March 3, 2016

February Happenings...

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I haven't gotten more than 5 hours sleep each night in almost two weeks y'all (so my FitBit tells me. And my body that is exhausted). I'm running on caffeine and hopes and dreams most days. Hence the reason why I haven't posted much in the past couple weeks (or replied to comments - tackling my inbox tonight, I promise!). Really though, most nights I'm just laying in bed willing myself to go to sleep (doesn't work for some reason...) so I should just be working on blog stuff since I'm awake anyways. I've tried so hard to close my eyes some nights that I actually give myself a headache. 

I definitely know part of the reason for my messed  up sleep patterns. You see, my schedule has been so messed up with working extra shifts at my second job and then for 8 days there was a sporting event on tv every night at 7:30 that lasted at least three hours that I had to watch so I have been getting my treadmill 'runs' (more walking than running at this point but I have to re-start somewhere) in at the most random times - one night I didn't even get on it until 11 pm. And at this point working on my fitness trumps sleep because a) caffeine can keep me going throughout the day and b) I'm competetive af and I've been participating in Workweek Hustle challenges each week through my FitBit and I have to make sure I'm up there with the leaders, if not winning. Priorities...

February was another blink and you miss it month (but I'm starting to realize that almost every month is like that - unless I have a vacation coming up then they are slow as molasses...). The beginning of February marked the end of the Whole30 for me and now I can't believe that in just another month I'll be starting another round (what was I thinking?!). My 'baby' brother and his wife both turned 25 at the beginning of the month and we celebrated with a night of drinks and laughs in Brandon, MB. It was so nice to get away, even if it was just for one night. After not drinking for over 30 days the recovery was even worse than it normally is. I've started realizing that it takes a lot longer to recover from a night of drinking than it did during my high school/college days. Sigh...

Speaking of that... another highlight of the month was when Toni and I headed up to Yorkton for a couple nights to see our friend Scooby. I think my lack of sleep has a lot to do with that visit as well. There was a lot of drinking, very little sleep, and again, I'm not 21 anymore and the hangover lasted a lot longer than it should have. Is it possible to still be hungover almost 2 weeks later?! Because the fog I've been living in sure feels like it... 

According to my camera roll there was a lot of drinking last month so after a month of no alcohol its no surprise I can't hang like I used to. All the sugar from the alcohol after a month of no sugar probably isn't helping my body and its weird sleeping habits either...

The best part of February for me?! When my brother texted me to tell me that we officially had our train tickets, hotel, and tickets purchased to go see the Blue Jays take on the Twins again in the Twin Cities in May. It will definitely be a tradition from now on and I can't wait for May Long! Following along with the Blue Jays spring training in Florida via Snapchat has been soo exciting - I've only been waiting since October! Speaking of Snapchat - I'm obsessed lately. It all started while in Yorkton visiting Scooby and finally convincing her to get it and now it's spiraled into a full on obsession (my sister has been even more obsessed than me though - its insane). The filters are just too funny not to use though! Obviously you should be friends with me on Snapchat to get gems like these (username chiglechic). 

The worst part of February for me was seeing my bank account drain as I paid my brother for the tickets/hotel and took out RRSP's before the contribution deadline. Being an adult sucks sometimes. I'm going to need a third job to meet all my goals this year - eek!

Since I don't want to end on a bad note a few other highlights of my month included participating in the Galentines Blogger Exchange (I love gift giving, remember), watching 'my' team make the playoffs at the Scotties (though I hate who won with every fiber of my being), winning a cutthroat Workweek Hustle (some of the other girls who participate are more obsessed than I am!) and rearranging my bedroom to get started on aquiring some furniture before I make the biggest purchase of my life. I live such an exciting life y'all (insert crying laughing emoji here)

So far there isn't much on the agenda for March, other than celebrating my Mama's birthday and having an Easter feast. I'm sure things will come up as the month goes on though and I just pray that I finally get back to a normal sleep schedule - wish me luck!


  1. Lots going on for you last month, phew! Have you tried lavender oils when you go to sleep? I find it very helpful for the nights my mind won't shut off.

  2. Yay for winning the Workweek Hustle! We used to do Fitbit challenges at work, but there were these two guys who took it waaaay too seriously and like did nothing but walk, plus this girl who does marathons so she wakes up at like 3 a.m. to run like 8 miles every day or something crazy (she also gets off at 3 soo she could do it in the afternoon too), and this guy who works in the warehouse and walks all day. I never had a chance! Ha. I'm doing one with one of my friends right now, but I'm not that motivated because if I lose I'm only losing to one person and neither of us are really upping our game, just normally working out.

  3. Awesome that you're coming to the Twin Cities! Have you ever been? Target Field is awesome! I live in Saint Paul so please let me know if you need any recommendations for places to stay or things to do!

  4. seriously being an adult does suck sometimes!
    holy crap girl i could NOT function on 5 hours of sleep for one night, let alone that many! that is crazy. you poor thing. hope it is resolved soon. snapchat filters are the best :)
    thanks for linking up with us!

  5. I'm in the no sleep boat with you girl! I'm so excited for a time when I'm not stressed and staying up all night worrying. Hope you get more sleep as well, and spend less money this month! Thanks for linking up with Kristen and me!

  6. I second the lavender to help you sleep. i have a pillow spray that i spritz on once in a while when i feel tense before bed.

  7. Ugh, I work shift work so I can totally empathize with the messed up sleep schedule. Hope you get yours fixed soon!

  8. You're doing great on the FitBit goals, girl! I'm so excited for you for the Blue Jays game! It's gonna be awesome!!

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