March 29, 2016

Spring Bucket List 2016...

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope y'all had a good Easter holiday with your family and friends. I ditched most of my family (we postponed Easter celebrations this year) over the weekend and headed up to Yorkton with my sister to visit our friend Scooby. We've been trying really hard to make an effort to see each other at least once a month and Scooby is a teacher with this week off so Easter seemed the best time to pay her a visit and completely destroy her house with our drunken shenanigans. For some strange reason the Easter bunny didn't stop by Scooby's house and I had to buy my own Reese's eggs on Sunday. How rude! To be honest, Easter was so early this year that it didn't even feel like Easter and it didn't phase me one bit that my family wasn't  having our usual Easter dinner. We'll have our turkey dinner sometime in April when Easter should have been and all will be right in the world. 

Can y'all believe that we are already over a week into Spring?! Normally the winter months just drag on and on and on for me but this year I actually feel like it just flew by (the warm winter we had definitely helped!). I was trying to come up with post ideas yesterday on my day off and realized that I had yet to do up a Spring Bucket List - I normally do one for each season just because I'm a list maker through and through and I love crossing things off a list - especially fun things! Considering I'm still working two jobs and still have a list of 29 Before 29 items to complete I kept this years Spring Bucket List a lot smaller than most of my seasonal bucket lists. Here's hoping I can manage to even cross 10 things off my list! 
Spring Bucket List 2016...

1I Enjoy mimosas on a patio
Patio season is sooo close y'all. We went for brunch and mimosas on Saturday -  it would have been perfect if it had been on a patio. We definitely would have froze our asses off though...

2I Go bird watching
As in watch the Blue Jays as they take on the Twins at Target Field over May Long. 49 more days!

3I Complete a Spring Photo Challenge
My poor dslr has been completely neglected - I still don't know how to use it out of auto mode. That needs to be fixed!

4I Get a new tattoo
Tattoo withdrawal is a real thing and I've been experiencing it for months so I need to do something to fix that. I just have so many ideas that its hard to decide which one to do first. Stay tuned!

5I Complete another round of the Whole30
One more week left to eat all.the.things before I start another round of the Whole30. Kidding. Maybe...

6I Run a 5K
I don't know that I'll find an actual event around O-town but regardless I want to run a 5K even if its just me and Krickit running around the streets of O-town 

7I Stay up all night and watch the sun come up 
Toni, Scooby, and I thought about doing this just this past Saturday while we were in Yorkton but when you start drinking before noon its pretty hard to do.  We will definitely be doing it this Spring though (when the sun comes up earlier and then we can drag our old asses to bed for half the day)

8I Practice yoga outside
The nice weather just needs to come back so this can start happening. We got teased with warm temps for a couple weeks so now that it hovers around -5 each day it feels like -30 since we got  used to the warmth 

9I Spring clean and de-clutter
My closet. My SUV. Everywhere really. There's just something about Spring that makes me want to throw all my stuff away and start over new. Which usually turns out bad for my bank account...

10I Enjoy morning walks with Krickit
With working two jobs and taking weekend trips away from O-town I feel like the worst puppy mama lately. I'm hopeful that some morning walks will help ease some of my 'mommy' guilt!
What's on your Spring Bucket List?


  1. Great list! Totally agree with ya on the mimosa one, I love a good patio mimosa! Can't wait to see how well you do on this list!

    Emma | Seeking the South

  2. Love the list!
    Even if you can't find a 5k race in your city, you can always register for a virtual race! Here's an example:

  3. loved following along on snapchat this weekend! you were hilarious. mimosas are good any time of year but i agree, they are the best on a patio. good luck with your list!


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