February 9, 2016

Whole30 Results...

We're a week post Whole30 now and the results are in (drumroll please.....) I'm down 11.5 lbs since starting the Whole30 on January 4th! That brought me back to my lowest weight from last year from when I was Maid of Honour in my brothers wedding and I am SO glad to be back at that point. To be fair to myself, about 5 lbs was weight that was put on just over Christmas (I ate all.the.things) but I had gained about 6 lbs before Christmas since August so I'm glad to be back where I had been. Things can only keep getting better from here! 

I had completely forgotten to take any measurements when I started the Whole30 and didn't even think of it until halfway through so that's a bummer. I am going to take new measurements tomorrow though to see where I get with my fitness goals this year. I'm sure I'll update that progress at some point. 

I definitely didn't follow the reintroductoin plan whatsoever (I knew that I wouldn't) though I didn't even have a sip of alcohol until Friday - who am I?! I thought for sure I would want to celebrate on Wednesday with a glass of wine but I honestly didn't even want to. I still haven't had any pop or milk (not that I drink much of that anyways) - I did have a glass of iced tea one night - but for the most part I've just been sticking to water or coffee, other than when I had a few drinks last Friday when celebrating Kenton and Kels' birthdays. I've been craving a Dr.Pepper though so we will see how long I last without caving...

Over the last week there have been times that I've been eating something and I feel guilty as if I'm cheating or being a quitter and I have to remind myself that I'm done. My coffee is still tasting VERY sweet, no matter how little creamer I put in just can't make myself go completely back to black coffee when I know that I don't have to. I went to Brandon last Friday with my sister and then my brother and sister in law met up with us later to go out and celebrate their birthdays so I ended up eating out three meals in a row and it definitely made me feel pretty icky, even though I tried to make good(ish) food choices. There may have been pizza ordered after midnight on Friday that I think had a LOT to do with it... Plus there was a venti Carmel Machiatto from Starbucks that had me buzzing for almost a full day. Note to self: do not order a Venti anything immediately after the Whole30!

I plan on starting another round on April 5th if anyone wants to join me. Having a support system definitely helps so I would love it if anyone wants to start with me in April!


  1. I definitely didn't follow the reintroduction steps either. Whoops! I'm thinking about doing April with you - that will be post birthday for me so I think I can make it work. Hopefully I'll be boot and peg leg free by then!

  2. I feel like after 30 days of being perfect it would be SO hard to reintroduce things slowly! If I did it, I definitely wouldn't follow the reintroduction steps. Great job on the weight loss!!

  3. I didn't follow ANY Of the reintroduction steps after any of my Whole30 but I could totally tell what my body liked and didn't like. Have you tried just half/half in your coffee? That's what I do now if I don't drink it black. No sugar just half and half, the cream makes my day.

  4. congrats on the weight loss and killing the challenge!!

    for me, it's all about balance. i eat clean 95% of the time and so i know that when i decide to indulge, i make sure it's worth it and also i don't feel guilty at all because of the 95%!

  5. You go girl!!!! 11.5 pounds is awesome, good for you! :)

  6. girl, congrats! this is awesome!

    i don't want to do the whole 30 exactly, but i have got to do something. i might do a modified one, and work on cutting out all the actual crap (like the potato chips i am eating right now). i will need to start earlier than april though!


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