May 13, 2016

Five Things on Friday the 13th...

Happy Friday the 13th y'all! I am super superstitious so you would think I would hate this day but I actually LOVE it and everything to do with the number 13! I mean, I even have it tattooed on my body and consider it my lucky number. Just another thing me and my bestie T-Swift have in common...

If I wasn't heading to the theatre tonight to watch 'Mothers Day' with Kennedy I would totally be watching Mrs. Vorhees' get her revenge

I don't know about the rest of you but for some reason this week just fleeeew by. Most weeks drag on, especially the week before a vacation, but not this one. On Wednesday I had a moment where I thought it was Monday - that never happens! Yesterday I had my EDO from my full time job -  I usually take them on Friday's but I did some switching around of the schedule - and then had to work in 'the city' at my part time job from 4-8 last night. I got SO much accomplished on my 'day off' and it wasn't even a full day off! I vacuumed, dusted, did TWO workouts, organized my desk (I can finally see it again!), did two loads of laundry, and even managed to get myself looking semi decent to head into work in 'the city'. I haven't been that productive in a looong time! I think getting those things (along with finally getting my car cleaned last Saturday - that was a job and a half!) knocked off my list is going to free up some time (and ease my anxiety) for some blogging! 

I know I've been terrible at showing up here but now that I'm getting some things on my to do list accomplished I finally feel like blogging can be more of a priority. For the longest time it was at the bottom of my list of priorities because I was just so behind on life. Have I mentioned that starting in June I will only be working every other Sunday instead of every single Sunday?! That is going to free up some time for blogging for sure! I'm feeling so refreshed and ready to come back on a regular basis - and I can't wait! 

Five Things 

Last Saturday I headed to 'the city' to celebrate my good friend Mallory's 30th birthday. Her family (and super crafty friend Taunia)  went all out for the birthday - I loved everything about it from the decor, to the food, to the photobooth, and everything in between. I was a terrible blogger though and didn't get many pictures. In my defense, my phone died halfway through the night. That's what I get for cleaning my car that afternoon - it turned into a three hour (!) ordeal and then I had to rush to get ready to get to 'the city' in time and didn't have time to charge my phone. Boooo!

They had a cake smash cake for Mallory and after a few shots of Jag she was ready for her cake smash - hilarious!


After finishing the Whole30 last week I immediately began the 21 Day Fix - and I am loving it! The workouts are great - Autumn Calabrese doesn't make me nearly as stabby as Jillian Michaels did when I did Ripped in 30 or 30 Day Shred - and I actually feel like the workouts have done something afterwards. I'm sore but its worth it! Also, I ordered the 21 Day Fix challenge pack that comes with Shakeology, completely thinking I was going to hate it and that I would just resell it on a garage sale site on FB,  but I am actually enjoying trying out a bunch of different recipes and haven't missed a day of Shakeology yet. Who am I?! 

But seriously. I've also been doing a 30 day squat challenge and after my first day of lower fix I was ready to move my bedroom upstairs so I didn't have to use the stairs anymore! 


Speaking of the Whole30 - I am down 12.5 lbs and 6.5 inches from this last round of the Whole30! Kind of makes me want to do another one soon.... BUT I know that I wouldn't survive a Whole30 during the warm Summer months so I will just have to stick with my 21 Day Fix workouts and save the Whole30 for Winter. Wasn't I just saying I was never doing another Whole30 again?!... (haha). The results are just SO worth it, even if I have stabby feelings for 30 days straight

I have had peanut butter toast almost every single day since finishing the Whole30. And I normally don't even eat bread! 


I FINALLY went and got a massage on Wednesday - my first one since before Christmas. It was looong overdue and SO needed. My back is still super sore from it, it feels like I'm bruised all over - that's how bad the knots in my shoulders and upper back are!  I will definitely be making sure to keep up with once a month appointments from now on. I NEED it! And I get $500 a year for them so I need to make sure I use up all that $!


Only 5 more sleeps and then I am off to the Twin Cities for 4 days for some bird watching - I can't wait! I've already started packing my suitcase because I have a huge dilemna - I can't overpack like I normally do!  I have never taken the train to the Twin Cities before - I've always driven so it didn't matter if I overpacked - but now I have to try and cram everything into a carry on size suitcase.  When I go up to Yorkton to visit Scooby for two days I pack that much so this is going to be a challenge! 

Have a great weekend y'all!

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  1. hell yes use those benefits for massages!!! i go for one every month because treat yoself!!


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