March 15, 2016

Ten Things I'm Looking Forward To...

Living in Saskatchewan (in rural SK no less) isn't the most exciting thing in the world. Actually, its probably the least exciting (advocate for living in SK I am not...). I get the Winter Blues every year without fail and this year has been no exception, even with the mild Winter that we received. It's been fairly nice around here lately which has really lifted my spirits (though being stuck inside working when its nice outside is the hardest thing ever). I've also been getting out of the house more for girls nights and trips to the cities which has definitely helped push those Winter Blues away (hopefully them and winter are actually gone for good!)

Now that the days are longer and the snow is melted I can start looking forward to all the exciting things that are coming up and that just makes my heart SO happy!
Ten Things I'm Looking Forward To...

1| Bird watching. Aka baseball season to officially start. April can't get here soon enough! I've been following along with the Blue Jays Spring Training on Snapchat and it just makes me that much more excited for the season to start. Now if they could just televise the Spring Training games when I'm not at work that would be great

2| Cinco de Mayo. I love it so much I even referenced it in a speech at my brothers wedding. Give me all the margaritas and Mexican food please

3| Twin Cities trip. Bird watching, day drinking - it doesn't get much better than that! Only 64 more days...

4| Whole30 Round 4. I never thought that I would actually be looking forward to another round of the Whole30 but I need it to motivate myself to getting back at it. With my extra shifts and terrible sleep situation I just haven't been as active as I would like to be and my body hates me right now

5| Summmmer. Camping, boating, laying in the sun, beer pong - I just can't wait for it all!

6| Friday - my first day off in 19 days. I ended up going in to work for 6 hours last Saturday at my second job to fill in for someone so that makes three Saturdays in a row that I work.  I don't mind when its the early shift and the extra money is nice but my to do list is just getting longer and longer. Friday is my EDO from work and I have plans to sleep off my hangover from the night before (St. Patty's Day) and then start knocking things off the to do list before I work all weekend

7| Getting my braces off. And paid off.  At this point I really don't even notice them anymore but it will still be nice to finally be rid of them. I still don't know for sure when they will come off but I'm really hoping for before my birthday. At my last appointment my Orthodontist recommended that I wear elastics as much as possible in the 6 week period between my next appointment so that they will move along even quicker so I've been wearing them as much as possible (even though they are annoying af) because the quicker I can get something done the better! I make my last payment for them in June and that will be a huge relief!

8| Patio season. It's so close - I can't wait! 

9| Crossing things off my 29 Before 29 List. I'm just a little over 4 months away so I really need to step my game up. I can't wait to get working on them

10| Getting back on a consistent sleep schedule. I've never been this exhausted in my life - even when I was in College pulling all nighters writing papers because I was too busy partying to get assignments done on time. Somethings got to give!


  1. How exciting to get your braces off- and have them paid off! YAY! :) And heck yes to patio season- I'm IN!

  2. so many things to look forward to! yay braces! that is awesome. and good for you for doing another whole 30, i really have got to do something soon.. not whole 30, but at least need to stop eating ice cream and such.

  3. So many wonderful things to look forward too. I think I'm going to do another Whole30 soon. Need to reset myself.

  4. Patio season, camping, bonfires.... I'm honestly dying for summer!

  5. yes to warmer weather!!!! it's been positive temps this whole week and although rainy, it's warm. i'll take that over snow and cold any day.


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