March 8, 2016

Ten Things I've Been Terrible At Lately...

I love making lists so when I saw that Karli was starting a 10 on Tuesday link up I was all over that. Expect a post like this every single Tuesday because this is my kind of link up - list type posts are my favourite!
Ten things I've been terrible at lately....

1| Replying to blog comments. I'm so behind y'all. I will get to them this week

2| Sleeping. I'm still not sleeping much and if I am its for really small stretches at a time or at really weird times of the day. This post is being written at 3:37 am after I fell asleep around 8 pm and slept until 1:00 am. I had to get up to use the washroom and then couldn't fall back asleep so I've spent an hour on YouTube watching videos, then tried counting sheep (gave up on that real quick), refreshed Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram a million times (I've learned through this insomnia period that not much happens on social media in the middle of the night unfortunately), and then gave up and decided to start my day (my alarm goes off at 5 am anyways). I would be watching Netflix but the batteries in my Wii remote died (side eye)

3| Commenting on blogs. I just don't have any desire to open my laptop when I get home at night or even on my lunch break. I need to come up with a schedule and stick to it!

4| Eating healthy. Not that I've been eating super terrible but I've been skipping meals because of my weird sleep patterns and also drinking too much coffee because of the weird sleep patterns leaving me too full to eat. I'm starting another round of the Whole30 on April 5th so I need to get back into good eating habits now to make the Whole30 easier this time around

5| Sticking to a fitness routine. I haven't been terrible but I just haven't been consistently sticking to a schedule. My only saving grace is the Workweek Hustle challenges I've been participating in every single week for the past month to  keep me making sure I get to my goal each day

6| Sticking to my budget. I haven't been too terrible, its not like I'm going completely over budget every single month, but I've realized that I need to do some adjusting to the budget because I just haven't budgeted enough for gas, groceries (essentials) each month so each month I'm having to borrow from my savings or use my credit card and I'm trying really hard to go credit card free this year

7| Remembering to take my birth control. You would think that after 10 years I would be able to remember but the truth is I'm still terrible at taking it every day. Sometimes I will take it every single day for 21 days straight and then as soon as it comes to the sugar pills I mess myself up.  I used to set an alarm on my phone in the past but it would usually go off right when I was in the middle of something. I think I am going to try setting an alarm on my FitBit to vibrate when its time to take it and hopefully that will work! 

8| Spending time with Krickit. I've been working weird hours at my full time job and extra hours at my second job so I don't see her as much as I would like to. Add in my weird sleep schedule and sometimes I'll fall asleep while she is still upstairs and then not see her again until the next night. Now that it is getting nicer out (hallelujah!) I'm going to make it a goal to go for morning walks at least three times a week. In the summer we would take a nightly walk for an hour each night and I would love to get back to that too - I miss my baby!

9| Keeping up with laundry. I'm down to my last pair of pants today and only have one pair of socks left after today. I just hate doing laundry so much - I can think of a million things I'd rather do instead. I can't wait until Spring is actually here and I can wear shorts, skirts and dresses again. My winter wardrobe is very limited. Considering winter is the longest season you would think I would have more winter choices but that's not the case at all

10| Crossing things off my to do list. It's just getting longer and longer each day. In my defense I haven't had many free weekends lately with working Saturdays at my second job and going away for Kenton/Kels birthdays and to visit Scooby. This Saturday is my first 'free' Saturday in awhile and I have a list a mile long of things to get done. Wish me luck! 


  1. Yous should get the arm implant for birth control! I love mine and now I don't have to worry about pills. Like you I'd been on them forever but still couldn't remember them every day. Now I don't even think about it! Hopefully you get back to sleeping better soon! I'm sure the next round of Whole30 will help with that!

  2. oh lord. if i made a list of things i've been slacking on would be so so so long. thanks so much for linking up!

  3. I LOATHE laundry. I especially hate when I do a load of things I don't dry in the dryer (most of my clothes). Our apartment has leggings and jeans and underwear hanging on every surface just waiting for them to air dry. So annoying. I love this linkup idea...lists are my favorite kind of posts too!

  4. You could be doing a lot worse....! I like that you're trying to go credit card free this year! I doubt I could ever do that successfully...

  5. i am the worst at taking the pill too. oops. also, super behind on blog emails and eating like crap, not working out hard enough... blecch.

  6. insomnia sucks big time. i had wicked awful insomnia for years and it wasnt until i cleaned up my diet and started exercising regularly that things turned around... now i can pass out in 5mins and actually stay asleep!! it's a miracle!!

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