April 28, 2016

Currently (April 2016)...

Reading not much of anything. The most reading I've done lately is Cosmo magazine (#sorryimnotsorry). This month has just been a clusterfuck of craziness and I am counting down the days until the calendar turns to May and everything starts to go back to normal-ish. I still have a huge reading pile to get through though and I really need to get working my way through it before its time for my annual summer Harry Potter series re-read 

Listening to Hot Country on Spotify while at work, The Highway on XM on my way in to work in 'the city' and most nights the Blue Jays games on the radio while I drive back home from work in 'the city'. Right now my favourite song is 'Mayday' by Cam - I just love her!

Celebrating the end of the crazy month of April! I also have Krickit's 2nd birthday coming up that I need to start thinking about (crazy dog mom alert) 

Watching nothing lately because my Netflix hasn't wanted to work and by the end of the day I'm just too exhausted to even worry about it. This is the first time in a looong time that I have went to sleep without the tv on as background noise. Once I finally get Netflix working (grrr) I will be bingewatching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - the first season was so funny, I just haven't had the time to start the new season

Drinking water and black coffee for 24 days straight. That's it that's all. I only have one week of the Whole30 left and I can't freaking wait for wine. It's been very missed. I have to work on Cinco de Mayo (booo) so my plan for being done in time for it didn't really pan out because I won't get to go out anywhere to celebrate it. I'll make a margarita by myself when I get home from work at 9 that night and that will be my Cinco de Mayo celebrations haha 

Waiting for the end of this Whole30. It actually has seemed like its flown by because I've been so busy but I really can't wait until its the last day. Remind me to never do two rounds of the Whole30 so close to one another. I think maybe one a year will be plenty for me in the future (and during the Winter, not the nice months!)

Loving that I finally got a decent income tax return this year! I haven't had a return this good since the year after I finished College - 8 years ago. I guess having almost $4000 in medical bills plus medical travel will make for a good return. Too bad I finally had to cave and get a new pair of glasses so half my return went straight to that. Boooo 

Working 14 hour days Monday-Thursday this week between both jobs. Have I mentioned how much I can't wait for April to be over?! 

Wearing warm clothes because Spring still hasn't made much of an appearance. I can't wait to pull out dresses, shorts, and skirts but it just hasn't happened yet. It's supposed to be nice next week, getting into the 20's each day and even one day that's supposed to get to 29, but I won't hold my breath

Anticipating May long weekend aka Bird Watching Weekend. I leave for the Twin Cities on the 18th and I can't freaking wait. I need a getaway so bad. The countdown is on!

Making plans to go up and see Scooby again soon. It's been over a month since I was up in Yorkton and I need another KJK weekend in my life to help get me out of this funk I've been in

At the end of my March Currently post I had wrote that April was looking so busy and that I hoped it would fly by - I definitely got my wish! I swear I was just writing out my March post yesterday and here we are at the end of the month. As soon as my Twin Cities trip is over then time can definitely slow down so I can enjoy the warm weather. Until the countdown for Texas is on...

April 12, 2016

10 Ways to Kill Time in a Hotel Room...

Good morning y'all! This post is coming to you from the comfiest hotel bed ever at a Travelodge in the Queen City.  I'm currently drinking half decent hotel room coffee whilst wearing my bathing suit (don't ask). Why am I here you ask (I know your on the edge of your seat in anticipation...)? Well, you see, my sister is here for training for work and I have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow so I decided to come up last night after work in 'the city' since I was already 1/3 of the way to the Queen City and because FREE hotel room. I couldn't turn that down. Staying in hotels is my favourite. I mean, you don't have to clean up after yourself AND for a week afterwards you can use the toiletries you 'stole' from the hotel and save yourself some money by not using your expensive stuff at home. I can't be the only one who does this, right? (I've already stashed the coffee K-cups in my purse for future use...)

I  have BIG plans for the day y'all. Like huge. And by big and huge I mean I plan on pretty much doing absolutely nothing and completely loving it. I've been pretty stressed and anxious lately so a day of nothing is exactly what the doctor ordered. I do have a few pretty fascinating things on the agenda for the day to pass the time until my sister is done her training and I finally have some human interaction. Lets get to them!
1I Apply a mud mask
I bought a mud mask at Shoppers months ago with the intent to use it right away and life has just gotten away from me. As I quickly packed, aka threw everything I own into a bag (I wish I was kidding..), I spotted the mud mask and realized hotel downtime was the perfect time to finally use it. 

2I Give myself a manicure
Anxiety is a bitch. And lately my anxiety has been at an all time high which means my poor nails have suffered. I find that I don't bite/pick at my nails as much when they are freshly painted so that's near the top of the agenda for the day

3I Organize my Pinterest boards
This is riveting stuff y'all, But so needed. I also need to search Pinterest for some new Whole30 approved recipes so that I don't hate all food by the end of this round 

4I Reply to blog comments 
This is big y'all.I plan on getting completely caught up and then staying caught up! Wish me luck...

5I Write future blog posts 
This is even bigger! I've been rationalizing how little I've shown up on this space of mine lately by telling myself that I just don't have the time with working two jobs but today is the day I start writing some future posts and compiling a list of some post ideas. I did make it a monthly goal to get back to it so I need to get working on that 

6I Watch terrible daytime tv
I can't even tell you the last time I was home during the day to watch daytime tv. However, I've realized as I look through the guide that daytime tv sucks. I hate talk shows with a passion and watching the news just makes me stabby and depressed all at the same time. There should be a channel devoted completely to the Pioneer Woman's cooking show. I would watch the shit out of that 

7I Pretend I'm at a rave
My new favourite Snapchat filter is the one that makes you feel like your at a rave. Me, myself, and I are going to hotel room rave later in the day. Since crowds make me stabby its the closest I'l ever get to an actual rave 

8I Enjoy a mid afternoon nap 
Because why not? Plus this bed is just so damn comfy. I may try and smuggle these pillows out when I leave tomorrow....

9I Bird watch 
I may have packed three different Blue Jays shirts because I wasn't sure which one I would rather wear while I sit alone in a hotel room watching the game. I may have a problem...

10I Try out some Youtube hair and makeup tutorials 
This is the perfect time to do this because if they are epic fails no one is around to see how ridiculous I look. That would make for some good blog content though...

In all reality I am going to have to leave the hotel at some point to procure some Starbucks (an iced black coffee because I'm currently Whole30'ing. Ughh), return some pants to Bootlegger, and find Whole30 approved hotel room snacks. But otherwise this day is all about relaxation. And I can't freaking wait. I just wish I wasn't Whole30'ing because I feel like adding 'Get day drunk' to the agenda would have made things so much more interesting

April 7, 2016

March Happenings...

What's New With You

Can I just take a minute to tell y'all how much I love this linkup?! It's seriously the best. I've lost some blogging motivation lately but I still make sure to make it here for the What's New With You link up because I love being able to look back at the posts and remembering what that month entailed for me. And March? March involved a lot of alcohol. Like, a LOT. I think I must have been preparing myself for going through 30 days with no alcohol with the Whole30 beginning in April so I had to drink all.the.alcohol in preparation. I'm not even kidding, you'll see....

The beginning of the month started out with a trip to the Queen City for an orthodontist appointment. Driving almost three hours for a 15 minute appointment when I have absolutely nothing else to do in the city (because budget) is kind of annoying but I justify it for the fact that I get Starbucks. Gawd I love Starbucks (insert heart eye emoji here)

Something HUGE (okay, my idea of huge) also happened at the beginning of the month! For the first time in my life I actually remembered to make a hair appointment 6 weeks after my last one and I got my hair trimmed. I usually go 6 months in between trims so I was pretty dang proud of myself (and so was my hairdresser...). I have a picture of the day I got it trimmed but how many snapchat selfies is too many snapchat selfies in one blog post?....

Close to the beginning of the month I went to Brandon, MB with my sister to look at houses to move to her lot in GE. She's on the house hunt (a lot closer than I am...) and after the house we were supposed to go see in Moose Jaw got sold we had a change of plans and found a place out of Brandon that had quite a few on their lot. We made the mistake of looking at every single house on the lot and falling in love with all of them, even the ones that were WAY out of her price range. We didn't really have any other plans for the day since we're both on a budget but I never turn down a trip to a city because a) I'm Starbucks obsessed and b) getting away from O-town is good for my soul. Also, I got Qdoba and if I can't get anywhere to get Chipotle then Qdoba is close enough to make me think I'm eating Chipotle and that's enough to make my day. We did finally buy a selfie stick (that my sister broke this past weekend - eye roll) - after wanting to buy one while in Vegas and not finding a single one (how?!) its been our mission since then to buy one. Mission finally accomplished (though now we have to replace it...). We stopped in Melita to take a selfie with the Banana - it was both awkard and awesome. When we got back to town that night my parents watched Kirstin's girls and we forced the Twin out of bed and we headed to Carnduff to have drinks with Kennedy. 

I worked a couple Saturdays in March (and I normally only work Sundays) so it was good for my bank account but hard on my body. I went a 19 day stretch without a single day off and for someone who used to only work 5 days a week and have my weekends always free that was pretty rough. The weather was finally getting nice and I was stuck indoors at work so that was hard to get through. One of the Saturdays I worked I got back to town right at 4:00 and headed straight to my brothers house in GE with Black Betty, my beer pong table, for her first appearance of the season. Kelsey played wine pong and then we had to head to a Stella & Dot party at the Twins . Pretty sure the other girls at her party thought we were on something - it was an interesting night to say the least.

The following Friday I made last minute plans with Kennedy, Toni and the Twin to go for fishbowls in 'the city'. Kennedy and I had been talking about it for a long time so it was way overdue. We had some good laughs, cheap drinks, and made a new snapchat friend in the process. Working the next day was a little bit of a struggle but nothing I couldn't handle. 

The following week was St. Patty's Day week and I wasn't letting that day go by without getting some green beers in me. I had a meeting in Weyburn that morning and then went for lunch with former coworkers after our meeting - it was so hard not being able to order a green beer at lunch since I still had to drive back home. There wasn't much going on in the area but that didn't stop me from making sure to get my green beer that night. Kennedy and I first hit up Carnduff bar hoping to have supper but there kitchen was under renovations so we had a drink and then headed to GE for some food and (finally!) green beers. Kenton and Kels joined us for drinks and then Millz and Marko showed up. I'm not a fan of the colour green (unless its Rider gear) but I made sure to wear something green in celebration - dressing up for holidays is my favourite. 

Kirstin ditched me that weekend and went up to Yorkton without me when I had to work on Saturday (still bitter about that) so to get even with her I bought the movie Sisters (loved it - Tina and Amy are the best) and went to Kenton and Kels' and watched it with them. She disowned us that night but has since gotten over it...

The next week involved Mama Bears birthday which meant a delicious birthday supper (made by yours truly) and TWO ah-mazing cakes. Mama had request chicken stirfry so that's what was on the menu for the night. Kels is always in charge of cake since she makes a delicious cake called Better Than Sex Cake' and for some reason my dad also got it in his head to make a cake with brown sugar icing (Mama's favourite)  so we ended up with two cakes. I had to get proof of him baking since its probably only the second time its ever happened! I have pictures of Mama but she'd kill me if I posted them here so you'll just have to trust me that it actually was her birthday. Kirstin and I got her some emerald Sparkle Ball earrings (though they didn't arrive until the week after her birthday) and I was tempted to keep them for myself and find something else for her  - they're SO pretty!

My sister and I then ditched our family for Easter (kidding... we postponed Easter celebrations this year due to my Mama getting treatment just before Easter this year) and headed up to Yorkton to see Scooby. It didn't really feel like Easter at all this year since it was so early so it was okay with all of us. 

My SUV, Eleanor, hit 100K as we were enroute to Yorkton. I knew that it was coming so for it to be on an actual road trip was okay with me, though I'm still a little sad that my 'baby' has gotten me this far already! We got to Yorkton in the early afternoon and after dropping our stuff off at Scooby's we dropped Toni off on a date and then Scooby and I went shopping for the essentials - mix for alcohol. That night we went to BP's for fishbowls, ate our weight in food, and then walked home in the freezing cold. We left warm-ish weather back in O-town to come to snow and cold temps - yuck!

The next day we started the day off right with mimosas - I'd had a bottle of champagne in my fridge at home that was just calling my name so I packed it in my bag. Trying to get the cork off the bottle of champagne was quite the ordeal - normally I drink mimosas with my brother and SIL so my brother gets the honour of popping the champagne but this time we had to fend for ourselves. No lie, the cork flew 10 feet and I screamed like a little girl. After our mimosas and getting ready for the day we headed to Browns Social House for brunch and $5 mimosas. We decided at brunch that we would put our phones away and the first person to touch theirs had to buy everyone's drinks. I don't know how I survived but we all managed to go over an hour without our phones - that's a huge accomplishment for me! We were already tipsy before we got to brunch and so at brunch we came up with great idea to get matching tattoos sometime soon - stay tuned for the reveal once we finally get them!

The rest of the time in Yorkton was spent drinking and playing drinking games. We had big plans to stay up all night long but by the time we got back from the bar at 2:30 am we had been drinking since before noon and it took our toll on us. When we woke up the next morning there were no hangovers because we were still drunk... After our drunkness wore off a little Toni headed off on another coffee date and Scooby and I decided it was time to finally make the intervention banner we've been talking about (you'll understand if you're a HIMYM fan). Toni's reaction when she got back from her date was priceless - we even wrote letters to her and tried our hardest not to die laughing while reading them out loud to her. Oh the little things that make us laugh. We kept the intervention banner for future interventions since we all have our own little quirks that could use some intervening...

Coming home from Yorkton is always hard - we went so long without seeing Scooby that its great to finally be seeing her once a month PLUS being in a city with actual options for shopping, eating, drinking, etc. is definitely a huge win. 

To end off the month, and prepare myself for starting the Whole30, Toni, the Twin and I went to the Olive Branch on the last Thursday of the month to indulge. It had been way too long since I had been able to indulge at the OB - the last time I was there I was on the Whole30 so a visit was much needed!

After hibernating almost all Winter long it was so nice to get out with friends - though my waistline and bank account could have done with just a little bit less. I actually didn't realize how busy of a month March was - I guess the reason it flew by was because I was having so much fun (and working 19 days straight...). Looking back through March just makes me SO excited for Spring and Summer - it's going to be busy but that's what I love!

I'm sure there's some things I've missed regarding March but you'll have to excuse me - I think some of that alcohol is still in my bloodstream...

Good thing for the Whole30!

If you're still reading this you get a pat on the back and all the high fives - pretty sure this is the longest post I've ever made that didn't have anything to do with travel!

April 5, 2016

April Goals (2016)...

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April Goals

1. Survive the Whole30
Today is the first day of my 4th round of the Whole30 and let me tell you, this is SO needed. I've been eating all.the.things lately and I haven't even touched my running shoes in weeks. I completed my last Whole30 on February 2nd and lost 11.5 lbs in those 30 days with maybe exercising 5 times total the entire 30 days. This time I have a plan in place for getting some form of exercise in the entire 30 days so I am really looking forward to seeing my results after 30 days (and this time I will remember to take my measurements!). The best part of this go around? My parents are joining me again! Having a support system while doing the Whole30 is key!

2. Sell enough clothes/accessories to purchase a new Blue Jays jersey
I have a problem y'all. And that problem is buying things on impulse and then never wearing or using them. I have SO many things with tags on them - I have a huge tote filled with items I need to sell because they are just taking up space. I am ordering a customized Blue Jays jersey with my favourite players name and number (Goins, obvi) which will probably come to $200 with the exchange rate so I need to get selling! So far I've made $80 selling a pair of Lulu pants that I bought back in November and are already too big for me but I need to get a few more things cleared out if I want to have my jersey in time for my Twin Cities trip

3. Post at least 10 times in April 
I haven't posted more than 9 times per month since the start of the year so I need to start putting a little more effort in. I've got a few things scheduled out so I'm on the right track so far

4. Complete Helene's Quit Your Job to Blog course
I'm still working my way through it but its just something that is constantly on my to list yet no real progress has been made. This is the month it needs to get completley crossed off the list!

5. Rework my budget for the next 3 months
I thought I had things worked out fairly well but I'm realizing how little I was leaving myself so some work needs to be done before I go insane with only the limited funds available to spend on necessities like gas and groceries

6. Get back on track with my fitness
Between yoga videos/apps, treadmill runs, walks with Krickit, and Ripped in 30 I have a pretty good plan in place for the month and my time doing the Whole30. Once I've made it a habit again I'm hoping its smooth sailing throughout the rest of Spring and into Summer

7. Plan a girls getaway weekend with my sister
We both need a mini vacation from real life and also need some retail therapy so this is a must 

8. Cross 5 items off of my 29 Before 29 list
My 29th birthday is coming up quick (eeek) and so far I've only crossed a couple things off of the list so it's time to start concentrating on this a little bit more 

9. Establish a nightly routine
This is so needed. My nights are disastrous and my sleep patterns have been terrible so something has got to give. There have been so many nights where I have fallen asleep with my makeup still on, contacts in my eyes, teeth not brushed (yuck!), because I am so exhausted that I can't even fathom doing them. I need to establish a time that I have to be in bed or else I will allow myself to stay up until 2 am and then be dragging ass all the next day. OR I will go to bed at 9 pm and then be wide awake from 1 am - 4 am and I will still be dragging ass the next day. What I've been doing just isn't working so its time for a change!

10. Get my taxes filed
All I have to do is drop them off at my accountants office, its that simple, and yet I still haven't done it. I think I keep putting it off because I'm nervous about whether I'm going to owe money. Working two jobs always wreaks havoc at tax time. I just need to bite the bullet and get it done so I know either way if I owe or if I will be getting any kind of return

I have an orthodontist appointment in the Queen City on Wednesday next week and my sister is also going to be there for training for work the night of the 11th until the 13th so I took an extra day off work to go hang out in her hotel room, away from life distractions, and catch up on work on my computer - ie. blogging and photo organization. I'm sure there will be a few Netflix breaks too but for the most part its going to be a get shit done day on the 11th. Hopefully I will be able to get quite a few things crossed off of my to do list - wish me luck!