February 4, 2016

January Happenings...

January is hands down my least favourite month of the entire year. The excitement of Christmas is over and all I'm left with is the prospect of Winter lasting at least another three months with absolutely nothing to really look forward to during those three months. I saw a picture floating around that said 'January is the Monday of months' and I immediately thought 'PREACH'

Sums up how I feel about January perfectly
January was a month of hibernation for me, as it usually is. I started the Whole30 on January 4th so to make sure I didn’t slip up I pretty much stayed cooped up inside my home aside from going to work at both of my jobs. I’m not a fan of Winter at all (why I live in Canada is beyond me) and I get the Winter Blues as soon as Christmas is over so I usually hibernate for the rest of Winter (until April at least). Going without alcohol for the Whole30 wasn’t that hard because I usually don’t drink much January-March (Summer is a whole other story…). One year I think I made it until April without a single drop of alcohol. When you live in the middle of nowhere with nothing going on throughout the Winter months you really just wish you could blink and fast forward to mid April. I can't complain too much though because we have had a really mild Winter (so far) and it's supposed to be an early Spring so here's hoping its all smooth sailing until Spring!

I signed up for Ebates late in 2015 and I tried them out for the first time when Old Navy and the Gap had 18% cash back in the middle of January (score!). Te clothes arrived last week – I had ordered all size larges and not a single item fit me (out of 6). I was super bummed because I was really looking forward to new clothes but also happy because that means I’m fitting into mediums now(!!). But now I have to try and sell them on FB garage sale sites or attempt to return them via mail. I always say I will and it never happens and then I have a bunch of stuff with the tags on that doesn’t even fit me. The struggle is real. And my closet is still empty...

After going to the Dentist to get a filling near the beginning of the month a referral was sent to a surgeon in Brandon, MB for a consultation to have the spots on my tongue (that appeared after my last trip to the dentist) biopsied. That appointment is tomorrow and I'm a little nervous, even though the spots have almost completely disappeared on their own. Its just that when your Dentist takes a look and has absolutely no clue what they are and starts googling on his phone you get a little bit paranoid. 

I've been rewatching Bones and How to Get Away with Murder whenever I get a chance  and recently started Making A Murderer (SO good!). I motivate myself to get my ass on my treadmill by telling myself I'm only allowed to watch new episodes while I'm running. It works brilliantly

I love to hate all of the characters she plays

I got back into a fitness routine in January after taking almost 4 months off (silly, I know). My new (to me) treadmill has been a godsend - I love it so much. I've restarted yoga again through my Yoga Studio app and also mix in Ripped in 30 and workouts on my elliptical. Summer is only 137 days away after all (not that I'm counting...). I found some cute printable fitness schedules (can't find the link right now - sorry!) on Pinterest and I'm going to make a concrete schedule for myself. Last night I may have fallen asleep before 7 pm and completely missed my treadmill workout. In my defense my basement is freezing and I only climbed under the covers for a minute to warm up before I changed into my workout clothes and the next thing I knew my alarm was going off. Whoooops

Last Saturday, with only 4 days of the Whole30 left, I made last minute plans with my sister and our friend Kennedy to go out to one of my favourite restaurants, The Olive Branch, in a town 20 minutes from O-town.  It’s a tiny little restaurant – the owner is also the cook – and its by reservation only so it’s not something that you usually just do last minute but they had openings so we went for it. I hadn’t been in SO long so it was hard to ignore my favourites on the menu. I love that they have Whole30 approved items (this was my second time eating there while on the Whole30) but now I am anxious to go back so I can get some Bruschetta Chicken with rice pilaf and blueberry cheesecake for dessert. Mmmmm. I avoided situations with friends other than this for the entire month so it was much needed. It felt good to put on a nice outfit and actually leave the house! 

Aaand that's all I can think of for the going ons of January. You know its been a rough month when there are hardly any pictures in your phone and the highlights include getting a new shellac manicure and getting a Whole30 approved iced black coffee while at Starbucks (I can't wait for a caramel macchiato tomorrow!!). I'm SO glad its a new month!

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  1. it's SO EASY (and FREE) to return to GAP and Old Navy. they include the sticker right in the bag. you just stick it on the same bag they came in, and drop it at Canada Post!!!
    plus 9/10 times ebates lets you keep the money

  2. 'January is the Monday of months' has honestly been my motto and excuse to not do anything all month. I'm so happy it's officially over - not that February really is any better but knowing that we made it through January means I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel (spring)!

    xx, Caitlin

  3. You're making me want a Fitbit again! Or to find the Flex that I lost and then found...and now have no idea where it is again. Yikes. Good luck tomorrow! And you enjoy that caramel macchiato!!!

  4. hey! that paris girl. where is that gif from, i haven't seen her in anything else besides gg. if that's who it is, lol.
    good job on the treadmill and tv watching, i would totally trick myself that way as well if i had a treadmill at home.
    thanks for linking up with us girl!

  5. I had to Google what -30*C is in F and I truly don't think I've ever been in temps that cold! All my sympathies.
    Saving TV episodes is sometimes the only motivation I can get to get on my indoor bike trainer. That's totally a real strategy!
    All you Whole30 warriors are kicking so much ass! Nice work!

  6. ugh, canadian winters. i hate the winter yet i live in this frozen tundra....although we've been having a great streak of warm weather lately...last week it hit 16C!

  7. January compared to Mondays is beyond perfect! I keep telling myself to bring my ipad to the gym to do some watching from the treadmill – I feel like it probably flies by!

  8. Usually January is my least favorite month, too, but this year it was actually fine! I think it's because we moved from Chicago to Seattle and it's a MUCH easier winter here! Still, I feel ya, the after holiday let down is real! -- Lisa | Naptime Chai

  9. Great job on the Whole30 and going to your favorite restaurant on it! I just finished my first one and it was a great experience. Feeling so good to start off the year! Thank you for joining our linkup today :)

  10. i always get the chicken brushetta with no cheese, and I'm guessing that way its whole30 approved?!


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