April 28, 2016

Currently (April 2016)...

Reading not much of anything. The most reading I've done lately is Cosmo magazine (#sorryimnotsorry). This month has just been a clusterfuck of craziness and I am counting down the days until the calendar turns to May and everything starts to go back to normal-ish. I still have a huge reading pile to get through though and I really need to get working my way through it before its time for my annual summer Harry Potter series re-read 

Listening to Hot Country on Spotify while at work, The Highway on XM on my way in to work in 'the city' and most nights the Blue Jays games on the radio while I drive back home from work in 'the city'. Right now my favourite song is 'Mayday' by Cam - I just love her!

Celebrating the end of the crazy month of April! I also have Krickit's 2nd birthday coming up that I need to start thinking about (crazy dog mom alert) 

Watching nothing lately because my Netflix hasn't wanted to work and by the end of the day I'm just too exhausted to even worry about it. This is the first time in a looong time that I have went to sleep without the tv on as background noise. Once I finally get Netflix working (grrr) I will be bingewatching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - the first season was so funny, I just haven't had the time to start the new season

Drinking water and black coffee for 24 days straight. That's it that's all. I only have one week of the Whole30 left and I can't freaking wait for wine. It's been very missed. I have to work on Cinco de Mayo (booo) so my plan for being done in time for it didn't really pan out because I won't get to go out anywhere to celebrate it. I'll make a margarita by myself when I get home from work at 9 that night and that will be my Cinco de Mayo celebrations haha 

Waiting for the end of this Whole30. It actually has seemed like its flown by because I've been so busy but I really can't wait until its the last day. Remind me to never do two rounds of the Whole30 so close to one another. I think maybe one a year will be plenty for me in the future (and during the Winter, not the nice months!)

Loving that I finally got a decent income tax return this year! I haven't had a return this good since the year after I finished College - 8 years ago. I guess having almost $4000 in medical bills plus medical travel will make for a good return. Too bad I finally had to cave and get a new pair of glasses so half my return went straight to that. Boooo 

Working 14 hour days Monday-Thursday this week between both jobs. Have I mentioned how much I can't wait for April to be over?! 

Wearing warm clothes because Spring still hasn't made much of an appearance. I can't wait to pull out dresses, shorts, and skirts but it just hasn't happened yet. It's supposed to be nice next week, getting into the 20's each day and even one day that's supposed to get to 29, but I won't hold my breath

Anticipating May long weekend aka Bird Watching Weekend. I leave for the Twin Cities on the 18th and I can't freaking wait. I need a getaway so bad. The countdown is on!

Making plans to go up and see Scooby again soon. It's been over a month since I was up in Yorkton and I need another KJK weekend in my life to help get me out of this funk I've been in

At the end of my March Currently post I had wrote that April was looking so busy and that I hoped it would fly by - I definitely got my wish! I swear I was just writing out my March post yesterday and here we are at the end of the month. As soon as my Twin Cities trip is over then time can definitely slow down so I can enjoy the warm weather. Until the countdown for Texas is on...


  1. i thought i would have to pay because i totally screwed up on my RRSP contributions but nope! i get a refund hooray!!!

  2. I'm panicking at how fast time is going. It doesn't make sense. You have been crazy busy so I'm sure it's flying even faster for you! Ain't no shame in a marg at home alone! I'd totally do that too!

  3. April definitely flew by and mine wasn't even nearly as busy as yours! I LOVED Unbreakable Kimmy season 1 and just this week tried to watch season 2 and just couldn't get into it. IDK if it's because it's been so long since I'd watched it or what?!

  4. April has gone so fast, I barely even remember the month. Man. Wow, I sure hope that spring makes an appearance your way soon!


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