March 11, 2016

Finally Friday...

I can't even tell you how many times I thought that yesterday was Friday. Two other people even told me it felt like it should be Friday so it wasn't just me. This week has been one that has just seemed to take forever to get to the weekend - thank gawd its almost here. I just have to get through work and then its time to get wild. And by get wild I mean get into my pajamas the minute I get home and sleep in past 8 am Saturday morning. A girl can dream...

I FINALLY caved and got Spotify Premium. I've been putting it off but I'm getting tired of the same ole' music on my iPhone and I don't really feel like paying $1.29 each time I like a new song that I hear on XM so it was definitely time. I get a free month and then it will be $9.99 + tax each month from then on - I'm pretty sure it will be the best money I've ever spent. It will definitely come in handy with running AND I'm loving having music to listen to while at work - I do much better work when there is background noise. My work is normally very loud but when everyone is outside and I'm working on my computer the quiet makes me crazy! And I was too cheap to pay more money than I already do for XM to stream it on my computer. Yay for Spotify!

The Gap is having their 40% off Friends and Family sale so I used Ebates link (for 4% cash back) and bought a few things (even though I shouldn't have because budget). I justified it to myself though because I'm running out of clothes that fit (in a good way) and its still not warm enough for shorts and skirts/dresses and they make up the majority of my wardrobe in the summer. Now that I know how stinkin' easy it is to return items to Gap and Old Navy I won't hesitate to buy because it is seriously the easiest return process ever. The sizing is sooo off at those two places that I was always hesitant to try anything but not anymore! Now that I bought a few things though I'm having an itch to go on an all out shopping spree. Someone talk me down from the ledge please!

When I love something I make it very well known so all of my friends and family know about my love of coffee, Starbucks, mimosas, my iPhone, wine, sour patch kids, and my dog - just to name a few things- (making it real easy for them when it comes to buying me gifts - I wish they would make it that easy for me!) Within the last week I've been tagged in the following photos and they are just so ME
I pulled a butt muscle doing the splits on the weekend. I wish I was kidding. Now I can't even get anywhere close to doing the splits (and I was so close to finally doing them y'all!). I also haven't been on my treadmill once this entire week. I blame my cat for stealing one of my gel guards for my foot and not getting anywhere to buy another one until halfway through the week. This has also been the worst week ever for me in a Workweek Hustle challenge. But Monday is the start of a new week and I'll be getting back at it! Summer is coming quick after all. Oh, and only 25 more days until I start another round of the Whole30 (what was I thinking?!)

My Chi hair straightener bit the dust last year and I've been forced to use my back up (a cheaper one that I bought at Marshalls) ever since. As much as I don't want to spend the money (again, because budget) I think its time I finally purchase another quality straightenener. So I need opinions on which is the best brand to purchase. My hair is in desperate need! 

Happy Friday y'all!


  1. Tonight I'm going to party too by picking up cheap Mexican food for dinner annnd ice cream for after. And wearing pajamas. Probably falling asleep by 11. That is definitely my dream!!! I just got an Old Navy order and I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to keep it all or not!

  2. Old Navy sizing is no joke! I used to wear an xl, and now in some shirts I am at an xxl, but the arm pit areas are always too big. And it seems like their shirts are getting shorter. My Wigo straightener is going out and I am heartbroken... I am wondering if I should grab a Chi from Ulta or go with another brand.


  3. I pulled a butt muscle a few weeks ago and was stunned and amazed that I hadn't ever done it before. I used to laugh at my ex because he'd say "Oh shit, I pulled my butt again" and I'd be like, "how does that even happen?" Now I know, and I'm sad that I know. That HURTS and about the same as a charlie horse. UGH.

    Old Navy sizing has always annoyed me. Nothing is ever consistent and I've heard that the Gap is the same. But hey, 40% is nothing to sneeze at.

  4. That how to kidnap me picture is perfect! So funny!


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