I've looked into doing it before but it's hard!! You are awesome! Also I can 100% relate to comfy clothes being my jam haha I've even started borrowing husbands shirts because they are so dang comfy! And lastly, is 15k steps hard to get?! That is awesome and sounds like you're smashing your goals like crazy :)

    xo Candace
    Lovely Little Rants

  3. Wait, is season 4 of Mindy the new new one?! Or is it like season 5 now that's the one on Hulu? Because I haven't watched any of it and I really want to.

    I started reading TKAM a few months ago (last time I read it was in HS) and then my library loan ran out when I was halfway through. Now I'm like...do I start at the halfway point or do I have to read the beginning again? Because if I have to read the beginning again, I don't think I can do it!

  4. you are not a failure! hope you find some reading time soon :)
    good job on your workweek hustle, that is awesome!

  5. You're rocking the steps girl!! I am so-so on mine right now, it's hard to feel motivated in this crazy weather so I'm definitely ready for Spring- allergies and all ;)

  6. One time I was with my BFF, we blasted O Town everywhere we went. Good times.

  7. All I've been doing is wearing comfy clothes! I've wearing big hoodies no top of everything so it doesn't even seem worth trying to wear something pretty until the sun starts shining.

  8. um, all i listen to is old school....90s RnB, 80s jams, anything depeche mode circa 1980s. i know nothing on the radio these days.

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