March 22, 2016

Ten Truths...

I've only posted 5 times the entire month of March. FIVE. If someone wants to send me some motivation to open my laptop up each night that would be great. The only time I've managed to show up lately is to write out ten things for 10 on Tuesday because lists are my favourite
Ten Truths...

1I I had to rewrite this post three different times to get it to format properly. I almost gave up and its still not exactly the way it should be

2I'm about a month behind on replying to blog comments but I refuse to just delete them without replying. So when you get a reply on a month old comment that's why...

3I haven't worked out in over two weeks. I've been making sure to get my steps in so I'm not a complete sloth but I need to get back at it. Summer is coming quick!

4My family isn't celebrating Easter this year (the way we normally would) so I'm skipping town and heading to see my friend Scooby. Since I won't be going into a turkey coma I'll be drinking my caloreis instead

5In my post last week I said that I was looking forward to starting another Whole30 but the closer it gets to the start date the more I am dreading it. I feel like I just finished my last round and here I am again about to start another one

6I'm starting to freak out that my birthday is 4 months and two days away. 29 is waaay to close to 30 y'all 

7I have a four day weekend coming up and I don't know what I'm going to do with  myself. This coming Sunday is my first Sunday off since August. August. I can't freaking wait but I've been working so much lately that its weird to think of getting that much time off at once

8I went to Wal Mart (because there is no Target close - ughhh) on Saturday to pick up a prescription and a couple other things and somehow ended up spending $120. I had imagined spending about $30 when I first walked in...

9I thought we were done with Winter weather since its been so nice so I washed my winter coat and hung it up in the closet, took all my winter gear out of my SUV, and even gave my SUV a nice bath on the weekend. Then it started snowing last night and hasn't stopped...

10I will never pay for another song on iTuns again. Spotify is my new favourite thing 


  1. Wahoo for having a Sunday off finally! And a long weekend- you deserve it!! :)

  2. I feel you so hard on the blog motivation thing! I can only seem to show up on Wednesdays now. Also, you need to be gung-ho about the next Whole30!!! I need you to be my buddy for it! And don't even get me started about the gym thing, I've used the bum ankle as an excuse for way too long...

  3. yesssss...thanks for showing up for the linkup gal!!!!

  4. Spotify is the best! And hooray for Sundays off!

  5. i love spotify! wow, that's a long time without a day off - enjoy!


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